Do you plan your breakfast the night before?

Camilla S.
Not really. If I have enough food on fridge for a healthy breakfast I can plan it. Otherwise I'll go to the shop in the morning, look at tue food and decide what I would like for breakfast and then will pick something from there.

Aisha N.
Absolutely. It’s much easier to have a plan and all the necessary tools (the groceries) to efficiently execute what you have planned out. Less time to decide, more time to make it happen. However, sometimes it’s not possible or people forget, and in that case just rummage through the fridge and try to create something simple and delicious to fuel you throughout the day, and if that’s not possible, it’s always okay to order something delicious from your nearest resultant or have breakfast there.

Joris Y.
I sometimes do, especially if having overnight oats or need some fruit out of the freezer. At the moment though having porridge as it’s so cold still

Mushroom Lady N.
No, usually I just wake up the next morning and see how sick I feel and eat what I can. On weekends it’s the same minus the stomach issues usually. If we get a really good breakfast food then i’ll plan the night before.

Taeya U.
I do not. Although I really believe I should because it will allow me to get things done quicker in the morning & not just say that it would be easier to skip

Amir U.
Nope. Just wake up on the morning, went to the kitchen and just make anything/ eat anything that I could. My best approach on morning habit is to prepare but not to plan. Buy an egg for the week/month but not think about how to cook it for tomorrow.

Henrik F.
No, because I eat the same exact thing every morning. So, in a sense, I planned what I was going to eat in the morning once. If I make a change to what I eat in the morning, it will be planned ahead of time, but it will also be a plan for every morning till the next change. A change only comes every week or two, if that.

Lou Jade E.
Most of the time yes, as I do not have the time to think about it in the morning, so I just look on Pinterest or Instagram for some inspiration

Karina Z.
I dont, but try to have thing to prepare it easily, for example cheese or eegs and some vegetables that are ready to eat

Tass W.
Not really. I plan it when I wake up because some days I'm in the mood to eat fruits and eggs. Other days I want croissant and cereal