What’s your favorite quick fix breakfast and what benefits do you get from it?

Mathieu C.
My usual breakfast is two scrambled eggs with tomatoes, plus cheese and a small avocado on the side. It's quite easy and fast to cook, and it's full of proteins and healthy fats, which gives me all the energy I need to start my day. The other option is Yugurt with Granolas, as it's both simple, and tasty. Make sure to get Yugurt without extra sugars. Good luck!
Yana N.
2 over easy eggs with a little salt and pepper, half an avocado, and a slice of bread.
very fast (5 minutes to make)
very simple (easy on the stomach and wallet)
lots of protein!
Michaela N.
Either a protein + fruit smoothie or warm gluten-free oatmeal with fruit + coconut sugar added! The smoothie is filling and hydrating. I add frozen fruit, vegan protein powder, hemp + flax seeds and nut butter. The oatmeal is warm and relaxing so it really depends on my mood that morning.
Isaac J.
Two pieces of spelt toast and two eggs. It's a quick, easy to carry breakfast that I can take with me or eat while I'm getting ready in the morning.
Harry O.
My quick fix breakfast is barley with vegetal milk and whole grain peanut butter sandwich. It’s beneficial to me because it fuels me to start my day off and it takes less time to prepare when I’m running late, so I can take it along and maybe finish while in the car to work.
Alexandra Z.
My quick fix breakfast I'd grabbing 6 light biscuits from the closet and bringing them with me where I am going. I'll be crunching them on my way. I'll find a coffee everywhere.
Cat U.
A plain buttermilk waffle with peanut butter and a few spoonfulls of applesauce. I feel so much fuller for longer and have more energy later into the morning when I eat that vs cereal and milk or skipping breakfast
Micheal C.
Honestly the easiest breakfast for me is walnuts and raisins. I have a jar on my kitchen counter with this mix and I can just grab a handful. However, the ideal breakfast is scrambled eggs with cheese.
Krystal O.
My favorite quick fix breakfast is Folgers instant coffee (hot) mixed with either vanilla or caramel premier protein shake. It’s quick, easy, filling and tastes great!!
Angel E.
Overnight oats! Super quick and easy to make a night and then already prepared when you wake up and are in a rush! Fast, simple, really healthy, filling, and delicious!
Johan P.
Fruir, especial tomatos (yes, I know is odd) is makes me happy, and feeling good about myself, it also encourages me to eat healthier for the rest of the day.
Marie Louise Q.
Most of my breakfast is myanmar noodle salad with egg.It contains protiens,rice,and vegetables.so I got vatamins and proteins from it.
Sara T.
If I am in a hurry I eat some almonds and wallnuts. It gives me all the protein I need for the morning so I can exercise properly
Shawn Q.
My favorite quick fixes on the go would be an Egg Bagel with Smoked Nova Scotia Salmon with a little bit of cream cheese. I get my Omega 3's with the salmon which is very good in protein. I drink lots of water and not sugary drinks. This is when I'm on the go with my daughter going to the bagel shop to get a quick bite to eat. Sometimes you get to splurge a little bit don't overdo it. Stick with what you're eating.
Marito P.
Apples dusted with cinnamon with almond butter. It fills me up, boost metabolism, and keeps me full longer. It is super easy to take on the go too!
Lisa Y.
I don't get hungry until 10:30 so breakfast is usually something very small to put something in my stomach so I can take a vitamin on the run out of the door. I usually grab a piece of whole grain toast and hot tea with a splash of half and half.
Felix C.
Okay, so firstly I’m not a dietician or a specialist of any sort so just remember that my answer is my personal opinion and it does not mean you have to follow it exactly. Now to answer your question, usually when I make a breakfast I will grab some sort of fruit, a banana an apple or maybe even an orange and with that I will eat either some sort of carbs like toast or a pastry, Or I might go for some protein like eggs and I will also eat some bell peppers sometimes in the morning, they have lots of vitamin C. I hope this helped you, good luck with your meals!
Milan P.
I make a beetroot celery smoothie with 1/2 green Apple and 1/2 orange with mint and ginger. It's not easy to drink but it just kick starts my day providing me with all the fibre, minerals and vitamins.
Alina N.
Basically if I’m not in the mood to cook i have a banana with a breakfast cookie or if i want to cook i make some scrambled eggs with parmezan
Jackey P.
My quick fix breakfast is either Scrambled eggs & turkey bacon or an Ultra-Performance Protein Bar. Both of them give me the protein I need to get my day started & are filling.
Beth B.
For me when I eat oatmeal with PB and banana I get good nutrition and protien and it satiates me and prevents me from feeling hungry for a while
Salena Z.
I like to eat too ramen for breakfast because it's easier to make and I know it's not the healthiest but, I still like to eat it.