How do you for yourself to eat breakfast in the morning if you haven’t ate breakfast for years.

Matthieu E.
To make it a habit you have to create change, if you've done the same things for years you'll always get the same results!
Liam S.
Ask yourself why you don’t eat breakfast.
Not hungry?
You just forget?

If you’re rushed try some refrigerator oatmeal. You can prepare a week’s worth ahead of time and eat it on the go.

If you’re not hungry try a protein shake.

If you simply forget, put some cereal out where you will see it in the morning.

Dora F.
I just start with something small, a piece of fruit or a bit of toast. Eventually you will start to get hungry in the morning! I also think that by eating this I will be more energised for the day and Be able to do more good in the world!
Jonathan C.
I was the same. Don't have dinner for a day or two. Then eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
Malou C.
You drink some water first thing in the morning. Could be some lemon water. And that can get your appetite going. Then you can eat breakfast. About 30 minutes after you drank the lemon water. It helps.
Louis P.
Always remember that your health is what will make you energetic and successful. Unless its for intermittent fasting or other health reasons, eating a healthy breakfast is important to nourishing your brain for success. Good luck!
Franklin T.
Every achievement requires a minimum of effort, it is about replacing a bad habit with a good one. At first it will be hard, but do not faint, with the days it will become more natural and you will have created the habit, it will even cause you to have breakfast. Unfortunately there is no magic formula so that you suddenly like breakfast, but after there is an intense desire to change, then you will have taken your first step. cheer up
Luis Z.
Start off by having something small in a morning like a cereal bar or a piece of fruit and set an alarm to remind yourself to eat something first thing
Brittany E.
I always had problem eating in the morning. So for me it was hard to get used to this, but I kept going and now its not a problem for me. Also I have a lot more energy during the day.
Susan O.
I eat a simple breakfast usually very late 9 or 10am, this us part of the fasting program I started this year. My breakfast usually consists of a granola bar or other bread product and a piece of fruit
William F.
Make sure your breakfast is simple and delicious and ready to go

And make sure you start by A little until you're ready

Oscar Z.
It depends on why I don’t or wasn’t eating breakfast in the mornings. I would look into that. What beliefs/blocks do I have/hold around eating breakfast? Do I think it needs to be at a certain time? A certain amount? How am I limiting or restricting myself?
If you meant force in your question… no no no.. I never force.
The body know what it needs and wants and when, I’ve learnt to come back to and listen to that. I also don’t push my body to align to rules made by others. Such as “we eat breakfast FIRST thing in the morning when we wake..” nup. I make my own rules and breakfast for me usually is at 10am sometimes 11 sometimes 9.. after my other morning doings. breakfast is when you break – your – fast.
As far as I am concerned you can do that when ever it feels right for you. It is your first meal. It is your body, your life, your rules (that suit your needs) your choice. I would ask your body… what would it really love to eat? What would nourish it.
It could just be an apple. Or one boiled egg. Don’t complicate it. Find a way to enjoy it. 🙂 great question. Keep being curious. Always.
Blessings to you 🌻
Ursula W.
For me, I was never an early morning eater! Recently I’ve been waking quite early than usual getting my husband and daughters’ breakfast ready and take him to work then see my daughter off. From me being so active in the mornings, by the time I’m relaxed,I’m hungry! So, my advice, be a bit active in the mornings, even if it’s yoga! You’ll be hungry! Also take your vitamins at night. 😁
Jared G.
starting small helped me,the first day I ate 2 eggs and postponed my coffee for later,a glass of water will help you prepare you stomach ,keep in mind while shopping what do you like to start your day with.
Theodora G.
A lot of people I know skip breakfast every day, and I forget it all the time. I think even if you aren’t hungry or you’re used to skipping breakfast, it will be hard to remember, but even if you eat just an apple or a granola bar, at least you’re trying to remember!
Bonnie J.
You would want to take gradual steps so it doesn’t feel like you are forcing it. So let’s say you currently don’t eat until about 1 PM. Start eating at say 12:30pm or 12PM.

Also work to have a cut off time for rating at night. I personally try to stop eating anything by 8 PM. This should help in not only creating a desire to eat earlier, but also ideally help you rest better because your body can focus just on sleeping rather than sleeping AND digesting.

