How could I improve it as I’m vegetarian?

Hugo C.
Make more adjustment on how i could handle the situation to be a better person on how i could make myself more comfortable, little by little will be a vegetarian so my body will not be force.
Leona O.
Healthy breakfasts can include standard fruits and vegetables but you could also try healthy breakfast muffins. Cereal without to much sugar are also good.
Isabelle E.
Being a vegetarian has nothing to do with improving every day. Eating a good diet is a good thing to do to improve your health. Also the energy that you attain from eating legumes and grains will form a complete protein and can be just as good as eating meat.
Vivan T.
I'm assuming this is about diet. Incorporate more fresh fruits and veg into your diet and look up new healthy recipes to try out
Salete N.
Do some research on plants that have complimenting protein structures. Most plants on their own aren't very good protein sources, but when eaten with other specific plants, their proteins mix to form stronger proteins found in meat
Ramon J.
Your morning routine? Well there's lots of vegetarian options for breakfast food out there. Yesterday I had a banana with a spoonful of peanut butter. But there's several leafy greens that are protein packed apparently, like kale and spinach. Also a handful of nuts is good protein. Legumes are as well and the protein keeps you full until lunch. I would try whole wheat toast with cheese or peanut butter as well. And I am sure there's lots of great recipes online for vegetarian options in the morning that are healthy.
Edward Q.
What I do is go online to see what vegetarian ideas people have that work for them. Personally, I am vegetarian as well and eggs and fruit seem to work for me. I feel full and energized