Is there any trick you have tried for not skipping a healthy breakfast? How do you make time for it?

Victoria Z.
I not always have time to buy fresh eggs or fruits for my healthy breakfast nor time to eat a fancy and long meal. That is why, I make sure that I always have a quick option – oatmeal. It can be prepared quickly and can stay in your cupboard for a long time without going bad 🙂
El Onore E.
Personally, I plan out what I am going to eat the night before. Then, I wake up earlier. I eat avocado toast with a fried egg. So, I wake up earlier, and put my toast in, cut up my avocado, and fry my egg. I love answering questions, so thank you!
Gilca Z.
During the week, I will make sure I have easy, ready to eat breakfasts, such as yogurt, and I’ll mix in nuts for more nutrition. I will also bring it with me to work and eat once I get into the office, since I’m not a morning person and don’t like getting up earlier than I need to.
Leana G.
I am eating breakfast right before I take my vitamins daily. I know that to take my vitamins without getting an upset tummy I have to eat something. Might as well eat something healthy.
Evelyn E.
I make it up in advance. I have 8 oz yogurt, 6 oz fruit and an oz of dry oatmeal. I prepare a week's worth of breakfasts at a time. If I can just grab it out of the fridge, I eat breakfast. It has a really amazing effect on how well I do with my eating the rest of the day also.
Garance T.
I made sous vide egg bites (like they have at Starbucks) for the week, so even if I sleep in, I can bring it to work and heat it up there. I’ve also made breakfast burritos for the week.
Nevaeh P.
It’s not necessarily a trick, but I repeatedly tell myself that “starving doesn’t equal weight loss,” which wakes something up in me & just takes me straight to the kitchen.
Dianne Q.
If your tending to skip a healthy breakfast, I would recommend something really quick, for example; yougourt and oats, delicious !! And Healthy !!
Martin W.
A healthy breakfast doesn't need to be big or complicated. Easy and quick is helpful. Or better yet, prep a few days at a time and grab and go. I eat at my work if I don't have time before I leave.
Wesley E.
Try thinking of the benefits and how this can change your routine and lifestyle, it can make you healthy, awake and aware of whats going on, and it will help you to become the real you!
Ily S T.
Always have stock in the fridge at home or work. Yoghurt. Granola and fruit. Are staples of a good diet and is quick and easy.
Corentin O.
Preparation and support are key. Do you live with someone? Talk with your partner or roommate and see if they will make eating a healthy breakfast their goal too. My partner and I keep each other on track by making breakfast for both of us when one of us doesn't feel like it. Even some encouragement and a reminder from someone else helps.
I also get enough food items for the week at the beginning of the week. And sometimes I keep it really simple, a handful of nuts, some yogurt or cottage cheese, and a banana for breakfast on days when I'm busy or don't feel like doing a big prep.
Silke C.
Making sure I have a variety of easy access non perishable items- nuts, bars, cheeses , protein drinks, oatmeal, frozen items (smoothie, pancakes etc) . I am very picky and can’t force myself to eat so if I try to buy a few things and force myself it doesn’t go well.
Ava C.
I don’t usually take the time to eat breakfast in the morning. I’m travelling a lot and I’m very tired. I know I need to find some more healthy habits. My morning and evening routine are not what they should be.
Molly E.
It’s a difficult situation, really.. I usually prepare a smoothie without any sugar or cold ingredients or ice in it. Sometimes I really don’t have enough time before work and I prepare a basic sandwich 🥪 at night, and I take the sandwich with me and go to work,,, eat it while working 😅😅
Miro S.
I don’t eat breakfast and I know that this is breaking the Fabulous rules but about 6 months ago I adopted a partial fast, KETO diet and I feel fabulous. Essentially I don't eat between 9PM and Noon. Then two high protein, low carb meals for the day, the first of which complies with the “rules” of a “healthy breakfast”. It has significantly improved my health.
Benjamin P.
Make sure you know from the night before what you’re preparing, and choose something simple. It’s much easier waking up and going to do your easy breakfast than waking and having to cook for 25 minutes. A few examples would be cereal/oats with milk, smoothies, fried egg and salad etc. Set a simple breakfast and put aside the utensils you need from the night before, so that it’s easier to prepare in the morning when you’re sleepy ☺️
Jeremiah C.
If I'm being honest, I'm a super lazy person. That means that cooking is usually out of the question, especially so early! I'm also vegan so eggs and bacon were never an option anyway. Usually I'll just eat a few strawberries and a handful of cashews, or sometimes I'll eat one of those almond butter protein bars by nutri grain! As long as you're getting lean protein in and not a lot of artificial sugar, I think it's fine!
Augustin P.
It's been hard not skipping a healthy breakfast and I've had days where I'd rather just lay in bed than get up and make breakfast but in less than 15 minutes I can make eggs and toast with a small side of fruit.
Matthew O.
I make scrambled eggs on toast, and I have perfected my technique and my speed – I can have breakfast ready in five minutes! Plus, I make it more enriching by sprinkling on a little smoked sea salt and my favourite Chipotle hot sauce 🔥😍
Wilfriede X.
Get up early enough so you are not under pressure for time.
Plan in advance what you are going to have…ensure to have supplies in the fridge/cupboard.
Karsten X.
My “healthy” breakfast is Bulletproof Brain Octane & Collagen in my coffee with a squirt of Luce Farms Hemp oil. Not sure if any of them do much – I’m facing a double hip replacement and trying to put it off for as long as I can an in theory the collagen is supposed to help joints/bones and the Hemp oil with pain…One month in I don’t see a difference but it does create a good morning ritual which I follow every early am (b/w 5:30-6:30am). Once the kids are out of the house, dogs fed & walked and I’ve checked work email I have a smoothie with Ka’Chava protein powder (11am).
Mechthild J.
Sometimes the hour in which I eat changes because I drive a semi truck. I'm not over weight in fact I'm small like 165 lbs and I'm 6'1. The idea is to make a group of finger food like nuts,jerky,hardboiled eggs, and flack seeds that equal the teams of protein, calories, and healthy fat that is needed for a good breakfast if I sm unable to cook a awesome breakfast. This helps tremendously!
Erlese N.
I get up earlier.
This is generally one of the simplest solution for the lack of time. Other solutions might consist in eliminating some of the time consuming junk-activities.

