What’s the best way to set a routine to eat a great breakfast?

Arm Nio S.
I usually always have apples on hand in case I dont have time to make anything. I typically try to at least cook eggs and a frozen hashbrowns. I also have oats on hand and if I'm up for it will make over night oats with fruit in them.

Mary C.
I find eating the same thing every morning helps a ton if you’re shorter on time, and then changing it up on the weekends. Right when my husband and get up we start coffee, hash browns, eggs and veggies. Some we prep ahead of time, but it’s become the best part of our day. I now look forward to it. Hope that helps!

Melanie U.
Well, I’ve found that trying to associate something you already do every day with breakfast is a good way to make the habit! For me, I like to scroll through Facebook in the morning, so I told myself I can only look at my Facebook while I ate breakfast! It seems like a simple little mental note, but it’s really worked well for me so far! 🙂

Lily Q.
I usually have some stock items in my fridge. I have easy access to grains (like bread), fats (like almond butter), and fruits. Or I freeze some breakfast sandwiches ahead of time to pop in the microwave!

Dajana P.
Prepare in advance (boil the eggs, put the chia seeds with plant milk/yoghurt in a bowl). Make sure you have your favorite ingredients at hand for quick preparation. Choose healthy food (eggs make miracles!), whole grain. Enjoy your coffee (black :))!

Otto E.
Plan Sunday to be awesome, you prepare write down the healthy things you will eat. Example pick up healthy things for your smoothie. Make oatmeal for your breakfast add avocado to toast. Think of making salmon with tons of vitamins instead of bacon. Improve your diet and celebrate your success. Pick up a pineapple it boosts your immune system. Switch to alkaline water. Have a wheat grass shot to get vegetables on empty stomach.

Georgine E.
Plan the night before, over the weekend or a couple days in advance. Just plan what you will have for breakfast, for me that makes it a commitment.

Victor Y.
Actually my mom makes me breakfast every morning and she was so interested when I read one of the fabulous letters about healthy breakfast to her. So we wrote down some of the healthy choices and reduced buying some junk food as well.

Leszek R.
I'm not really hungry in the mornings so for me it's about getting something small to give me an energy boost. I usually try to set out a bowl the night before to remind me to have breakfast. I also eat simple things like yogurt and granola so it's super quick and delicious and that way I can't say that I don't have the time for it.

Jeremy E.
Plan what you want to eat in advance and buy the necessary ingredients to make the meal. I try to prepare my breakfast the night before such as over-night oatmeal or putting my yogurt in a to-go cup in the refrigerator and fruit on the table so that when I'm ready to go to work it is easily accessible to just grab and go out the door. The less time I need to spend in the morning preparing a meal, the more likely I am to actually eat a well-balanced breakfast instead of rushing to make something before I need to leave the house. Saves me time and stress in the mornings.

Lea U.
Well when I get my water I put it in the fridge so I put a sticky note or all the ingredients there so when I drink my water I see my breakfast so I eat when I'm done I see a window or my door and it reminds me of exercise so I go exercise and when I'm done and come inside I drink more water

Kylian P.
Find foods you like to eat that are also healthy, and keep them in stock. I like keeping cottage cheese, bananas and granola on hand so it’s never “too hard” to make breakfast. Muesli and nuts is another great option and a good alternative to American cereal or oatmeal. Let the milk soak in for a few minutes to achieve the perfect texture.

Joshua F.
Wake up earlier to have the time to cook and sit down to a proper, healthy breakfast that makes you feel satisfied. Be sure has lots of protein, so that you’re less inclined to snack on poor choices shortly after.

Charlotte P.
Prepare in advance, and narrow your options. I eat porridge because I like it and it's easy to make. I eat it every morning so I never need to think about what I'm going to eat for breakfast. Making things simple makes also makes it more likely that you will do it!

Stella Z.
Routines are set by positively reinforcing the schedule that you create. Make sure to do some shopping on a Sunday and that way you’ll have all the food you need for a great breakfast in your home when you wake up on Monday morning.

Lorenzo Y.
Fabulous helps me to set a reminder so when I wake up I drink a glass of water I have to do a morning exersice I'm already in the mood mind you. Then I take shower I go to work first thing when I got to work I'll have my breakfast. It's either an egg or muslie and plan fat free yoghurt . Then I drink water through out till lunchtime

Angelina O.
I set a routine to eat a great breakfast by incorporating it into something else I like to do. Currently I prepare a healthy breakfast for my daughter who has a long commute in the morning. I feel good doing that for her and do the same for me while I am at it! I also feel good that I am setting a good example.

Gilciane Q.
Plan your menu the day before and then you can have everything ready. Wake up and just prepare your meal and enjoy! I plan a week at a time and it’s so easy to start my days this way! Aloha

Miguel S.
Hi there,

You can try to do some preparation the night before. It could be make something readily available for consumption like overnight oat or a peanut butter sandwich. Or you can prep the ingredients for you early assembling.

