Is it okay to eat meat for breakfast? If so, what kind?

Jofre Fernandes
Of course! A lighter option would be chicken. You could try making a chicken omelette. Steak and eggs is popular. Sausage is great as well. Chicken is my go to for a protein packed breakfast that won’t hit me too heavy.

Matthew Henry
Eggs are a rich source of protein and their carbon footprint is slightly less. Breakfast is a great time to hydrate and get your system moving so fruit is always a friend.

Filippa Larsen
In my opinion eating meat is clearly a no no ,because it's hard to digest so a lot of your energy will be used by the stomac. And also killing another sentient being for 1 min of sattisfaction is just wrong.

Nicoline Johansen
Personally I never eat meat for breakfast. If you do choose to eat meat, a lot of the typical breakfast choices like sausage and bacon are super processed and fatty. You’ll want to choose lighter options like sliced turkey

Abby Gordon
I think so, great source of protein to start the day. I like eating bacon or sausage. I like turkey bacon as it gets nice and crispy. Sometimes I’ll have sliced ham. The meat isn’t the only thing I eat for breakfast, it’s part of my breakfast.

Delores Silva
I think it is ok to eat meat for breakfast although it is quite weird and not practical as meat require a long time to cook. You can use processed meat like turkey although I don’t prefer to eat them regularly. Your best option is tuna

Mapril De souza
I wouldn’t? Maybe I’m not certified to answer this but heavy foods just weigh you down. Meat is super greasy and having that in the morning just sounds like too much for a body to digest. Try granola or smoothies! If you like savory breakfasts try beans or steamed vegetables with nutritional yeast. Get some whole grains like rice or quinoa and servings of fruit and vegetables to really get your energy up right!
But it’s your body. Eat what you want.

Mattie Ryan
Yes! Some proteins are great for breakfast and the easiest way to get those healthy amino acids are through meat products. A slice of ham on toast is quite delish also.

Mads Poulsen
Before I used to think meat was essential for breakfast. Now as I get older, I’ve learned that it is not even healthy to start your day with meat. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year so I no longer eat meat. I prefer to start my day with fruits, cereal, or maybe even a pastry.

Tomothy Harris
Yeah! They actually recommend you eat protein for breakfast since it starts your day off with energy. In Japanese culture they eat a piece of grilled fish with rice and other items for example. Lean proteins like turkey, chicken and fish are best. If you don't want actual meat you can do soy products or peanut butter and other non meat proteins. Eggs are also a great choice

Roberto Johnson
I think meat in general won’t benefit your health. In case you prefer the taste of meat, why not trying a vega(n) alternative that they make with the purpose to have almost similar taste and texture? Then you can combine and choose for ones that are rich in proteins or that include slow carbs for example. Fitting your own wishes for optimal breakfast nutritions and energy provision 🙂

Tim Colin
Um don’t to sure with that one sorry as I’m a gymnast I wouldn’t eat meat for breakfast I would have a sweet breakfast but you could ask Siri or goggle it but thanks for asking sorry I couldn’t help,.Adison

Sofie Madsen
Any protein for breakfast is a good idea. You can add shrimp, ham, bacon, etc. to an omelette. Just remember, everything in moderation. I may eat a piece of leftover steak from last night’s dinner, balanced with fruit or oatmeal or a piece of toast, whatever your dietary needs are. I have found that when I apply “moderation” and/or “balance” to just about everything (not just food), the results are generally better.

Aaron Perrin
I eat basically the same thing every day at this point. Oatmeal (I make a huge batch in the InstantPot and portion out for the week. Four turkey sausage links. Two tablespoons of peanut butter. I workout in the morning so it's a great post workout meal and is high in protein so I stay full until it is time for my next meal.

Neil Nichols
Yes. Try to keep it lean or light so it doesn't weigh me down. At the end of the day though, I'd prefer left over meat and veggies for breakfast over hash browns.

Villads Jørgensen
I eat sausages or bacon, ham, salami, chicken leftovers, whatever there is for breakfast. I usually fast for a long 16 hours before I eat something which usually would be eggs and cheese and some cured meat. I prefer having protein and fats for breakfast that cereal and carbs, keeps me full for longer and I can concentrate more during the day.

Leana Guillaume
Yes, absolutely. A lean protein such as eggs. (If that counts as meat.) And/or a couple pieces of rolled turkey breast ( from deli ow sodium) with light salt n pepper on a whole wheat toast sprinkle with olive oil. Slices of avacado on top of that and slices of tomato. Topped with a slice of cheese (your choice.) In broiler.

Nice balaned healthy breakfast 🙂

Isaiah Kim
Yes. Typically deli meat or fish is good in a pinch;however, breakfast burritos with chicken and butter lettuce for a tortilla is a good breakfast too if you're trying to increase bulk/weight.

Ahmet Geisler
I think it is ok to eat meat for breakfast if it is a lower fat because it can be a good source of protein – like chicken sausage or turkey bacon.

Morgana Pinto
I personally don’t really eat meat for breakfast. Trying to change to a vegetarian diet. I normally will eat sources of protein like a spinach omelet, fruit with peanut butter, oatmeal with fruits, or yogurt with granola and blueberries.

Amandine Morel
Depends on your dietary needs, but I think a source of protein, whether meat or otherwise is not a bad choice. Less processed meats are always better of course, but even bacon can help you get your day started.

Jane Meyer
It’s okay to eat meat for breakfast as long as it’s a high protein meat and lean in fat. (No Pork, ie Bacon or sausage) unless it’s Turkey bacon or turkey sausage.

Alexandro Melo
Lean, unprocessed meat is what you should go for. The classic English breakfast is pretty terrible from a health perspective

Daphné Mercier
All kinds of meat as they are a protein. Delish. You probably don’t want to eat too much if you are watching your weight as meat is fairly calorie dense

Travis Williams
I wouldn’t know 🤷‍♀️ because I don’t eat meat 🥩 Usually I have egg whites, Turkey Bacon 🥓, Oatmeal, or Organic Yogurt with some delicious fruit 🍉 🍑🍐🍊🍓🥭🥝🍇🍎🍏

Pat Stewart
I don't really know. I know that meat in general is not that ok. At least you can not eat too much meat. But from time to time to eat as breakfast seems ok to me

Alzira Novaes
Simple answer is yes! I often have sausages or bacon; grilled, not fried. These meats are a great source of protein and I find that boost really works first thing in the morning. I am careful not to fry and get too much fat and stodge in it as this can work the opposite way and slow me down.

Hilda Horton
If you are a meat eater, I don’t see why not. If you must eat meat just try to make sure it is from a local, humane certified farm as opposed to a factory farm. You want your meat to be as clean as possible from glyphosate, growth hormones and other extremely unhealthy additives that go with factory farming. I would definitely avoid all processed meat as it is a carcinogen.

Erica Olson
Well, meat is protein; management ppl recommend a big serve of protein to start the day. Bacon, of course, is meat, so the short answer is yes—it’s ok to have meat for breakfast! One should breakfast on whatever suits at the time—some days we may require something hearty and substantial, other days something less so. Choices!