What do you do when you don’t feel like eating breakfast at all?

Sohan Y.
If I am going to drive somewhere, I’d bring it along with me because I know that I’ll get sick in the car if I don’t eat. Really in general, I just take it to go and eat it later.
Maya N.
I look up for breakfast recipes, since i love cooking it will motivate me more to prepare and eat something.
If i’m really just not felling well, sometimes i’ll just accept it and drink a cup of tea/orange juice or water and have some biscuits. it’s not the healthiest breakfast but it’s something to fuel my body at the beginning of the day.
if i’m late to go somewhere i’ll also bring a snack with me, always, and a bottle of water.
Hope F.
Something fruit is the answer. Fruit that is light and refreshing as well as energising is sometimes all that you need. Homemade orange juice or a fruit bowl are a great idea.