What do you put in your protein shakes

Chad W.
First I put 200ml of skim milk
Then I add 1 cup of my woman’s best protein powder and to make it easier to drink I add 2 ice cubes 🙂

Kyra T.
Hmm.. sometimes it can vary from frozen bananas, Greek yogurt, or almond butter. (I don’t put these in together but these are the ingredients I use most.)

Otmar F.
This was a very specific question. I do drink protein shakes, especially since I started trying to get in shape during lockdown. They aren't too exciting though. Just whey protein and some semi skimmed milk. I know some people add oats of flax seeds, but my strawberry cream protein shake works for me.

Wilfried O.
Hey, normally I don’t drink shakes because I think it’s not really healthy for the kidney. But if I have to drink it I like the one for my muscle that it’s choco vanilla because it’s more tasty

Leah Y.
I used to have protein shakes, but they threw off my metabolism and energy levels during the day. I never could adapt to them so I stopped. I used to put cacao and maca powder.

Michelle O.
I’ve used fresh fruit & spinach as a staple, but I’ve also used sugar free pudding flavors (just a spoon or two from a packet) sometimes to thicken & freeze into an ice cream protein shake snack. I Sometimes add chia seeds, cocoa powder (plain), and/or two tablespoons of peanut butter when I’m really craving it.

Ang Lica S.
Usually I put in some frozen spinach, a thumbs width of ginger, a teaspoon of turmeric, some mango pulp and a serving of orange juice. Today I added some vegan protein powder for the first time. Surprisingly still good!

Marista F.
First of all, protein (powder). But one that will not make me bloated, or that has a high glycemic index. I use lactose free milk- whole milk, original unsweetened almond or soy milk. Right now im using Gainful. They include lil flavor packs- madagascar vanilla is my favorite.

Karla W.
If it is a flavored shake Mix usually nothing, except maybe milk. If it's just whey I add a banana as emulsifier and any/all of: frozen fruit, handful of green leafy veg, yogurt, hemp hearts, nut butter, frozen avacado