Do you have any snacks after breakfast?

Elias S.
Yes. Especially if I'm at work or have a busy day. We forget that food isn't only here to stop us feeling hungry, it is needed for us to function. No one is spared from needing food. On days when I'm lazy I might not have a snack, mainly because I wouldn't need one. But for prolonged functioning we must keep fuelling ourselves. The energy that breakfast gives us is limited and we therefore must fuel ourselves more. Sometimes it's not hunger that prompts it but a feeling of tiredness, light-headedness, etc… so we should learn how our body works and what signals it tends to send us on different days and during different activities.
Konul Z.
I do, but not right after i finish my breakfast. Usually i eat a healthy snack bar that contains nutritions i like when i am at work and that is about 2 or 3 hours after my breakfast. When i start to get hungry again.