Any other easy ideas?

Skye U.
I’m currently asking myself the same questions but with that being said I’ve been trying different things to really narrow down what works best for me. I like to do my skin care routine or do my nails, drink some tea, read, meditation and different forms of meditation there are a lot of different practices. Body scans, breath focus, etc. You can even think exercise it doesn’t have to be much and Pinterest has some great easy yoga options even some ideas you can do in bed for those lazy days
Elitsa L.
If you want to make sure you are going to drink your water, a beautiful water bottle can be a life-changer, so I find it a great idea to invest in a cool bottle and have no worries 🙂
Samuel Y.
For breakfast? I tend to just have some yogurt with oatmeal and sometimes a bit of dark chocolate. Or some nuts. Or an apple and nuts. Or even some toast with cream cheese and, exceptionally, some salmon on top.
It does depend on the time I have each day tho. Before 8am class' breakfast is yogurt home and nuts on the subway.
Lori U.
Encouraging us to write it all down when it’s done to a good way to stay accountable- journaling helps to stay reflective and allows you to look back on where you started and how far you have come
Lonnie C.
Eating in the morning along with drinking water I think are some of the best…exercising in the morning is good as well but not all people have time, have a great day💛
Sara P.
Set yourself a simple task. Make it your goal.

The point is to make an agreement with yourself and stick to it.

If you can’t stick to your own simple agreements, then you won’t be able to honour your agreements with other people.

Don’t give yourself an impossible target and beat yourself up about it when you fail.

This is why you must have a simple task and make it matter. Complete it – it matters!

How do you eat an elephant?
Lots of small bites!

Julie P.
Try eating a good breakfast, and drinking a lot of water. Try walking your dog or just go on a walk alone whenever you can! It will really help.