Is toast and peanut-buttergood for you ?

Julie N.
Yes! What’s even better is ezekiel bread with almond butter and banana slices on top. Very healthy and is a great way to start the day. 💕

Shellie R.
Well, for me, toast is a really bad idea because I have Celiac Disease- it would mess me up. I occasionally have an apple or celery with peanut butter

Almirodo F.
i don't know in my culture we don't usually eat things like that but i'm sure it is delicious maybe not really healthy but delicious

Kenneth Z.
It can be!

The natural peanut butter, not the processed stuff with sugar.

Also, multigrain (like you can see the grains a little) bread, not brown Wonder bread, that's no better than white bread. Nutritionally, most bread is pretty much nutritionally identical to cake and a B vitamin baked into it.

A high fibre wrap, and stuff some lettuce in it (trust me) is a good variation, bit more lunchy though, I guess.

Bethany C.
It's not necessarily healthy – peanut butter can be high in sugar or salt, depending on the brand. Just make sure you eat it in moderation with lots of fruit, veg and lean protein in the rest of your diet.

Talytha P.
I think so. I like natural peanut butter with no added sugar, salt, oils, etc. Similar to eating a handful of nuts there is protein and healthy fats. If I eat whole grain bread I am also getting some fibre, and nutrients like B vitamins. Pair it with a banana, and it’s good stuff.

Ema G.
Yes I find it really delicious and if any one wishes to try it put banana on to of your peanut – butter toast it is absolutely amazing. 🍌🥜🍞

Dennis T.
It might be good, it's got the fats the protein and rhe carbs you need too. Just take the one with the least sugar u can use sweeteners if you r on a diet but wanna eat your peanut butter sweet.

Henrietta N.
I don’t really believe in good food and bad good, which can be overly simplistic and reduce your options. Nutritional benefit comes from a diet with balance, variety and quality of ingredients. I’m also driven by colour, flavour, texture and the social side of eating too!

If you’re struggling to make a healthy eating choice, then toast and peanut butter will always be a lot better than many other options with too much (refined) sugar, unhealthy fat, salt or added e-numbers and preservatives. However, you can increase the health benefit by making your toast wholemeal or multigrain (or rye or other low gluten-types), chose the best ingredients Peanut butter you can (as low salt and low mono saturated fat as possible, avoiding e-numbers and preservatives) or chose an alternative nut butter like almond or cashew. You can amp it up by considering topping it with banana slices, chia seeds, a pinch of cinnamon etc. Then you have a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack that isn’t too boring!

Marina Z.
i am not really a big fan of peanut butter but if you luke it them give it a go!However i would recomend you to eat sth more healthy(avocado toast, granola etc)

Annette S.
Peanut butter is a great source of protein, but it’s better in a smoothie or dip chunks of apple into it and ditch the toast! 😊

Monali P.
I don't know about that because I never tried any of this together. But i will suggest you if you want to it toast then it should be of wheat and peanut butter is also good for health. If you have time to make it then eat it you can

Cailey P.
I think it depends on what kind of bread and peanut butter you are using. I personally love sourdough bread because I’m getting probiotics from it. There’s healthy options for everything. Just make sure what you are putting in your body has good ingredients that will fuel your body!!

Karla N.
Probably not because peanut butter is fat and not ideal for breakfast. Maybe it's OK as a quick snack. Besides, it can contain sodium which is also not good

Stanley Q.
Yes! However some bread options and peanut butter options are better than others. So whole wheat bread and natural peanut butter could be healthy!

Rosalyn F.
I do not think it’s good because peanut butter is kinda like chocolate and everybody knows that chocolate is not as healthy

Joy F.
Well, peanut butter gives me a lot of energy thanks to the calories and protein it contains, it also helps me stay full until next meal. I really recommend

Valerie Q.
Yes. Peanut butter is a protein that gives us positive results with our bodies. Depending on the kind of bread used, whether wheat bread or white, those could be beneficial to being healthy as well.

It S W.
I don’t think it is but it depends on what you’re trying to work on for yourself. It can be a light snack before a shower or before reading, but never at night because you won’t be able to burn it. Stay moving ❤️

Alexandra Z.
Yeas! It's carp and protein heavy when ch will sustain you longer than a sugary cerial or a sugary granola bar (most store ones have lots of added sugar).

Lujain Z.
Will yes because it is healthy and good for your stomach but if you eat too much it may let you go to the bathroom quite a lot

Robin S.
Yes. It offers protein, sugar, and carbohydrates. If you exercise some time around the time of eating it, it will offer your body the nutrients it needs for the workout and the recovery, but make sure to hydrate with it.

Loretta C.
Yes, I love peanut butter with a banana, it gives me the opportunity to finish my breakfast sweet, but at the same time useful

Zdenka F.
It depends. I would say if you are using high protein peanut butter, with low processed sugars, it is great and definitely good for you. If it is a very sugary, clearly unhealthy peanut butter, perhaps not so much. It might be more like Nutella, which it is up to you to judge whether or not it’s good for you. That kind of peanut butter would be good for you as a treat, but perhaps not everyday for example.

Devyaani Q.
No, it has sugar. I would prefer to have a veggie Sandwich. Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots sliced thinly and arranged on a lightly low sodium buttered bread, with some cracked pepper. Good way to start!

Marilou Z.
No it is not. I wouldn’t even think to eat that combination of foods. It’s interest to hear what others might find appetizing.

Valdelaine Z.
Yes! Peanut butter has fat and protein to fuel your body. Choose peanut butter and bread without added sugar to avoid a midmorning crash.

Alexis E.
It depends on your body and your dietary needs. Is peanut butter toast better than nothing? Yes. Is it better than having an egg or veggies? Probably not. Just make sure you're attuning your bodily needs with your eating by constantly checking in with yourself

Kacey N.
Toast and peanut butter is pretty good for you. Peanut butter has protein and fats and helps you feel full longer. Toast has carbs and fibre. A whole grain or seedy bread would be ideal.

Jesse E.
It's a good combination of carbs, protein and fat to help kick start your day. It also helps you get to lunchtime and prevents those unwanted mid morning snack craves.

It's also delicious and that's good for your mindset too.

Emma P.
Too much of anything isn't great. But this seems like a healthy snack that has lots of nutrients! I love toast with peanut butter and banana it is literally the best thing ever! If you haven't already, try it!