How do you ensure you’ll hungry in the morning?

Hartmut H.
Eat proteins with your breakfast. I would suggest eggs and orange, that’s what I usually eat and I’m not usually hungry until around lunchtime.

Andre J.
In the morning, your stomach might take a while to wake up and feel hungry. But you should eat breakfast anyway because if you don't you will be starving in an hour or two.

Aur Lien T.
Not always hungry, but something like a biscuit with your morning cup of tea will still kick start your metabolism, which will make you hungry so you can have a sensible second breakfast 😁

Philip W.
2 things that will insure me being hungry in the morning. One: drinking water as soon as I get up I don't know why but it instantly awakens my Hunger. Two: doing exercises right after drinking water, because my body will burn energy without eating anything and it's wondering where there's any fuel to keep going

Thibaut Y.
Eat even if you aren’t. Do it enough times and you’ll eat less in the afternoon and evening and naturally become hungry in the morning.

Nolhan A.
I would say eat dinner or dessert in the early evening, and avoid late night snacks. Maybe you can brush your teeth after eating to help build to great habits and avoid eating later in the evening.

Suzanne P.
I'm not always sure about feeling hungry. But what I try to do is think on my day, what comes with it, is it full of meetings? Is it going to easy ? Then I imagine my breakfast and make sure is nice, looks good and healthy. It has happened that I'm not hungry, so what I do is just wait until I feel the need to eat. Listen to your body, he is wise…

Florent W.
I’m usually not, or at least I thought I wasn’t. But in truth I was. I was just so busy with life and work I would skip breakfast before. So when I started this I made small but healthy breakfasts. Avocado and sprouts on a slice of wheat toast and a cup of tea. Or just a handful of granola. I always ate it all, not because I forced myself but because I actually was hungry. And once it became a habit I found my breakfast became more significant. Just start small and see where it goes.

Isaac S.
It’s only a period of a day. Previously I didn’t want to have breakfast. But now I have a regime. That’s why I do hungry in the morning.

Tino E.
I drink water, make my bed, exercise, then eat. The extra time and activity helps me build an appetite. And, although I don't really feel hungry, once I start eating I start realizing how satisfied it makes me feel.

Alan E.
If you’re not someone who is hungry immediately in the morning…begin small and stick with some of these terrific healthy habits!
I was never a big breakfast person, but once I started eating the right, nurtrient-rich foods, moving my body, and hydrating with water…you begin to regulate your metabolism. And once that happens, you turn into a calorie-buring machine! That machine burns cals while you’re asleep, too, which in turn, will give you a healthy appetite in the morning!
So stickto these small changes, and trust…it’ll all come together for wonderful things!

Alfred G.
Maybe you wake up feeling hungry or eat because the breakfast is the most important meal lf the day. Help you keep going without forcing your body to store fat. If just in case you need energy. On the other hand, you give yourself a way to regulate and been .more productive.

Gustav W.
I try to eat a healthy breakfast with a lot of fiber that will give me a full feeling for about 2-3 hours. If I can’t wait until lunch to eat I grab a piece of fruit or veg.

Capucine O.
Avoid eating for couple of hours before going to bed, sleep well for an average of 6 hours, this will give time for your stomach to be empty by morning.

Just Drink water, go to the bathroom, once you finish you will be looking for your meal.

Renee E.
Because your stomach growls. If it doesn't, it's because maybe you aren't used to having breakfast. But breakfast is the most important meal just because it kicks off your entire digestive system for the day as early as after you're waking up. Make it a point to eat breakfast. Doesn't have to be big, but a case of fruit and protein will suffice.

Bertha C.
I try to have my dinner not too late. I exercise every day. Also my dinner consists of proteins and veggies. I try to avoid sugary foods after 3 p.m.

Ida T.
try not to eat at least an hour before going to bed; so no late dinners or midnight snacks (unless it's a drink of some sort). that usually helps 🙂

Elias W.
Option 1. Eight hours eating windows.
Option 2. No dinner. Only two meals.
Option 3. Reduce your dinner in half
Option 4. No food after 6pm

Deborah U.
I don’t think I can ensure I’ll be hungry. But on those mornings where I don’t want to eat a lot, I might just have a small bowl of plain yogurt and berries. Maybe a little bit of granola thrown in for crunch. That seems to be enough to start my day.

