What are some ways to be positive and how do you make it a habit?

Gabriela O.
Focus on the good things. Challenging situations and obstacles are a part of life.
Practice gratitude.
Keep a gratitude journal.
Open yourself up to humor.
Spend time with positive people.
Practice positive self-talk.
Identify your areas of negativity.
Start every day on a positive note.

Alon X.
I personally hug myself every morning, give myself a Kiss on the shoulder and displaying gratitude for this morning: for walking up, for being healthy, that all myself senses work and I'm free of any pain. For the morning routine that im building for myself and that I care enough about myself to put my energy and focus into these new habits that I'm creating!

Lylou T.
Personally it took me a lot of practice to be positive (i still find myself being negative a lot of the time recently), usually when I have a negative thought I tend to stop for a second after I notice it, and then I turn it around and say or think of the opposite of that negative thought. I think it's important to feel and to pay attention, let yourself to stay with that negative thought and emotion for a second and be curious about why you're having it, then you can start saying something nice to yourself (the opposite of that negative thought)
Hope this helps! Also English isn't my first language so I'm sorry for any mistakes I made 💜