What do you eat when you’re not hungry in the morning?

Timika O.
Because eating starts your metabolism and makes you healthier, some individuals won’t even begin to feel hunger until they eat breakfast, of course this is very rare, but for those who have this issue it does not mean they do not need to eat it simply means that their body has not told them that they simply must do so.
Emma Q.
I usally drink water, or i drink coffee and that usually wakes up my stomach and then i will eat a light breakfast of eggs, avocado, or a smoothie
Judy F.
If I'm not hungry, I'll either eat some almonds or make a small protein shake. I am fruit and lactose intolerant, and eat a high protein, low carb diet. I use 1c. Almond milk, a large handful of baby spinach leaves, a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a few drops of liquid stevia. After that's totally blended, I stir in 2 scoops of unflavored protein powder. If I drink it with my medication, it's almost half gone. I have no problem finishing something that tastes like a treat. 🙂
Wade T.
what I eat when I’m not hungry in the morning is nothing really if I’m not hungry im not gonna push myself to eat i’ll just drink water or something
Jamie T.
I try my best to eat an egg and toast, but some days I'm not that hungry so I'll reduce it to toast. Remember, baby steps are still progress!! Take your time and do what you can <3
Antonio E.
Usually when I get up I try to put something on my stomach or I’ll skip breakfast altogether. A little snack would do it for me too until lunch. I don’t see dinner as that important as I usually get through my day pretty fairly without but some days I will wake up hungry, maybe from an insufficient meal the night prior. I do try to eat breakfast if I know I have a long day ahead and wake up earlier to have time to make it. Some days i’m too tired to cook or make anything and that effects whether or not I eat it too. I really wish I could make those nice breakfasts whether it be eggs on toast or simple meal thats healthy.