Any breakfast recommendations for those who are looking to put on some healthy weight? (Besides the classic protein shakes and oatmeal. Ugh)

Tsoi G.
Of course, I love fruits and vegetables, but I don’t always have them at home, and therefore you can add some types of cereals
Ces Y.
I go for soup and toasts, less rice with veggies and steamed lean meat. I also eat fried ones but not that much and not that often anymore. Avoid sugary like pancakes or toasts with milk and sugar. Egg and cheese toast is also a good option.
Keith J.
I'm not qualified to answer this question since usually have oatmeal for breakfast haha, but you can't go wrong with eggs and fish.
Orestes P.
Tofu steaks, berries, nuts, hummus (for brunch), avocados, bananas, whole wheat or other grains and eggs (although I can’t eat them for breakfast it makes me nauseous) OH and yogurt, a must (I heard that high fat content is better because low fat is full of unhealthy sugars), I sprinkle mine with chia seeds.