How much should I eat at breakfast? Should it be heavy?

Freja W.
No the most importen thing is to eat something, it dosnt matter if it is a apple or 3 slices of Bread and egg. The most important thing is to eat something

Corey P.
This depends upon your goals and condition. Are you overweight and trying to shed some pounds? Lighter, greener, higher quality. If you're underweight and trying to add some pounds, go heavier on carbs and protein, and while quality is slightly less important here, it is still a factor. If you're looking to maintain whatever you've got, go more for balance. Don't go heavy, but don't skimp. An apple or banana with some peanut butter to go with a bowl of Cheerios, or a breakfast taco or two with eggs and greens, maybe some potatoes.

Breakfast is important for everyone. Along with water, it sets a tone for the rest of the day. So consider what's in your breakfast before eating it. That bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is awesome, but does nothing for you other than a short term burst of sugar energy with an eventual crash, even for hypoglycemics. Meanwhile, a spinach salad with some Cutie's orange slices and almonds, an egg or two, and some orange or cranberry juice will taste great, sit better, give you higher quality fuel, and avoid the crash half way through the day when you get that third stack of expense reports.

So, to determine your breakfast needs, first figure out your goals. What's your general condition right now? Are you actively going to the gym/working out? Are you sick right now? Are you also drinking coffee this morning? If you're going to the gym, what kind of workout is it(weights, cardio, total body, etc.)?

Lastly, for me, I know that I get those cravings often. So what I like to do, as someone who is of average weight and trying to build strong muscle, is to have a heavy, good-for-you, protein focused breakfast that also has plenty of carbs for energy in the gym. But to accompany my great breakfast, I give myself a small bowl of bad. I have that little bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. This way, I get the best of both worlds. Plus, with all that real fuel in the tank burning first, the extra sugars and carbs of my (small!)bowl of bad decision making isn't nearly as impactful.

Jeff Z.
You don't have to eat heavy. It's important to know how much calories you should eat the whole day, to accomplish your personal goal and to stay healthy. Breakfast is an important meal. It helps you to get more energy to start your day and you will be have less craving for sugars or other unhealthy foods. Choose something you like to eat in the morning; yoghurt with muesli or fresh fruit, overnight oats or a slice of bread with is really up to you how heavy you want your breakfast to be.

Julie W.
A light breakfast is recommended but one with the necessary proteins and vitamins, you should stop eating just before you feel full

Abby U.
Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. However, overeating at any time of day is unhealthy. Eat until your hunger is sated. It takes 20 min for your brain to receive information from your stomach that it is full so eat slowly.

Beverley F.
Not exactly heavy but enough to fuel you and keep you energized throughout the day. Incorporate healthy proteins like eggs or a protein shake to keep you feeling full. You can do this!

No Lie Z.
Well, let's think about it; are you body building or trying to simply eat well? When trying to gain mass, eating around 700 calories (eggs, beans, whole grains, and good fats) will do your system wonders. If you're wanting to eat, but not OVER eat, stick to simple – eggs, bread, cream cheese, vegetables, and fruit. Around 400-500 calories of morning goodness.

Jonah F.
It should not be heavy. You want to be eating something that gives you energy but doesn't drag you down with having to digest it.

Anatolij R.
You should eat according to what food it is, but generally eating heavy isn’t the way to go. Some foods you can eat in greater portions than others, such as eggs. They’re packed in protein and are low calories so you could eat them in a greater portion than something such as bacon. But the thing is, with protein packed foods, they fill you up faster so you won’t even have to eat that much before you’ll get to feeling full. So just keep that in mind.

Florian E.
You should think about breakfast as a way to jump start your day. Try to find balance between eating so much that you’ll want to take a nap and not eating enough where you’re distracted by your hunger or looking to snack before lunch. High protein breakfasts with eggs, bananas, and yogurt are good for that!

Abel C.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I believe it should be moderate. Not so light, not so heavy but full of nutrients and healthy components.

Marie O.
It depends on your age and preference but I tend to eat a nutri-grain waffle with peanut butter. This gives me the protein and slow sugar I need to make it through the day. Best of luck!!

Louis Y.
It should be at least 2 scoops of rolled oats using gym scoop with 1 table spoon of dried berries and chia seeds, 1/8 teaspoon of maca powder, and 1/4 teaspoon of Spirulina powder.

Firmino T.
Breakfast should be nutrient rich, not necessarily heavy. It should however be the larger or largest meal of the day and decrease as the day wares on.

Esther U.
From my point of view it should be heavy. Probably the most important meal of the day is breakfast. I use an app (Lifesum) to track the calories for each meal to make sure that I'm eating enough and balanced

Ruben O.
That's depends what does your body need. Just remember to eat as healthy as you can, drink water before, enjoy your meal and don't let your body get hungry. My favourites are: smoothie (banana, apple, linseed, Millet flakes and some nuts) or scrambled eggs, avocado, goat cheese and peppers.

