How do you put together a nutritious, energy boosting breakfast if you’re in a rush?

Peggy B.
A fruit smootie with flaxseed and or granola will assist in providng a nutritious energy booster. You can mix fruits and vegetables.

Liva C.
Purchase quick to make nutritious healthy breakfast items at the store so you always have them on hand. It’s best if you prep your meal the night before, however, if you don’t get around to it and are in a rush the next morning, you can prepare a quick meal such as instant oats, fruit, and nuts.

Antoinette Y.
I'd rather be late, but be sure to have breakfast. If there is absolutely no time, then it will be a mug of coffee and an apple or banana

Josie N.
I usually have granola and greek yogurt availble if Im in a rush. That seems to hold me over most of the day. Instsnt oatmeal is good enough as well, if you are in a rush

Lieschen O.
Simple whole foods. Also in my pantry I have all my breakfast foods on One shelf which is eye level. Then prep foods and supper ingredients on a lower level. Before, during and after I wake up I know where everything is exactly. I’m in a rush I whip open that pantry. I start grabbing things at eye level and throw it into any type of bag and hit the ground running. Sometimes being in a rush can be fun if your prepared and well organized. Also keep a carton of hard boiled eggs in the fridge. Ready for you to grab and run like a fox in a chicken coop. Peace.

Todd O.
Today is my third day eating a healthy breakfast and the first day back to work while implementing this new routine. Today, for a quick protien rich meal, I ate left over plain steamed rice, one over easy egg, and a slice of toast with a dollop of yogurt on top. It was a very quick and easy breakfast to make, as well as filling.

Alessio A.
I keep one type of fruit (when it runs out I switch to a diff kind, so about each week), some peanut butter crackers, and eggs around for when I'm in a rush. Frying an egg in olive oil takes five mins and I add some salt and pepper or cheese. Then I eat that and take the fruit and peanut butter crackers to go. Protein, healthy fats and oils, and some decent carbs in under ten

Hannah J.
If you can meal prep before your week starts, having granola and/or a ricotta cheese spread + toast on hand can be really helpful for those hectic mornings.

Cecilie E.
Have an easy to make option, that you can prepare the night before or in batch on the weekends, I use eat this much to simplify the decision and options

Charles C.
Tuna, tomato, salt and lemon will give you the proteins you need. Add a couple slices of bread and you got a sanwich. Take an apple and some almonds. This is all you need to start the day!

Brennan U.
Mainly I prepare ahead of time. Overnight oats, boiled eggs, fruit, etc. can all be prepped the night before so you don't have to think about it in the morning when you're in a rush and sleepy.

Eugene P.
So basically I eat oats every morning with some chia seeds and sometimes a banana or apple.. I think sometimes I over do it with the sugar.. but mostly it's getting better

C Me A.
That isn’t why we have to get up earlier in order to manage everything. To prepare everything and if you are out of time, bring it with yourself.

Michelle Y.
When in a hurry, I make a protein smoothie for breakfast. I’ve tried a number of products. Some are way too sweet. I like the ones with vegan ingredients- plant based proteins. I don’t bother with Organic as much as I avoid corn and meat products. Another great breakfast is seeded whole grain toast with 1/2 a banana or apple instead of butter or preserves. If I know I need the extra protein, I add no sugar peanut butter.

Rick E.
Prepare for the possibility of being in a rush. You know your habits best. Have something on hand that makes it easier to grab that rather than going thrpugh a drive through or skipping breakfast. You could prep or batch cook mini frittata or overnight oats, or just have a spoonful of peanut butter and a banana to go.