Does it matter how far from waking up I eat? I have to help my daughter get ready for school and so I generally drink my water, do my morning get-ready routine, help my daughter, take her to school, and then finally I have my breakfast about an hour and a half after waking up.

Victoria P.
Usually one hour to one and a half hours after waking is the suggested time frame to eat breakfast upon waking up. I have two small children (5 and 2). I usually wake up an 30 minutes before,do my morning routine and get myself ready. That way I can really enjoy my time to myself. Then I wake up my children and do what I have to do for them. It’s best that you prepare the night before, if possible. That way your morning runs a little smoother. Example, at night I lay out all the clothes, pack the lunches, have the bags by the door. Hopefully this helps.
Justin P.
I like to eat breakfast as late as I can; so I am not so hungry before noon. I think it’s fine as long as you don’t snack on anything and you don’t wait too long after getting up. Eat when you are hungry not just because you need to check it off your to do list
Matthew U.
I find that by having my breakfast right away, I am thinking about and planning my day as I am making and eating breakfast. I also find that I feel better because my body is already fueled. This allows me to focus on other tasks at hand. If time is short in the morning are there quick foods you can prepare and eat prior to your morning get ready routine?
Valerie C.
I don't think it would matter so long as you can have a health breakfast. It would be better to eat leisurely then to be rushed.
Alexis X.
I think it is ok, it depends on how you feel. And trust me I get it I am a working mama and breakfast is a given for my kids but often skipped for me. I would say if you are starving and feeling hangry getting up even a few minutes earlier and having something like a protein shake will help get you going. Hope that helps!!
Filippa P.
Whether you’re pressed for time in the mornings or you’re just not hungry, missing breakfast is a big mistake, especially when trying to avoid weight gain or trying to eat for optimal energy. However eating breakfast within an hour of waking up is a good practice, but if you can't do this then you can at least increase the amount of protein in your breckfast.
Nina Q.
Im not sure if it matters. But i think it would be worth trying having your breakfast first or even some fruit to kickstart your system. Maybe try a banana on the go before you start your routine as described. Be interesting to see if it makes you feel different. Try put yourself first ! Self care 😊
Isidor F.
From personal experience, I have found that if I eat breakfast within 30 minutes from waking up, I am generally not as hungry later on in the day which means I do not snack as much. I would suggest having something really small (a fruit, homemade muesli) before you start getting your daughter ready, then have breakfast when yo usually do. This will ensure that your body is getting the energy it needs after 8 or so hours of no food. Hope this helps!
Emy E.
I don't believe it matters too much because breakfast isn't a time, it's just the breaking of your fast over night. Whether you wait or you do it right away, you'd still be breaking your fast! So, don't worry too much about it, rather focus on being certain it's a protein rich breakfast you know you'll enjoy 👍 Hope that helps, and continue being fabulous!
Larry C.
It's recommended that you eat within two hours of waking up because it stabilizes your blood sugars through out the day and gives a nice jump in your metabolism. Pretty much, in a nut shell, it sets you on a good eating schedule where you'll have energy through out your day and you won't feel hungry until 2-3 hours later.
Alexa B.
As long as the wait to eat doesn't lead to bad food choices, it's not a problem. Actually, extending your fasting time has been shown in some studies to have health benefits. A recently published study also showed better weight control in people exercising prior to breakfast vs people on the same diet who were eating breakfast before exercising.
With the fabulous app, you can just breakfast to the last item on your morning routine. If you close the app or hit "skip" on breakfast, just make sure to go in and check it off after enjoying a healthy breakfast:).
Mathias N.
I don’t think it matters. I prefer to exercise before I eat breakfast since fasted cardio burns fat directly. At this point I even feel weird about eating immediately after waking up. The point is that you’re doing it habitually and eating something healthy. In your case I think you’d be able to even make something the night before or get something small and healthy to eat on the go. In any case, the point is that you eat something to give you long lasting energy. Don’t get caught up in when you do it, just do it when you can fit it in.
Edmundo Q.
This is another one of those questions that lends itself to trusting your gut. 😊 everyone is different. Some people I know like to eat right when they wake up, which can be a great thing depending on your needs, but I like to wait for a good 15 min to an hour.
Traugott H.
It does matter. Breakfast should be done before someone do their routine activity. Like before work, study, etc. Don't eat breakfast too close with lunch time.
Mah O.