Murat Y.
If you start to eat, you get hungry and to need everyday. Please remember breakfast is the most important. I know you have to rush to.work. eat at your desks not bad:)

Leal F.
I like to set new routines by adding them to things I already do. Once I have my water drinking down every morning, I add breakfast as well. Also, preparing the week before is important

Feliciana C.
Firstly, I would say that you should have a CLEAR and COMPELLING reason (a goal you want to achieve and WHY and HOW you want to) as to why you are eating and always have that at the back of your mind especially when you feel unmotivated. Then you should have: a cue (when do you do this. I.e have a keystone habit or have this as a keystone that you do along with other habits. Example: Walking after eating) a routine and a reward (Either the habit will make you feel good or you could celebrate or track you progress to motivate yourself). Start small by eating easy-to-make HEALTHY foods (Eggs are easy) or anything that aligns with your goal. And when you have this as a strong habit, do more as you please. Do NOT bite more than you can chew.

Louisa Q.
Prepare a nice porridge with dried fruits, nuts and seeds and let it soak in a pot during the night. Get up early and let it heat gently to protect nutrients, then add some freshly cut apple or banana and cinnamon.
Keep your breakfast simple until you get the hang of it, and if necessary, put it dry in a lunchbox so you can bring it to work/save space in the kitchen.

Thea Z.
Make breakfast something irresistibly delicious, or create a routine you truly enjoy, like walking (exercise!) your dog to the coffee shop on Monday to jump start the week

Ida Y.
Find some recipes that you might like for breakfast so you will always eat something different… and you may try new stuff too

Curtis W.
First you need to wake up early as possible to have enough time to prepare a good amount of things, also it is way feasible if you buy everything you need the night before for example fruits nuts milk eggs etc. And most importantly never let your body settle for less, keep telling yourself that less breakfast means not a good day

Wilhelm W.
Meal prepping will be your best friend not only will it help with a great breakfast, it will help with all of your meals.

Noa P.
Keep a variety of healthy options available, including things that you can prepare and eat quickly or on the go. That way you're not tempted to eat something unhealthy and quick and easy if you're running late for work etc.

Frederik E.
I find it best to think about what I want to eat throughout the week on Sunday, and then ensure that I have the ingredients and materials needed for those items. I also try and pick only things that are easy to make so that they do not take too much time. Finally, I always set my alarm early enough to make sure I have time to actually make what I have planned and have tried to start breakfast as soon as I wake up so that I do not spend too much time doing other things. These help me be successful in breakfast eating.

Robin Q.
Making sure you set time for yourself to set the routine. Get up at the same time every morning and make sure you can get that protein fuelled breakfast in

Randy X.
Its best you prepare the basics cooking raw materials at night and just warm them in the morning or you just eat a simple meal like eggs and bacon.

Bastien C.
Buy breakfast or healthy food that is healthy for your body. The breakfast also have to be food that I love so that when morning come I can eat food that I love instead of food that I think it’s good for my body but I don’t like it. Eating breakfast isn’t easy when I am not a breakfast person.

Elouan S.
The night before, decide what you'll have for breakfast, and prepare as much as you possibly can, so that in the morning you basically finish it off and eat. For example, I will put porridge oats, milk, and dried fruit in a bowl (or frozen fruit in a separate bowl to defrost) in the fridge overnight, so that all I need to do in the morning is mix, heat, and eat

Sacha O.
I like to have a great breakfast. And that’s my advices how to make it.

1. The first of all you need to prepare all things for a breakfast the day before. Go to the grocery store with your “to buy” list. I like to have oatmeal and sunny side eggs for breakfast. So I take couple bottles of milk, oatmeal, banana, eggs.

2. I prefer quick recipes. Breakfast is ready in five minutes no longer. So you don’t waste precious time near the stove.

3. If you don’t have even five minutes for breakfast, just take banana for to go and eat it when you go to the work.
Also you could go to the cafe for breakfast to go. But be sure that they served healthy food or have options for this. Skip bakeries with only sugar-flour options.

4. If you are not hungry, just take a little portion. Even a half of a banana would be better than nothing!

So that’s my secrets! I hope it will help you to keep the positive breakfast habit and You will be energized enough for your day! 😀

Claire I.
Pick 4 or 5 of your favourite breakfast items.
Waffles, eggs, bacon, fruit etc… then always have them on hand. Decide the night before – what you'll make. This cuts time and stress

Aquila N.
Personally, I build myself up for breakfast. Stretch, meditate, shower, and all the rest. Then I do some brain exercises and I study two languages, go to work and THEN I have breakfast. I'm not sure if it works for everyone but it's a routine that helps me know exactly when breakfast is coming so I get excited for it.

