Any small meals that are filling? I’m not very hungry in the morning and don’t know what to eat.

Roa A E.
Breakfast is an important meal. An assortment of fruits would be delicious and light. I like to cooking so even if I think I don't want to eat I'll feel hungry by setting the plates. One of my usual dishes that I like its smell in the morning is fried tomatoes with egg, pepper and celery. I like haveing a cup of tea with it ^^

Flo H.
I don’t have a great appetite in the mornings either. Some small meals I usually go for are granola and Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, oatmeal/healthy cereal and fruit

Edith N.
You could try something like overnight oats for a morning snack or just after breakfast but otherwise I would recommend a cheeymite scroll ( if you can find Vegemite, I’m very Aussie.