What’s a good upset stomach breakfast?

Angelo O.
Are you asking to get an upset stomach? Hmm try hot sauce, tacos, hotdogs, vinegar, chilli, liquor, anything greasy should help you go. Good luck poo 💩
Elmar Q.
When I have an upset stomach, I find that nibbling banana and buttered white bread and warm water to drink gets me through it. The bread and banana are mild enough it’s easy on the stomach, and tiny sips of luke warm water help digestion. The key I’ve found is slow going and easy breathing. May not be the healthiest, but it’ll fill you up and be comforting, perhaps. ☺️
Marian E.
Rice water. It is good and easy to digest. One spoonful of rice in one and half glass of water. Add a pinch of salt and boil it till it's one glass. Rice by then had been broken down in smaller pieces. You can choose to have it warm or cool and have. It is energizing and also light on stomach.
Benjamin Z.
I struggle with that too.. especially early in the mornings!
Something quick and simple, preferably a drink like protein shake!
Abigail J.
I would suggest toast, no butter if that would make it worse. Or a smoothie with ginger and other happy stomach ingredients. Soup could be a good option as well.
Sandro Z.
Usually for upset stomachs, the more bland the better. I’d stay away from coffee and anything acidic, like juice. Things like toast, scrambled eggs, or rice would be good, along with any other simple starches and proteins.
Diane W.
Bananas are a good breakfast for an upset stomach because it is easily digested. Applesauce is also recommended. And sometimes oatmeal is the perfect breakfast in these situations.
Veronica C.
That when you eat a delicious breakfast full with calories you think it's good but your stomach gets upset because its junk food and it will let go your health
Rose Y.
Toast with mashed banana on top, mild herbal tea like chamomile, consumed slowly and mindfully with thoughts of soothing and nourishing and healing.
Laura W.
Oatmeal with applesauce is a really basic breakfast that won't upset your stomach further. You can add protein powder or peanut butter to get it to stick around longer too.
Frederick T.
depends the kind of upset stomach. for throwing up, for example, yogurt is great but not great if you haven’t thrown up.
Yolanda C.
Greek yogurt contains healthy probiotics that can help improve gut health. A smoothie with Greek yogurt, fruit and non-dairy milk is easy to digest and healthy. You can also add flaxseeds for healthy fats and Amla (a digestive supplement) for more health benefits. Or you can have a cup of Greek yogurt with mixed berries (frozen or fresh) with some granola.
Michelle O.
I think something bland like grits or a biscuit. Or if you don't want the carbs in something like that, maybe some fruit like a banana and peanut butter. It depends on what kind of upset stomach you have.
Marilyn S.
I think a banana, a slice of toast and a camomile infusion. Camomile is great to calm the stomach down and if I don’t feel well, the best thing I can eat is a banana . The potassium in it also helps.
Diocl Cia Z.
Frozen banana and yogurt mixed together will be good. Also you can have cucumber and tomatoes with olives as a salad with feta cheese, the tangy flavour will help you to feel less nauseous and aren't things that your stomach will find hard to digest
Benjamin B.
Congee, or rice porridge, is a great and healthy breakfast choice. Because the rice is broken down during the cooking process, it is super easy to digest. You can add extra ingredients like ginger, protein, and vegetables depending on what you have on hand or can stomach. Flavors can customized too with salt, white or black pepper, soy sauce or even hot sauce if that’s what you feel like.
Adonias Q.
If I wake up with an upset stomach I would opt for something nutritional but not heavy. I would make a smoothie using almond milk, banana, and a little flaxseed for fiber.
Guterre A.
Something light. If you’re going to eat carbs, eating something such as healthy fruit. If you’re going to eat protein, choose lean protein. Or even eat something small like a protein bar or shake. Real food is always best though.
Adrualdo A.
Allt som är med socker, bröd, mjöl. Gärna för lite mat och ingen dricka. Då mår magen inte bra. Kaffe på tom mage kan också vara en grej
Terrance T.
I think that very much depends on what's upsetting you r stomach. I would've figure out what's causing it and strive to avoid that thing.