What do you do if you don’t want to spent a lot of time preparing breakfast?

Valeska E.
Prep the meal the night before. Sometimes I find this helps however i often just stick to making it in the morning something simple and not too heavy. Oats can be heavy but if done right it can come out a bit more lite, boiled eggs slice and dice snadwhich or cereal.
민아 Anjali N.
Create breakfast plans that are easy in the long run but require some effort in the short run. Preboiled and shelled eggs are a great way to do that
Grace J.
Buy yogurt and granola to eat instead. Maybe add in a premade fresh fruit smoothie drink or fresh fruit juice as a side.
Lucimeri E.
I take two approaches: I make quick, healthy breakfast options on the weekends for the week ahead. I chop all the fruit and veggies for smoothies and freeze them in baggies for a quick blend & go. I also choose healthy options like oatmeal or fresh fruit and a bottle of lemon water for a quick go to. I make it available ahead of time and that msgs the choice easier.
Lois X.
Usually what works for me is to either prepare what I want to eat the night before (at least think about it) or eat a quick breakfast in the morning. If you have a microwave, get some oatmeal and milk in a bowl, put it in for 3-4 minutes (check throughout to see if it’s not boiling) and afterwards add a spoon of maple syrup. Takes 5 minutes tops. Or eat a banana; or make a quick sandwich! Doesn’t have to be a whole production, just make something quick, and feel free to google recipes! Good luck 🙂
Kevin U.
i usually don’t mind spending time on my breakfast. i like cooking and taking time to make a nice meal makes me happy and gives me time to reflect. but if i don’t have time to spare, i’ll usually throw some frozen tater tot’s in the oven and work while they heat up
Pedro W.
So basically i just try to do simple breakfast which don’t need to take more than 15 min to prepare. I often eat scrambled eggs with sandwich full of vegetables hahha