What to do if you don’t have time to cook for breakfast

Eva T.
If you don’t have time for cooking breakfast in the morning, try prepping your meal from the day before. You can look for recipes such as overnight oatmeal, or you can prep ingredients and quickly assemble them in the morning if you need to.

Alexis T.
Meal prep the night before. I am very bad at this but its truely the only way to eat a well balanced breakfast when you have no time to make it because it's already made.

Sofia G.
I have been preparing the night before. I never have time to cook in the morning but I try to cook or prepare before bed so it just takes a few minutes or a reheat. Not perfect but it's better than grabbing a donut or skipping. 🙂

Natalya X.
I pretend it is an unexpected intermittent fasting time till lunch! And if I don’t like it – I’d better plan how to find some time to prepare my healthy breakfast))

Edna F.
I usually just order something healthy, but if you rather not, you can just prepare a few things the night before, put'em in a casserole and leave them in the fridge. If that in itself is not an option, sometimes you can go with an apple and a banana, or some nuts. Does the trick for me.

Dick T.
Well there are two options. You can meal prep and have your breakfast already ready and then just grab a fruit. You can also just wake up 10 minutes earlier. I hope this helped you!

Katie O.
My easiest breakfast is a quick smoothie in the Nutribullet! Frozen berries, greens, chia seeds, almond milk, and one or two dates if I want a little sweetness.

Friederike N.
You can cook several portions on a day where you have more time and keep small portions in the fridge or freezer. Then take them out the night before (if frozen) and reheat on the stove or in a microwave.

Valdemar X.
There's a few things you can try:

If you can't have a full blown breakfast I'm sure you've thought of it before but try incorporating some fruits, cereal, granola oats/bars, toast, bagels, milk, fruit juices, smoothies water, etc. They're prep time is super short and simple and you'll feel good having that initial snack filling you up.

Another thing that might be useful is to look up on YouTube, Google, or Pinterest (Pinterest I believe is the best, but the others work) ways to meal prep breakfast prior to your day. There's ways to make breakfast and have it pop into a microwave/toaster oven and ready to eat within minutes. Some of them you can freeze, some you store in the fridge. You can have it done and prepped for a single day or a weeks time if it works better for you.

Also one last thing is there are ways to make pancakes, waffles, and things of this nature in the microwave and I've heard they're actually quite tasty! I'm sure not every recipe is delicious but if you have the time and resources one day you can go ahead and try one; they don't take long to make. I regard this as a last option because you've plainly said you don't have the time, but maybe one day off you can experiment. It's good to treat yourself. I hope these things help you!

Lesa U.
Have something quick bit that will sustain you – eg add banana to a high fibre cereal. Or cook/prepare food the night before that can be eaten cold or microwaved quickly

Taryn Z.
I always make smoothies jam packed with spinach, water, fruits and protein. It’s efficient and you can blend a batch and save it for the next day.

Natalia M.
If waking up earlier to prepare breakfast is not an option, you can prepare something the night before. For example, you put some oats soaking in coconut milk, add dry fruit and seeds and a banana- optionally, you can cut the banana or other fruits in the morning so it's fresh- and you keep the whole in a jar in the fridge. You can eat it at home or take it with you in the morning! There are many oat meal recipes online!

Laura R.
On the days where I have little time I like to have plain yoghurt with fruit such as raspberries and blueberries. It takes less than a minute to wash the fruit and spoon out some yoghurt and can Ben taken with me when I’m on the go.

Iana Z.
I'd suggest trying to make something overnight, or if you don't have time for this as well – go for a fruit and some nuts.

Nur M.
– make some time. Every one have time in their hands but they just don't know how to manage it.

– Eat simple breakfast like cereal.

– just grab the bread and eat it on the way to your work.

– buy some breakfast at nearby restaurant/cafe.