Frederik X.
It's very simple.. You don't eat too much in the dinner..
Try to fill 1/4 of your tummy.. And sleep early (Try to sleep before 12 A.M)
If you don't eat too much in dinner, you'll get more hungry after waking up.. And sleeping early will stop you from eating snacks and leftovers in midnight which might not dissolve in the stomach. So, Less dinner + early sleep = more hunger in Morning

Johannes J.
The first thing that comes to mind is that you don't have to be hungry. I eat anyways. You can try eating a light dinner if you wanna be hungry first thing in the morning.

Clara C.
I’ve found that I need to have protein in the morning—oatmeal is great, but it doesn’t keep me sated until lunchtime. I’m currently investigating easy savory oatmeal recipes but for now I’m eating frozen breakfast sandwiches which are not a great long term solution but work for me now (note that I have some medical problems with my digestion, so that’s also something I need to factor in to ALL my meals).

Concetta F.
Eating sometimes isn’t always when we have the highest cravings. Teaching our bodies to crave fuel at the right times takes practice. Eat even if the first few bites are a struggle! Your body will change after it feels the benefits

Kay T.
You don't- you take a small byte of something if you are not hungry yet, like a date and 2 nuts, and then eat a propper meal a couple of hours later

Edeltraud J.
I wouldn't worry about this. If you are not hungry, drink water and don't eat until later. In principle though, one can schedule ones dinner s bit earlier. That helps me.

Roselei Y.
I try to have a light dinner, like salad wraps or vegetable cream. I make sure to feel satisfied before going to bed by having my light dinner not to early.

I also like to drink water from the moment I open my eyes to wake up my stomach!

Kurt Z.
Simply by habit
I also cut back on snacks in the evening (so just watching tv) and try to eat a smaller portion for dinner since it also lets me sleep better

Erdmute F.
I suppose the easiest way would be to skip dinner. Another option is to wake up and exercise. I realized my appetite increases ten fold after a 20min swim

Adam Z.
Well I think that if you want to be hungry in the morning you shouldn't eat any food near the time you go to sleep. Something around 2 to 3 hours to ensure you sleep well and that frame of time should give you almost 12 hours with nothing in the stomach(taking in count you have between 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night) I think it's enough time to feel hungry in the morning. Have a nice day

Lidia X.
I’m not always that hungry in the morning because I’m such a nigh owl. I make myself eat something small but high in protein. That way I don’t have to suffer through hunger all morning but I don’t upset my stomach either!

Mads Z.
I’ll try to eat dinner early right after work and drink water after only. By the time I wake up in the morning I’m ready for breakfast and won’t still feel full from dinner!

Morgane Y.
I stop eating by 8 PM at that point I drink water only. And I drink water in the morning until I am hungry. I dont force myself to eat first thing when I wake up. Eat when you are hungry not when the clock reads a certain time. Listen to your body. Then I eat a lean protein meal with fruit😊 I hope this helps you.

Ryan Z.
Eating very little in the evening. Generally that means by the time I wake up, my body has been 12h without food. Still my appetite might not be apparent the moment I wake up, but going through the 30-min morning routine sets me up nicely for breakfast.

Glen F.
Try to keep up a steady meal time routine and avoid eating 3 to 4 hours before sleep.
Working out in the morning is also a sure way to make you hungry for breakfast.

Beatrice O.
I am just used to have breakfast, hence i suggest to eat something small even if you are not hungry and with time you'll get used to

Barb U.
Actually the answer I simple if you wake up and eat something pretty small and you feel fine your not that hungry you still need the energy tho

Darryl S.
I try to not to eat anything at night. But even I didn't eat at night, I sometimes don't feel hungry. I think that's completely okay. Don't push yourself. Eat something light, like an apple or some nuts.

Hazel T.
I feel like hungry those days that I would not had dinner the previous night,also I feel hungry after taking my diabetes pills. Even though I don’t want to eat in the morning.

Marcus Z.
If anyone is reading this, there’s a typo as far as I’m aware in the question…. shouldn’t it be how do you ensure you’ll BE hungry in the morning?

Anyways, I suppose the answer is making sure you’ve eaten properly the day before and getting enough rest to ensure your body has time to go through the process of making you hungry again? I don’t know, really.

