That habit is supposed to be completed in 15 minutes, should I have to dedicate that amount of time to that? Or could I have a shorter (in time, not in quality) healthy breakfast? Thx

Brittany O.
You should take your time if you eat quickly than 15 minutes might be a lot but if you eat slow you might need more time the important part is to get something in your tummy

Jade F.
You can make that time shorter, absolutely. Breakfast can be eaten on the go, let’s say on your way to work. As long as what you eat is nutritious and fulfilling to start the day at a good pace.

Leslie J.
Do what's right for you each morning. Sometimes we have 15 minutes to spare, sometimes it's only 5 minutes. The point is to eat something in the morning.

Malika E.
u decide ofc. I personally don't have much time in the morning since I have school and I have an hour to get ready and I just can't spend 15 minutes just to eat so i eat quickly but healthy so it's rly up to u

Diane N.
Short is answer is yes. If you can complete the task in less time, then do it that way and use those extra minutes to knock out your next goal.

Gladys E.
I'm pretty sure that the time it gives you is for scheduling purposes as a fast eater it generally doesn't take me 15 minutes to eat breakfast the main thing is to make sure that it's got enough proteins and that it's not high in calories…an example of what I usually eat is two boiled eggs and a string cheese with water to drink.