Zoe P.
That’s a good question, as a full time working mom of two young girls and a long commute to work, time seems to be the most difficult issue to deal with. Mostly, I try to buy things that are healthy but take as little preparation as possible. Bananas and natural peanut butter are my staples. I also like Qi’a oatmeal or rice crackers with cheese. I make eggs only on the weekend. Generally, I only try to concentrate on one food goal at a time. Right now, I’m only trying to cut down on sugar, so when I skip dessert, I celebrate! I don’t worry right now about quantity or fat in what I eat.

Ros Ria F.
Breakfast is the most important meals of the day so we should make time for it. I understand that there are days when we just have not got the time to cook. Prepping overnight oats the night before or having fruit and peanut butter or low far yogurt should suffice too.

Mille P.
You don’t need much time to get some healthy foods in you to start the day off right! In pinch, I’ve paired a banana or a cut apple with some peanut butter, or in a bowl I combine oats, nuts, fruit and regular yoghurt for a quick energy boost (be sure to watch the sugar content in some yoghurts, sometimes they add WAY too much sugar).

Kashia N.
Overnight oats – just put oats and milk(can be almond or other) or yogurt with chia seeds fruits peanut butter etc in the evening and you have breakfast in the morning. I also like to blend it with more milk and drink it on the go.

Rhowanna P.
If you're unable to prep prepare protein beforehand, grab a banana, or cooked meats from the store. Overnight oats, egg muffins are good to prep and have on hand

Lya C.
I never have time to cook a hot breakfast – not do I have the stomach to eat hot food that early in the morning. I like to have some yogurt to get my calcium in- I recently switched to Greek yogurt, vanilla to subdue my sweet tooth. I add fresh diced strawberries and about half a cup of mixed but granola.

Sandra Z.
I'll have something available that I can just grab with me. Meal prep oat bars, overnight oats for example or grab a fruit. Also option to buy on the go but make sure that it is nutritious.

Brittany F.
Im always short on time in the morning so my go to breakfast is peanut butter granola, walnuts or almonds and fruit. Sometimes ill add 1 minute oatmeal and eat that on the drive to work. No matter how short on time I am i can always find time to throw that in the microwave for a minute.

Baptist F.
A usually eat something easier to prepare. My ideal breakfast is strawberry yogurt with sliced banana and cornflakes. It gives me enough energy for the whole morning and I rarely feel too hungry at lunchtime. Plus it's very fresh and it wakes me up! I also drink coffee sometimes, but, to be honest, I find that it hurts my body more that it helps me to wake up, so I don't recommend it. Some orange juice or some tea is better!

Malo Y.
You can hard boil some eggs beforehand and keep them in the fridge. You can also prep a smoothie that you can just dump into a blender in the morning. I keep protein bars on hand in case I'm in a rush/too tired to make something. If I am not in the mood for that, I keep fruit cups (100% juice, no added sugar), diced strawberries, bananas and mixed nuts, etc. as other "grab and go" options. I hope this helps!

Jessie F.
Prep night before. When I had to catch the early train to work, I used to presoak my oats night before and ate it on the train.

Cl Mence E.
Depends, if you have time in the evening maybe prep some overnight oats? Doesn’t take too long and then ready to eat in the morning. If you’re really struggling for time make sure you have plenty of fruit.

Lisette O.
I take sachets of oats to work and make a quick microwave bowl of porridge which I add banana and a drizzle of maple syrup to for brekkie. If no access to a microwave, prep overnight oats the night before so you can just grab and go! I mix 40g oats with a couple of spoonfuls of 0% fat Greek yoghurt and a splash of milk. Then I add whatever fresh or tinned fruit I have…. grated apple, tinned peaches and frozen berries all work well. In the morning I pop a small handful of flaked almonds or chopped walnuts in top and there’s a great balanced breakfast!

Carter F.
You can always eat an apple or bananas with peanut butter that combination is full of protein (Just make sure you have natural peanut butter) or you could eat eggs

L Rke Z.
You can always prepare your meals ahead of time but if not graw something quick like and apple and banana they're great sources of energy!