How do you manage your time during your morning routine and still find time to eat something healthy?

Chrisa O.
I first change my pyjama and brush my hair and teeth, I give myself 20 min for that. Then I have about five to ten min to prepare breakfast and after about 20 min for eating. This is my morning routine
Chrisa O.
Keeping the kids on a schedule is important for fulfilling their day with activities and learning. Eating breakfast is fundamental to getting our days started as a family to be our best selves.
Chrisa O.
I am preparing my food for the morning since the evening and I'm putting it somewhere in sight so I can have it on hand. It can be soaked oats, enzimatic water and some nuts, or a protein shake.
Danielle Q.
I usually eat a banana and peanut butter or a couple hard boiled eggs and have a granola bar (no chocolate) just in case I'm still hungry. I never used to eat breakfast.
Chrisa O.
I usually just grab a good protein or cereal bar on my way out (I like the Kind ones best, preferably the ones with more protein and less sugar) and maybe a piece of fruit. They’re quick to eat, tasty, and they fill me up until lunch.
Lohan S.
Every morning, the first things i'll do is drink eater first. Then take a bath, after freshen my self. I eat my breakfast, for a little energize. I feel energized everytime I do this kind of routine. First it's hard to manage when it comes to start this routine. I'm glad that I found this app
Eliot Z.
Definitely in your free time read books just so you can get the hand if it. Practice makes perfect and also be patient with yourself it takes time to be good at something!
Chrisa O.
I usually wake up at 8 and then i get dressed, brush my teeth and brush my hair during my online lesson. Then i eat something at 9. It’s usually an avocado toast, bc its healthy and really easy to make. You put 2 slices of bread in the toaster, peel the avocado (u should buy the green ones) and slice it up. Season it with salt and pepper, if u want put some chilli powder too, and smash it with a fork. When the toast is ready rub some garlic on it and put the avocado on it. I hope I could help!❤️ Sorry for my english btw
Liva C.
I wake up one hour before I have to leave, take 30 min to wake up and make up and 30 to make and eat the breakfast. It usually does not take more than 10 min to prepare it.
Chrisa O.
I calculate how much time I need for the routine and breakfast, then how much I need to sleep, then when I should go to bed.

If my current regime doesn’t suit me, I plan how do I get to the one that will.

Chrisa O.
I would wake up early exucute my morning routine with TIMERS so I can find the sufficient amount of time to eat. Hope this answered your question🤗
Emilie P.
Remind yourself that if you don't eat you will be tired all day. Take 10 minutes then workout, and then you are energised.
Chrisa O.
I make sure I have easy, healthy options at hand: fruits, berries, oats and nuts. The best thing is to make overnight oats or chia pudding with berries/fruit the night before, then I have done all the work the night before and can just take it out in the morning and enjoy it
Camila F.
When grocery shopping I think about my schedule for the week. If I know I will have a few hectic mornings I always make sure to pick up a box of protein bars, mixed nuts, fruit, and yogurt. I also use my Sunday night off from work to meal prep hard boiled eggs and overnight oats so I have prepared meals ready to go.
Kathy P.
I have three ways to manage eating a healthy snack admid my busy mornings.
1) I have ingredients on hand to make one of three protein filled breakfasts. Each recipe is something I can manage in about 10/15 mins. The recipes are also something that I can manage on the go. Sometimes I eat in my car on the way to work.
2) I wake up 15 mins earlier than I used too. Breakfast is the very first thing I prepare.
3) I ask for help or prepare the evening before. If I feel I am pressed for time, I will ask my husband to cook up some eggs. I premake smoothie bags that I keep in the freezer, add milk blend and go.
Javier S.
Well, it's quite easily possible for me as my mamma helps me in cooking my favourite breakfast. She has made it compulsory for everyone to not set a foot outside the house without eating the breakfast. And when your lovely mum cooks a delicious and healthy food it is irresistible to not eat it ❤️.
Justiniano S.
I’ve always prioritized eating in the morning since I don’t usually eat that much during the day. So a good breakfast is key to keeping me upright and motivated throughout the day.
Cindy G.
Ouh! Good question! Well, after i do all my morning routine.. I go to kitchen cook something simple but healthy like… I make toast with strawberry jam or i cook the eggs without the oil and fry some sausage… Make some simple healthy breakfast really save some times… That's why i recommend u too cook some simple breakfast.. Gudluck!
Alexandra Y.
If i dont have enought time to eat a great bearkfast i just prepare a healty and sweet smoothie, with vitamin, chocolate and almond milk
Chrisa O.
I typically get a little break between teaching classes early in the day. If I don’t feel like eating super early or while commuting, I pack a quick, healthy breakfast during that time.

I like to take yogurt and fruit.

Chrisa O.
I wake up 5:00 in the morning, than drink water and than go for a walk and at than I still find time to eat something Healthy
Chrisa O.
I orefer having a small breakfast like Muesli with yogurt or a smoothie, that usually doesnt take up too mich of my time
Chrisa O.
I always get ready for the day first make bed, get dressed etc then have breakfast. Also if anything that can be prepped the new guy before can also help if you are shot on time
Thoralf A.
I plan and prep. I like to make almond flour muffins and boil eggs to give me a jumpstart. I also keep yogurt and fresh berries around for a refreshing parfait with my favorite grain-free granola.
Planning and meal prep make my life easier.
Chrisa O.
By preparing our breakfast early, after I ate that, I begin my daily routine, but it's not always healthy because I eat bread Nutella often
Tyrone U.
I schedule my day before hand! The night before, i go through a checklist in my mind of the things i want to finish the next morning. Preparing the food i want to eat it is also way- i eat yogurt and granola on study days, when i need something quick!
Chrisa O.
My mornings are my time to think about myself, I wake up a little bit earlier when I can to have more time to eat properly and slowly, this away is how I take care of myself each day !
Chrisa O.
I exercise when I wake up and then get ready for work. I eat my breakfast at work where I have time to set up and eat at the same time. I currently eat porridge with fruit. I leave my porridge at work.
Chrisa O.
I would actually recommend getting your healthy breakfast together the night before so no matter how tired or not feeling it you are, you have no excuses! Additionally – never hit snooze on your alarm! 😁