The typical “healthy” options like oatmeal and fruit don’t keep me sated until lunchtime, I need protein. I’m looking for protein options beyond protein powders and shakes. Any suggestions?

Angela N.
You can challenge yourself to be sated until lunchtime and repeat it in your mind ( I won't to let myself down this time) just speak with yourself and promise her to never cheat on her and you can do it if you just knew how powerful is your mind I hope this information can help you🤍
Anjali E.
Hey, I also used to feel the same way. But soon I started eating poha. It is full of protein and is top suggested for diet. It also contain dietary fibre so you won't feel hungry even after lunch time. I am on a liquid diet, so I eat poha sometimes as for breakfast so that I won't feel hungry. Hope it helps. ~Anjali
Elsa C.
You can do meal prep breakfast bagels you bake eggs bacon and spinach in a pan in an oven and when it’s done you cut it out into pieces and put it on a bagel and freeze it or refrigerate them and reheat them the morning you need them.