I don't think it really matters, as long as you feel like you have energy. If you're struggling for energy, perhaps grab a banana or something to tide you on, but if not, wait until you're ready to eat.
Carole Q.
There are 2 schools of thought. The first says, eat in the morning, after you've gotten going but before starting your main activities, so you get your metabolism going. The second says, narrow your window of eating so that you have roughly 18 hours between dinner and breakfast. This longer daily "fast" gives your digestive system a break and your metabolism revs wren you start eating again. Try each for a few weeks and keep a journal. Go 26th the one that makes your feel best and fits best with your schedule.
Stephanie E.
Funny thing is, my routine also delays my breakfast, but by 2 hours or so, most days of the week. But because I read a lot about eating breakfast within an hour, I decided to give it a try. And I've noticed that I definitely feel a lot more active when I do so, compared to when I have my full breakfast 2 hours after waking up but feeling weaker/less active by the time I get to my breakfast table. So here's the LITTLE change i brought to my routine, which I hope, will help you too. I've set a reminder to SOAK ALMOND/GROUNDNUT every night, and keep few other nuts ready. Next morning, right after waking up (and brushing and attending to bathroom calls) I just munch on a handful of those nuts, and get to rest of my morning routine. This is the simplest quick break-fast I've come across, and since its all ready at bedtime, eating this breakfast doesn't even consume 1 minute of my morning routine, yet it's healthy and keeps my stomach from rumbling or feeling weak. Hope this helps you!
Andrea X.
I'm not an expert on food but I think as long as you're not starving yourself, it doesn't matter how long after you wake up you eat. As long as you eat 🙂
Aim P.
This really depends on body type. For me, I am hypermetabolic -i.e. I digest fast, and so in the morning I am superhungry. So what I do is almost straight after waking up I blend myself a seed coctail- think hemp, sunflower, linseed + banana and raw cocoa. I down this and then get on with my morning ritual for 2 hours(workout,meditate, read, etc). After which I have a full breakfast. This may be different for you, but for me its working for 1 year now
Clara X.
I am really not the right person to ask. I only started eating " breakfast" about a year ago. And then, it may not be what The Fabulous would recommend to you. I rarely ate breakfast since I was a teenager…..I am now 81, so I have made a good age, despite myself!
My routine is to take my medication with a glass of water before getting out of bed. I have a great thermos which holds 500 ml. Water COLD for 24 hours! Then, because of health issues, I do a total body stretching routine……even my double chin! It takes about an hour, which I enjoy very much! It has toned my body nicely. Several members of my friends and family have noticed! And I an so much more flexible and much less pain. I am measuring bicep muscles and high leg lifts with my two youngest grandsons (19 & 16)…and they are impressed!
About 10:00 A.M., I take a slice of 12 grain bread, another water, an activia yoghurt with cereal and a Granny Smith apple, over the next hour to an 1 & 1/2 hour. Depending on what I doing during this period of time.
If I am reading or catching up on my Nova PBS programs and the Curse of Oak Island Treasure Hunt, which has been a series 6 previous years. They are now on for the 7th year! But I know the area well because Oak Island is across Mahone Bay, which is where my daughter-in-law spent her summers until the last few years. And I grew up across the border in the northeastern state of Maine. A place that was magic place in which to spend a childhood until I entered my teens.
That is it! That's what I do. If I am knitting blankets, sweaters and the like, it may take a little longer because that I do not like to leave a project in the middle of a line to stop to eat. I do have my priorities!
All I can do is to wish you the best of luck on what you choose to do. It has not caused me harm by delaying eating in the morning. And if I am on a tight schedual.if I had had a daughter, she would have been my priority because, once I got her to school, I would relax. But I didn't have a daughter. I had 6 sons, 5 nephews, 7 grandsons, and 2 granddaughters. The rest of the morning or day is my time. Stress causes more anxiety and even more stress. Have what you could enjoy for breakfast, take a coffee with some Bailey's Irish Cream in it. Meditate for at least 15 minutes. And relax for a few minutes more.
I hope I gave you some ideas that help you. I wish you to be healthy, to be happy, and to have a lot to laughter in your lives in your family. Especially have the best and greatest New Year for you and your daughter.
Frederick N.
I don't see why not – I never want to eat right when I wake up, I wait at least an hour. If you are super hungry when you finally catch a chance to eat, you might want to eat a small amount before leaving your house.