Karin F.
After starting using Fabulous I started eating breakfast just by eating one whole avocado and drink a glass of orange juice with a raw egg mixed in. It keeps me fed until noon. Keep up the good work!

Justine Q.
I do not eat a lot. I take time to drink a Milk latte at the bar. As a free bonus I read newspapers and have a moment of self reflection before starting my day. I also look at my todo list.

Cory S.
You should have a nutritious breakfast. Include protein, and veggies/fruits. It’s the most important meal of the day. So it should be heavy. They say in a Spanish saying: “Breakfast like a King, lunch like middle class, dinner like a peasant” . This describes quantity.

Miguel A.
Your breakfast should not be heavy, as heavy fats that are no good for your health and for your energy, it should be the right amount for you(I think that everyone has different needs when it comes to food and quantity). An egg and a banana are enough to keep me full and energized through the morning but it could not be enough for someone else..

Louisa O.
You don't need to eat much if for breakfast, as long as you eat well. I usually make two fried eggs and a quick cup of oatmeal.

Undina N.
It depends. I exercise and have a fairly high metabolism. So I need a banana, a coffee, 2 bowls of oat porridge, and 2 eggs at least.

Stacy Y.
I would say eat a reasonable amount for the level of activity you do on a regular basis. If you have a sedentary job and have minimal exercise, have one egg, grilled tomatoes on toast. On the other hand if you live a very active lifestyle, ie cycling 25+km/day average, going to the gym, etc.. have a larger breakfast, maybe 2-3 eggs and a grilled tomatoes on one piece of toast. It really all depends on you and your metabolism. Everything above refers to my old and new lifestyle as a 5ft10in woman @~175lbs

L Cio T.
I usually eat a medium size portion of oatmeal with milk and a little honey – if I have berries that is a definite treat to my breakfast. I have this with a large glass of cold water and I wait with my first coffee for when I get to the office 🙂

Vicky U.
A good breakfast of 3-4 weet biscuits, a banana and some milk, a coffee is also good but after you eat in my opinion should be enough to maintain you until lunch time although having fruits or some soup at 10.30am is great for you to maintain your glucose levels which stops you from eating junk food!

Estef Nia F.
I suppose that you eat your breakfast in the morning before your work or in the morning if you have a break. Breakfast, I think should not be heavy, but it should be rich with proteins and vitamins. You should not eat sweets and sugar generally because the brain will "spend" it very fast and you will feel exhausted even if you had your meal.

Jen F.
An ideal breakfast is one that will keep you full for atleast 3-4 hours. It should have a balance of proteins and carbs

Becky U.
It's important to eat a satisfying yet specific breakfast. It should have lots of healthy protein from eggs or non greasy meats. It should be heavy on vitamin b, c and e. It should also have low fat carbs for energy and surely be complemented with lots of water

Lilly Q.
I'm only sure that it has to include so called slow carbohydrates, food rich in fiber (fruits, vegetables), they will keep the feeling full, up until lunch time. You really shouldn't overeat. It's better to separate your food in 2 portions if there really is a lot of food, and have it as two different food intake, maybe as a second breakfast. Or have the other half for a break in the middle of the day. But honestly, I'm not a dietitian nor a sportsman who keeps to the nutritional rules 100% of the time

Sebastian P.
What are you craving that week? I don’t like to stick to the same thing over and over so this week I saw an awesome recipe for basic avocado toast with an egg and adding it to my other favs like a quick bowl of cereal with fruit, or eggs and bacon.

William Z.
I normally have heavy breakfast, Thai food. I plan to have high protein food like grilled pork or beef with boiled eggs or fried eggs.

Marie Q.
Breakfast should be high in protein with some complex carbs to help you feel satiated, energized, and full for a while.

H Lder Q.
It should make you ‘full’ but shouldn’t be heavy because then you’ll feel very tired.
Eat something that feels good to you – especially if you work out in the morning.

Kirk R.
It should reflect your needs for the morning. Whatever it takes you to be comfortable until lunch, which will vary from day to day.

Eliza O.
Light but filling. Something with a good source of fibre to help my body get itself into the rhythm of the day & lasting energy until lunch.

Zdenka S.
I like to keep it simple and lite. Plain yogurt with some fruit and a little granola with a drizzle of honey on top or a bowl of oatmeal with fruit.

Laura N.
Start the day with a fruit smoothie, protein packed and full of berries; alongside a small breakfast. For instance a slice of toast with poached egg and avocado or a small bowl of bran flakes with extra raisins. Another breakfast idea is overnight oats. Prep the night before and leave in the fridge till morning. Add berries, clementines or other fruits with some seeds, nuts or coconut flakes.