In my case however, since I do almost nothing I shouldn't be wasting my time on, the only option to make more time is getting up earlier. I'm start my days at 4:15 am.

Domingos I.
Wake up early. Then I need to take my breakfast because I'll have more time between the time I wake up and lunch. So I just know I need to eat.
Kasper C.
I haven’t really implemented this but try getting the food ready the night before, like meal prep. Some days I like to have only fruits as my breakfast and so maybe gather all the fruits that you are planning to eat together in one place, perhaps the kitchen table where you can see. You could even take the extra step and cut the fruits the night before and keep it refrigerated until the morning! Good luck! We got this!
Gauthier T.
It's a matter of priorities. Know that it's better to not be hungry than starve, and it's better for your body if you something for breakfast. I always make sure beforehand that I have food in the refrigerator for me to cook in the morning/ food that I can just grab and go so I have something for breakfast.
Daniel A.
I have been drinking a home made protein shake which contains oats, milk, banana and peanut butter. At around 10 am I would drink tender coconut.
Terrance C.
Consider breakfast a treat to yourself. Think about eating brunch (or breakfast) out and what a treat that is and treat yourself likewise at home. Of course, it helps that I consider oatmeal a comfort food so by cooking it I am caring for myself.
Kristen F.
I have another app that calculates all my food and calories, to stay on a healthy path I usually plan ahead and put in the app what I'll eat the next day. It stops me from snacking on something unhealthy.
Grace F.
Do what works for you. I am usually a grab and go breakfast eater so I either prep my breakfast in advance or choose simple breakfast items that are quick. In winter, my go to is oatmeal. In summer, its Greek yogurt parfaits.
Lawrence J.
My suggestion is to bring instant oatmeal packs to work and leave em for a quick go to. Also, having fresh fruit sitting on the table and small snacks in my purse have been extremely useful.
M Lissa E.
If nothing else, I make a smoothie. I know some mornings are a rush out the door, but I can at least throw some milk and a banana and a scoop of protein into a blender. It isn’t my preferred daily routine, but it’s better than a donut at work or not eating at all.
Gaspard E.
If you know that you have the tendency to sleep in, rush in the morning, skip breakfast, like reaching for croissants and danishes, or all of the above then do your best to make it easy for yourself.

Try prepping breakfast the night before. Things like overnight oats that you can mix with your favorite fruit and granola/meusli. Cut up some fruit or have fruit like apples and pears available to grab and go. Have bags of your favorite nuts and seed ready to snack on. Avocado or a nut butter on toast will fill you up and have you energized for your day. Also, who says you can't have last night's leftovers for breakfast?

