What is most healthy breakfast?

Lina T.
The most healthy breakfast is not just one food product, it's fruit and vegetables and profile. They help you get and keep energy through the day.
Axel Z.
Lots of fruit! It's the best breakfast, sweet and will leave you satisfied for longer. Pair itnwitu protein and it's a slam dunk
Lucy B.
I prefer to eat a couple eggs and a piece of fruit for a healthy breakfast. Sometimes, I’ll have a bowl of oatmeal with some dried fruit, instead of the eggs.
Nolan O.
At the moment I’m doing a cleanse so I’m on overnight soaked porridge, eat uncooked in the morning 🤣 it’s actually quiet nice believe it or not. After that I have hot almond milk with raw cacao powder and a mixture of herbs designed around my needs. Its very nice. That keeps me going till lunch 😊
M Lissa Z.
Almost everyday I study about over 5 hours
I need junk food when I study
It’s almost like my essential…
How can I remove junk food?
Valerie T.
I have the same breakfast everyday because thinking about what to have breakfast everyday takes up too much brain power so early in the morning. So everyday I have 2~3 boiled eggs, depending on how hungry I feel & I cut them up roughly and season them with italian herbs & black pepper + 1 piece of fruit, whatever I have from a banana to blueberries + mint tea…I don’t need coffee in the morning so I save that for the afternoon.
Marilda Q.
Poached eggs and avocado as I love the idea of having a full healthy breakfast for a big day pit at school. And it’s soooooo delisious!