If you get to work and realize you forgot to eat what’s your best improvised breakfast?

Livia Z.
A handy boiled egg with some nuts is the perfect choice! They can fit anywhere in your carry on, or if you didn’t have time to prepare your egg, just grab one already boiled at any market or gas station store!

Jeremy F.
Usually a lot of water if I don't have time to buy anything. But if I do I like getting an apple and a raspberry pastry as a sweet treat!

Ant Nia E.
Thank you so much for your question. If I haven’t prepared the night before and I’m running out the door the next morning and didn’t have time for breakfast, I make sure to have my Isagenix shake packet. It’s easy to carry anywhere on the go. It’s quick to make and smooth to consume in the classroom, at your office, in the car on the drive to work anytime anywhere. And I like to make sure that I always have snacks – protein bars, Isagenix chocolate, ect. Thank you for letting me share.

Laura B.
Im glad I’m not the only one 👌. What I usually do is always to have any type of snack on my bag. It could be a granola bar, raisins mixed with nuts, always water, etc. That alone will make some time before I get a proper breakfast at any restaurant/grocery store nearby.

Nicky T.
As I work in a school I have to make sure that I have breakfast as can't eat at work so first priority in the morning is to have breakfast.

Jordan N.
Hard boiled egg, yogurt, oatmeal. These being things you can possibly store at work for these occurrences. Yogurt pouches that kids eat (I have a 3 year old and am not above grabbing one of those on my way out the door), single serve oatmeal bowls, etc. Something that will fill you up so you don’t snack too much.