What “make-ahead” breakfasts have you found that you like?

Charles Q.
Honestly, because I’m 9th Grade I “make-ahead” almost all of my meals. I really like over night or regolar oatmeal with nuts, seeds, cinnamon, yogurt, nuts butter, there are multiple of recipes!!!
I really think you would enjoy it.
But if not salads(with the sauces in another box-make sure it close!!) or even pancakes are good as well

Holly N.
Smoothies! I just make them the night before and put them in the fridge. You can also always have fruit and vegetables stocked—it’s better if they’re cut—to grab in the morning.

Hana Z.
I love making overnight oats that are easy to put in the fridge and take out the next morning all ready. I also like baking egg bites, storing them in the freezer, and being able to take them out whenever I’d like. Keeping frozen fruit in the freezer motivates me to make more smoothies- that’s why I always keep a banana frozen!

Arnd N.
There is a type of food in Ghana called 'waakye'. It is made up of beans and rice with either boiled egg, chicken or fish and stew