Dealing with motivation is hard. Especially if you fall off the goal you have set because of stress or mourning. How do you get back on track?

Susanna Z.
I have never dealt with this problem but I heard some people do yoga early in the morning to help them after that make a schedule for what you wanna do that day like go walk outside, go hang out with friends, or make a puzzle day because it can help you keep on track with your day, you can also try adding lemon to your water it you gives you energy this can help you to carry on with the day I also recommend using an app called “I am- daily affirmation” and “gratitude journal- affirmation” they help me with my depression and I think they will help you out with your lack of motivation
Hargun X.
I would suggest rewarding yourself for the smallest step that you make for your goal. Don’t worry too much about reaching the goal quickly, The best things are worth the wait and struggle. I want to remind you that you are capable of anything and everything! Lets do this !!!!