Are there any great vegan savoury recipes that people can recommend?

Marius Z.
I once made cauliflower teriyaki, my husband loved it. I used gluten-free flour (yucca) to coat the florets of steamed cauliflower and then fry them. For the sauce, I made a teriyaki sauce with a bit of orange juice. It was fabulous!

Ema S Q.
I think majority of Asian vegetable dishes that are also vegan are the best. There's a lot to choose from-Chinese stir fry dishes, tofu sisig, langka burger, etc.

Richard X.
One of the best and most simple vegan savoury recipe that i can recommend is nuts mixed with fruits and raisins. Although, nuts and raisins will also do fine. The reason for this being that nut, raisins and fruits are great sources of vitamin and can not only help you be more healthier in the morning, but also provides many benefits, including the one i mentioned last time and it also helps you sleep better.

Ariba E.
I like to make Turnips. First I cut them up then I cut some onions and fry them until they're golden brown in oil. Then I add tomatoes and spices. Then I add turnips and sugar as per my requirement. It makes a tasty treat to enjoy with either pita bread or Roti.