What foods do you suggest to keep the mind fresh and the body energized?

Sebastian S.
Eggs with cheese has been my go to meal! Easy to make and add lots of veggies to. When I don’t have any around we have Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and a granola that’s not too sweet. On the run I grab a whole grain breakfast biscuit/cracker a banana and a small yogurt cup.
Andr A E.
For a power packed day, start your day with warm water, after that
i suggest wholesome proteins like eggs , cereals for breakfast, nuts for snacks and lite dinner for night
Isabella Z.
I really enjoy oatmeal with a topping of nuts and berries. Filling and keeps me going throughout the day. I’ll also do Greek yogurt and a clementine for a quick breakfast. My fallback is a Luna bar or an Rx bar because the ingredients are limited so you know what you’re getting. If I have more time in the morning, typically on the weekends, I love making avocado toast, eggs, and turkey bacon.
Nathaniel U.
Avocado toast and bacon or salmon trout, cream cheese, a croissant and some fruit. As long as your breakfast has a balance of carbs, fats and proteins
Brad Z.
Dates is an excellent option to energize the body and the mind fresh in the morning. As Middle Easterns, we usually start our days from the dawn time with 7 dates with water or milk. So, I recommend you to search about the benefits of dates, and I hope you but it as an option in your breakfast system.

Best wishes,
Abdulrahman Alkhinjari

Charlotte P.
I usually start my morning with a bowl of quinoa or oatmeal. Something fibrous and full of protein!
Jeremy O.
The foods like oats meal, soya, pulses, vegetables like spinach, fruits like apples and bananas etc. Will make us energised. And for hunger there is egg, will make us feel like our stomachs is full .for keep going such things in breakfast or lunch could be eaten
Eckart O.
I use the meal replacement Huel. It’s plant based, low glycaemic index, contains protein and is quick and easy to mix so more likely to be eaten when you’re still half asleep!
Bertram X.
I like to make oatmeal with pb powder and fruit on top. If it's that kind of morning a banana and a few pieces of dark chocolate. It keeps me full all morning and takes care of my sweet tooth for the day.
Matth Us O.
Eggs give your body energy and nourishment without having to worry about a post-breakfast carb crash. They are easy and fast to prepare and can even be hard boiled for an easy on the go option.
Stacy O.
For breakfast I’d say some fruits, maybe some oatmeal or a smoothie. Some yogurt, and instead of coffee try water or tea