Selma Q.
I make my choices for the week what I'm going to have for breakfast that week. I choose two things and alternate them for that week and I always keep low sugar protein shakes on hand in case something
comes up and I don't have time for my usual breakfast

Leonid G.
I think if you have time in the morning, planning ahead is a good practice. Figuring out the night before what you’ll do for breakfast could be helpful. If you don’t have much time in the morning meal prepping breakfast could prove greatly beneficial.

Graciliana Q.
Make sure that you have healthy foods on hand. Allow plenty of time for the whole ritual of preparation, slowly savoring your food, and clean up after. Have pleasant things around,to look at and listen to.

Tom C.
To plan ahead and make sure you have the food on hand to do so. The days that following the routine felt easiest were the days that I didn't even have to think about what I was going to eat. Knowing that I had a clear picture of the next steps made it easier to follow as very little decision making was required. If you can reduce the amount of active tasks in your routine and have things flow more automatically it will feel like less work to stick to it, and thus be easier.

Camila I.
Plan your breakfast in advance, before you go to the grocery store. make it as easy for morning you as possible to make, such as pre-portioning or pre-cooking.

Nathan T.
Get prepared. Know what you are going to eat for the week & buy the ingredients. If you can do any prep beforehand do it!

Gundi J.
For me, the best way is to wake up and get out of bed early. Early enough for getting ready and eating. Being out of bed and active is key, as well as having easy and healthy options available. As long as you have enough time, your body will naturally feel like eating something and without any distractions or rush due to waking up earlier, it will be easier to maintain

Margot A.
Make sure you have the food you need and the time to prepare. Prepare what you can in advance. Wake up early enough to put it together.

Mila Y.
Plan ahead, tell people in your home that you are serious about your diet and the foods you want to include or exclude. Watching you eat healthy will inspire others in the home and create a momentum for you too. Start ready, make healthy choices but dont be too hard, but as you get more into it, remove sugars and oily foods

Blake E.
You need to decide what works best for you, my morning routine starts with drinking water, then making my bed, then stretching then breakfast

Alexsandra C.
Well I normally get nutrient shakes, I find them fast and I can slowly drink them through the morning. Plus you can get different flavours I think most people who don't eat breakfast in the mornings is because smoothies take too long to make and solid food is rough on the stomach first thing but I find the shakes really easy now you will have to spend time and a bit of money finding the right one for you but when you do it's worth it. I now really enjoy breakfast because I can spend as long or as little as I want drinking it plus I can add more or less power depending how hungry I am. I can also add in flax seeds or chai seeds to bring in more nutrients but I suggest to begin with just start with the shakes for a awhile to get in a routine. It all depends on you I think you need to spend time finding the best thing you enjoy making in the morning although I would suggest getting a reasonable prices one to try out and see if it does help you and if you miss a day don't worry theres always tomorrow, it's all trail and era. I also put it in the blender for a few seconds to prevent any lumps. It does also help if you've to get up early the next day make it the night before and leave in the fridge just give it a shake and it's ready to go. It only takes 10 minutes but it's so much easier to have it ready in early mornings so you can run out the door if needed. I hope you find this helpful and Good Luck!!!? 😘

Sebastian F.
I just found one or two things that I really enjoy and stuck with them (eating the same thing for an entire week or switching between the two…if you don’t mind the repetitiveness!). Eventually you’ll be on autopilot, especially if it’s something easy like eggs on toast.

Wencke X.
My routines are not tied to a specific time but rather a specific order. After I get up, I shower, then exercise, then eat. It is always in that order and all of those things are non negotiable so I don't have to expend any thought on any of them. They just automatically happen as soon as I get up.

Carolyn Z.
Make it easy to achieve.
For example, eat a banana, eat an apple, 2 eggs and etc in a morning.
Suitable to my lifestyle.
From the aspect of where I get the food.
What time I wake up?
Should I prepare the food by the night.?

Angel U.
If you think about how breakfast determines your energy and the mood of the day it will be very easy for you to change what you eat for breakfast.

Jacob U.
I accepted the challenge because I am pushed to eat breakfast. I am more of a very-late-lunch-no-or-very-light-dinner type of person.

With that in mind, I get up earlier than usual to cook the egg and have a toast of bread with my coffee while checking work emails on my phone. I think the previous night what to have for breakfast so that I don’t end up using the small time I have by thinking what to prepare to eat. I live with my cups of coffee all day – this is my vice and a must have everyday.

My hope is that, I could get my daughter and husband to sit down for a daily breakfast routine. But like most families, we are always on the go.

Silas C.
Having a set time range for when I should eat often helps me, that or just repeating habits. so eating at the same time of day every day or eating during the same spot in your routine will allow your body to develop the habit of eating consistently and healthy, in a more organic, less forced way.