To sum it up, keep it simple and easy, try to do all the prep the night before, have a no prep option available for those days you just don't have the time and just like any other meeting, schedule breakfast into your calendar.

Ralf X.
It’s easy for me to do since I’m a student on break, but the best thing I’ve learned if I have morning errands is to make a quick breakfast. This could include yogurt with mixed fruit or a healthy toast.
Eleonora O.
Making sure I have what I need and keeping things fresh and simple. Been doing green smoothies that I can prep night before or morning of. I give myself space to be creative with flavors. I love how healthy it feels to drink the green!
Bruce C.
Preparing everything the night before is helpful, or even leaving things at hand could give you that incentive you need.
Darcivana Q.
I love breakfast so it's easy for me. I still have to make the time to prepare it. I have a couple of favorites that are my go to.
Colleen P.
Meal prepping helps me a lot. I like overnight oats with blueberries and maple syrup, or with raspberries and vanilla extract. I just pull it out of the fridge in the morning and eat immediately! It helps me a lot
Jeremiah J.
I try to think ahead about how my body will feel in the afternoon if I get started with a healthy breakfast sooner rather than later after waking up. Furthermore it sets up my behavior for the rest of the day, because I don’t want to destroy the hard work I’ve put in that’s far. I’m not very hungry in the morning but getting started with something as simple as a hard-boiled egg and a piece of fruit can really change my outlook!
Charlie Z.
I do as much as I can the night before and try to make something I can take to go. Ideas: overnight oatmeal in a to go container, hard boiled egg with handful of nuts, quality bread toasted with almond butter, smoothie prepped ahead and immersion blended in a Mason jar to go (be sure to include some healthy fat and fiber so it sticks with you, for example, almond butter, whole milk yogurt, and ground flax seed or frozen cauliflower), small apple to eat off the core with cheese slices on the side, granola with plain yogurt
Liam Z.
I’m not great with ALWAYS eating a good healthy breakfast, although I never skip breakfast. Just sometimes it’s not a yummy healthy one. But I’ve learned hat the days when this happens are the days when I don’t have all the ingredients I want for a good breakfast. Even if I’m in a hurry but have all the ingredients, I always manage to make one – even if it’s “just” a super green smoothie. You don’t need that much time for smoothie; what helps me is if I wash all the ingredients and get them ready the night before and then, I’m the morning, just put them in the blender and breakfast is done in a few seconds! To have enough, I always make a lot of the smoothie and can sip on it while driving, during classes/work etc. I have a 1 liter glass bottle from milk and always fill it all the way. Another thing you can do is just a simple white yoghurt with chia seeds, some fruits, raisins, and a little bit of granola. It’s quick, especially if you store all the ingredients nearby each other. Eggs with avocado are also quick and take only two minutes to make. You don’t need to get up super early to have a good breakfast, just two minutes are fine if you can eat on your way to work/school. Although I personally like to get up earlier to have some quiet time for myself before waking up the kids and the rest of the household. Those minutes of quiet that belong only to me are precious! 🙂
Loreen Z.
Exercise first. If you know you’ll be strapped for time, have some quick options ready. Mine are goat milk yoghurt with blueberries and a toast with nut butter. If you enjoy oatmeal, it can be cooked ahead.Eggs can also be done ahead.
Brandy U.
I’ve noticed that, if you only buy healthy breakfast foods (or plan your meal the night before), it makes this whole project much easier. Best of luck with your goal! I know you can do it!
Cid E.
I ate breakfast even before, but mostly fried eggs with bacon. Now I substitute bacon to turkey and fried eggs to boiled, which is even easier to cook.

The thing is to make breakfast healthy and diverse. Healthy-done. Diverse – need to think about it

Judith J.
I drink nutritional shakes in the morning because it’s the fastest way to get the most important nutrients into my system. I just add a bit of fruit to make it more flavorful, blend it all up and GO…
Sebastian A.
Wake up earlier. Simplify the morning as much as possible. This could mean taking a shower the night before instead of the morning and precook veggies so omelettes are quick in the morning also. Drink lemon water. 2L/day gives me more energy so I im less upset to get moving early in the morning.
Dwight O.
Sometimes I make my breakfast and just pack it in a reusable container and eat it at work or on the drive to work. I have a thirty minute commute and I have the time to eat a quick bagel I toasted or even just an apple or banana!
Hilda U.
I work from home so I eat breakfast later about 10am. I start a bit earlier so I can take a mid morning break to scramble some eggs. Only takes about 5 min!