What do you eat to have a filling, healthy breakfast?

Adam Q.
One thing you cam do to make laundry fun is play music I do that every tome and it helps me so much to get it done I would also clean the house so then when you do your laundry you do other things to have more clean of a house.

Ma Lys F.
i always eat a oatmeal ball w/ fruit. Or i make healthy pancakes they are really good but these are just when i have time

Ma Va Z.
Yoghurt with oats, cinnamon and an orange (chopped at small pieces) – all ingredients mixed in a bowl. Sometimes I eat scrambled eggs and bread and some vegetables. Sometimes I eat tofu fried with just a little bit oil and gyros spices with bread, mustard and some vegetables like fresh tomatoes.

Meinrad Y.
Some eggs can always be a good option. I usually also opt into some bread and cheese as well as cucumbers and tomates to have a balance. Tea also is my favourite drink at breakfast as it warms me up.

Brianna P.
I eat toast with some marmalade on it. My favourite marmalade's flavour is durazno. I love itttt. For drinking, I always choose coffee. Hot. Every Saturday, I eat toast too but with egg. Always coffee ahahaha

Cenilda E.
Eggs, cereals, tomato, pickles, olives, nuts, smoked chicken, dried plums and other dried fruits. Tea is very good as well.

Rasmus W.
Oatmeal. It is so good. You can varie it with a lot of flawors. I usually use about 2dl of milk and put some oat in it. Then I put in into the microwave. It is healthy and filling. For topping you can use fruits, cinnamin and cacao powder. There are some baked oat options. You should search for recepes. I hope you'll like it. Toodles

Sam Q.
I usually have a handful of nuts and some berries or fruit. On days where I am much hungrier I tend towards natural yogurt, granola and fruit. šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

Sam Q.
Hello there! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it gives us the energy for the rest of the day. A healthy breakfast should consist of fruit, juice or milk, eggs, bread, toast or even honey. There are many recipes you can try with these ingredients !

Sam Q.
I am a college student so I eat the breakfast that is served. It consists of egg and a selection of cereals. I always eat the egg and the fibre cereal with bran.