Peer F.
To eat first thing in the morning, you probably want to be hungry. In general, it's a good idea to eat the bulk of your calories earlier in the day, so to be hungry for breakfast, you might want to move your dinner a bit earlier, or move the heavier foods you normally have for dinner to lunch. This will make your body readier to accept food in the am. Don't simply eat less or you'll be hungry by bedtime. Sleeping well also helps having a good breakfast, since you will be relaxed and ready for a challenge. If you just don't know what to eat, you have two approaches: be lazy, or be creative. If you want a quick breakfast, reach for muesli and nut milk (skip cow milk, it's bad for you), or a similar, extremely quick breakfast like a PBJ sandwich. Soak your oats overnight. Use a microwave to avoid messing around with pots. Or skip preparation entirely, and eat a piece of fruit, and a handful of nuts, easy. If you feel groggy, add a cup of tea or coffee. As a last resort, go out for breakfast! If preparing breakfast doesn't bother you, but rather bore you, pick three of four new recipes you may really like, buy the ingredients beforehand and make a different one each morning. French toast. Apple crumble. Banana bread. Eggs and bacon. There's a breakfast for you out there!
Mikkel C.
No reason you need to have breakfast first thing in the morning. Maybe exercise and build up an appetite first, shower, get ready, etc. …
Ullrich C.
Start small and your appetite will slowly begin to appear. I can talk for my selves. In the weekend you can make your favorite breakfast food so you’ll want to eat it.
Dale E.
I have been eating breakfast most morning of my life but they weren’t always the best choices. So I’ve started eating more proteins, grain, and diary with less/no sugars. Also mixing fruit and/or vegetables into the morning has really helped my energy levels!
Jacqueline U.
Premaking food is always my favourite option. I have always been a breakfast eater, and I found making enough supper so there are leftovers or premaking an omlete mix, storing packages of it in the freezer, easier for me to take out the night before and pop into my microwave silicone omlete maker. Takes the effort out if it.
Melissa S.
I’m not big on breakfast either so I try to keep it simple. Boiled eggs, (that I keep in fridge), breakfast bar, fruit. I have to have coffee. 😁
Caroline Z.
I’ve been waking up earlier. I’m a college kid and all of my classes are 9 AM and I have a 30-45 minute commute so I’m normally out of the door around 8. I also work in an office on campus so I’m not home until at least 545. I don’t find much time during the day to eat due to courses being close in time and normally use my “lunch” to run errands or do homework. I noticed it only took me about 30 minutes to get ready. My boyfriends up at 7 and his alarm usually wakes me up so rather than laying in bed and doing nothing from 7-730, I take that time to eat! 🙂
Rasmus A.
Start small, like a banana! But then slowly start to make it bigger. Like a banana and coffee and then a small cereal bowl etc. Remember, you don't have to always start out big.
Louis B.
I'd started with small amounts of food. First just proteins, then some tea. Start with one egg is great for morning energy
Sherri J.
You do t technically need to eat breakfast. It’s more about being intentional about your first meal of the day, regardless of the time you chose to eat it. If you already do t eat breakfast and that works for you, see if your current meal schedule fits an intermittent fasting schedule. (Don’t eat for 14 of each 24 hours).

Just make sure you are low on sugars and simple carbs. Stack proteins (almonds, nut butters, spinach etc).

Good work!

Jacob P.
Oatmeal with chia seeds and flaxseed added after it gets heated up in the microwave is fun to mix and incredibly healthy.
Astrid N.
So far is only oat meal but I just got started with a bagel and cream cheese accompany with tea or coffee and maybe an orange.
Lo S Y.
Start with protein powder in you coffee (1stphorm is my fav). It kicks starts your metabolism and makes you hungry for actual food.
Lorival C.
I was the same way! I hadn’t eaten breakfast daily since elementary school. What has worked best for me is to prep everything the night before (yogurt and fruit cut up in a container together, granola in another one) and I take it to work with me. I leave a bit earlier and I eat it in the break room at work. Works every time for me!
Richard G.
I’ve always eaten breakfast for a Long time now. It gives me energy for the rest of the day so that I don’t get hungry that much for the next meal
Zeki F.
Breakfast is not my thing as well, was hard for me to start my day with having a healthy or at all breakfast for years I still struggle with It, nowadays I am getting better as I get something ready the night before or have a simple thing to cook in the morning like fraying eggs, “FABULOUS is playing a huge role” TOO. Hope this helps you.
Mat O C.
I used to be the same for years I hated breakfast and always skipped it and when I say breakfast count water in too I couldn't even drink water in the morning but the only thing I could do was gum I chewed gum so it made me more active until chewing gum became the first habit and after chewing gum after 1 or 2 hours u feel hungry and the taste of your mouth is normal so it's normal to have breakfast plus it's not necessary to eat a very important breakfast form the beginning start small u can have a date or an apple until u can eat more and more and breakfast become ms a habit!
Xerxes C.
Start simple. Maybe a bowl of cheerios in the morning, maybe some eggs and fruit. Just stick to simple, healthy choices.
Hon Rio O.
Its unhealthy to skip breakfast because your digestive system will suffer and at one point you will have to make yourself eat breakfast as part of treatment for the problem you created by skipping breakfast so why not start now with something small like smoothies every morning
Rudolfo A.
I started having breakfast 3 days ago thanks to Fabulous. I had only 1 banana/day so far, because it is my favorite fruit. I would recommend those, who have trouble having breakfast in the morning, to start with something small that they like.
Janet Q.
I take a bagel and a banana to work and use the toaster oven to toast the bagel and keep cream cheese at work so I can nibble it as soon as I get in. c:
Asdr Bal P.
Always remember if you are a person that is losing weight this is the best thing you can do for your body as it will prevent yo to get hurt easily and your body gets consistent fuel in the morning and lunch and dinner
Amalie Z.
I would treat it as a snack i have also realized tht breakfast is not traditional anymore.. Have an egg n maybe coffee…. Start small.
Oscar R.
Well it wasn't easy at first but i figured out why i didn't used to eat breakfast which is because i didn't have the time, i always woke up in a hurry just trying to make it on time to work, so since i figured out the reason now i wake up 30 min earlier than usual and i prepare what i want to eat a night befor just putting the ingredients in a place that i can see in the morning, this will make it easier then it becomes a habit.
And now i can't go out without eating breakfast.
Marilou Z.
Ease into it. Start with coffee, tea or water. Add a handful of nuts or a granola bar-something you can take on the go. Then, start carving out time to sit and eat. Maybe you start eating while you read the news in the morning.
Bernhard U.
Start small and eat something that takes little time to prepare and something that you like. Like piece of fruit or an energy bar.
Izete E.
Forcing oneself to eat breakfast doesn't sound like the most positive mindset. I think it's a good idea to start with something really small, lika a handful of nuts or a small glass of smoothie. Then your stomach will get used to getting some fresh energy in the morning, and then it will start to expect it get hungry around that time. And then you will probably enjoy having breakfast 🙂
Janice C.
First realize you are using this app for a reason to get it right for your life. Then you have to have a made up mind and trust the app even if that means preparing your breakfast the night before or getting up early.