If you have an early workout before breakfast should you still eat something small or work out on an empty stomach?

Stacy O.
I have been leading a healthy lifestyle and training every morning at 5 a.m. for 2 and a half years now and I must admit that certainly, there are divided opinions regarding this topic. Personally, I think you should eat something! It boosts your performance and you feel way better while exercising as opposed to working out on an empty stomach.

Another alternative is to drink a solution of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) while working out instead of having breakfast. It prevents you from feeling hungry during your workout session and it gives you and energy boost.

Robin Y.
I would think you should still eat because working out on an empty would/could be bad or you may not have the energy to work out
Loris S.
I should eat something before working out because I am underweight and fast burner, so I don't want to burn calories I just want to work out to get healthier not to lose weight or something and actually I need to get some weight( muscles)
Cecilie W.
I like to work out on an empty stomach in the morning. I will drink my water and drink through out my work out but I generally don’t feel well if I eat first. I’m trying to eat whole foods. I can eat hard boiled eggs before a work out, so I guess I’ll get back to making hard boiled eggs to eat first.
Hakey N.
I always eat something before because I feel light headed if I don’t. I think you can try it both ways and see what works best for your body.
Emily T.
Well it’s different for everyone. I have asked friends some eat before and they like it. For me I have tried eating breakfast before working out but I ended up with fatigue and a stomach ache. I now workout and then eat breakfast. Try both ways and see how you like it.
Kim B.
I would probably say eat something small. I personally sometimes get nausea if I miss breakfast so I imagine working out on an empty stomach would not feel great.
Giani Z.
I always work out on a full stomach, as I’m on a plant based diet, I just find it gives me more energy for my work out and allows me to push harder and go longer
Daphne P.
Depends on what was last eaten at what time, the night before, and on what is planned on being eaten day-of. It's said the digestive system should get a 12hr break at night. If fasting before exercise, make sure you're first meal is high protein. In fact, breakfast should always be well rounded with high protein, in order to reduce unhealthy/sugar cravings.
Alicia S.
I like to eat after I exercise, otherwise I get some cramps. However if my tummy is rumbling I might eat something light like a banana or an apple.
Victor N.
I’m not a nutritionist but my understanding is that it depends on the type of workout. Your body needs proper fuel for a long sustained workout. Especially to build muscle. For a quick workout, I’d say a handful of nuts or something small is sufficient. But protein and carbs are necessary for a long workout.
Dick Z.
Better to have a fruit juice before workout. It’s not to hard for your stomach to workout if you at least drink some juice. If I were you, i will drink some pineapple and apple juice before workout.
El Faryna S.
I work out on an empty stomach just because I read in an article that you'd have to wait 3 hours after eating beforr doing any exercises. However, I'm not sure if not eating before exercising can affect the body negatively.
Mathias A.
For me, it depends on the workout. If you’re doing cardio, like going for a run, definitely do it on an empty stomach, as all of the movement could agitate your digestion. If you’re going to do something like yoga or strength training, eating a light breakfast may help with endurance.
Hans Henning O.
I watched a video on this. When you eat before working out, you’re working off the fat you just took in instead of what was there already
Mac Rio A.
Totally up to the person. I prefer not eating, because I’m not hungry and I don’t like eating before exercise, and I also find the post workout meal to be better that way. But try both!
Stephani P.
I like to have something small to eat, like a cheese stick. I find I can workout a little longer than when I try to workout on an empty stomach.
Priscilla Q.
I think it all depends on how much energy you have when you wake up. If you feel full of energy without breakfast and you want to work out, feel free. However, if you know you would have more energy after eating something small, then definitely eat it. I don't believe in fasted workouts/cardio when it hinders your actual performance during the workout. Ultimately, put yourself in the best conditions to succeed, and if that means eating something extra, do it.
Calvin C.
I think I'll go for an empty stomach because if I have something on my breakfast then it will tough for me to workout easily and also I can feel nausea after finishing my workout
Angelina P.
It is my own personal practice to exercise on an empty stomach if I do an early morning workout. I know scientific studies are varied, but I also have read that exercising while fasting provides more benefits to your body. Either way, I enjoy the practice.
Sophie E.
I've done stretching before doing breakfast this morning. It worked today, I do not know if this is the best way but my concern is: do one morning excercise that breakfast than an other morning try the contrary… You will notice your best way!
Arc Lio P.
Studies suggest that eating or drinking carbohydrates before exercise can improve workout performance and may allow you to work out for a longer time or at a higher intensity. If you don't eat, you might feel sluggish or lightheaded when you exercise.