Do you tend to eat the same thing for breakfast every morning?

Aminata A.
I don’t eat the same meal for breakfast, I set days to switch up. So what I eat on Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be different from what I eat on Tuesday and Thursday.
Math O T.
No. Usually the food I make in the morning needs to take a short time, so I just eat either yesterdays food (which is always different) or make myself something new if I have tim.
Ann U.
Because I’m in uni I go to the diner for breakfast and I always get the eggs, bacon when they have it, and sometimes the potato option. And always coffee.
Laura E.
Yes, at least I try. But it depends on the season. On winter I eat more avocado toast, or peanut butter with nuts and cereals, on summer some light oaks pancakes… It depends but yes, I try to eat the same thing for breakfast.
Vinith V.
It depends sometimes it's just tea and biscuits or just tea. And I haven't tried like solid breakfast food but I wish to try in further days.