Do you prep your breakfast the night before for mornings when you’re in a rush?

Glen O.
No, I like the habit of making a healthy breakfast in the morning, I usually wake up and go on my phone so I needed something else to "distract me".
Daniela Q.
Yes sometimes I am preparing oatmeal in a jar ,or cut my fruits just ti be ready in the morning. Recently i started to eat soups for breakfast , japanese style, so I just cook one big pot and it lasts me for 3-4 days. Sometimes i make my vegetae spread day before and in morning I just spread it on my bread quickly.
Khadija R.
In my opinion you always have to schedule everything the night before for an example: you didn’t know you got something up in the morning you’re most likely to skip breakfast which is no good so I’d say I have to schedule everything the night before how ever if I am in a rush
Ella B.
No I cook my breakfast the moment I wake up because I like to have a meal that is freshly made. I wake up at an early time so that I can have just enough time to get ready for the day and cook my breakfast and have my breakfast in a manner of time that I do not feel like I need to rush myself. This is where proper time management and planning comes into play.
Belinda F.
No almost never ! I don’t even prepare my breakfast my mum do that for me ! And if I have to go somewhere in the morning I don’t mind if I don’t have breakfast because I use technique fasting two days per week
Niara A.
If I know im going to be in a rush I'll either pick out something simple or make it the night before and just heat it up the next day if needed
Carrie P.
I do when I have anything that could work out if I just put a little more effort even just five minutes of chopping produce rolled oats overnight anything that can help make an easier and happier tomorrow time to self with kids ect