Jonathan C.
Drinking water and waiting a while helps. If still not hungry try to eat some fruit or a "pre-breakfast" then wait again until a bigger breakfast

Clara P.
I made myself a simple breakfast that doesn't include cooking. Everything I need for my "cereal" is all in the same drawer. I have oats, granola, toppings, and extra things for flavoring all next to eachother. Takes no more than 5 minutes and it's much healthier and nutritious than just a bowl of cereal :)In order to make sure I'm hungry in the morning, I've started to eat smaller portions throughout the day and have a handful of snack options to hold me over. It's been really great for me to make sure I'm healthy and eating right!

Manuel W.
I use a food and calories tracker, that helps me to distribute food consumption through all the day. Also, I drink plenty of water with my dinner, and it makes me feel more full.

Adam A.
Because my body is use to eat certain amount of food per day and every morning when I wake up with an empty stomach, my body knows food is coming soon and gets hungry

Noa E.
I work nontraditional hours so my dinner is later than most people. Regardless though I try not to eat after 9pm on most nights. That keeps me from snacking late and by the time I get up at 7:30am I’m hungry.

Kreszenz F.
I’m not a morning breakfast either and honestly my ideal breakfast would be croissant and coffee however I always bark after this and have long work hours. I find that having a bite or two before I go to work out and then having two or three bites after helps and then put my rest of the breakfast in it to go container and eat it on my drive into work and allows me to digest slowly not feelBloated and gives me energy to last all day even if my lunch is 3 o’clock

Leo F.
I don't ensure I'm hungry in the morning – I'm usually not. That's why I stick to drinking a protein shake (~200 calories) just to get things going.

Sophia U.
Stop eating a few hours before bedtime – I have dinner by 7 at the latest, and stop eating 12 hours before I wake up. When I wake up at 7, my body would've been fasting for 12 hours. The glass of water right when I wake helps to wake up my stomach, and I start to feel hungry naturally within an hour of waking up.

Jessie J.
I drink my water and take my Thrive first thing. Then I get ready to go and while I’m in the car on the way to school I drink my protein shake. This jump starts my metabolism and makes my hunger cues start for the day.

Notburga O.
Not sure if you mean how to I ensure I will be hungry enough to eat breakfast or do you mean how do I ensure I won’t be hungry after eating breakfast in the morning..
So let me answer…
I will only eat in the morning when I am hungry, but it’s important to kick off your metabolism and that’s usually done with the first thing you eat, so if I am not hungry then I will have a banana and then maybe a nice brunch later in the morning when I feel like eating..
the key for me to not feel hungry after is the type of food I eat… protein is key as it keeps you fuller for longer… fibre like cereal is good and I would tend to bulk it out with fruit and maybe a yogurt instead of milk..
hope this helps…

Tom L.
I don’t. Instead I make breakfast as easy as possible. I prep jars with smoothie ingredients in them for the week then each morning dump one jar into a bullet blender and drink it as o walk the dog. They’re light so not having hunger is t a huge issue, they’re refreshing and I think doing it everyday makes your body want it in the morning.

Ivan T.
There’s not an actual rule for that. However, I like to eat less at night so that I don’t sleep with a full stomach. Sleeping with a full stomach is not healthy. By eating less at night, you can avoid going to bed full and you can get up feeling like a great breakfast will make your day!

Lissi Z.
I normally struggle with appetite. My first task was to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning for 3 days straight. This action alone really worked to wake up my digestive system up and prompt hunger. I may not have started off eating the biggest breakfast on day 1, but it was something!

Leon O.
I make sure my dinner isn’t past 8 pm and no snacks after. Sometimes I find if I go for a walk first, I’ll get hungry too

Frances C.
Listen to your body. If you'd rather fast til lunch that's fine too just make sure you eating enough in the rest of the day

Tina T.
You don’t have to be hungry to eat, and if you are not, you can simply eat a small meal like a couple of hard boiled eggs and an apple or banana. Our bodies need fuel and if you are exercising then it’s important to eat something to replace some of what you burn. It’s important to learn to listen to your body and understand if you are hungry or thirsty or having a craving. They all are similar feelings and if you are NOT hungry then there may be something you need missing from your diet or you may have another medical condition. Perhaps it is prudent to follow up with your doctor if you do t feel like you can eat a min of 3 balanced meals per day.

Mya E.
It's really simple i try and do this by one not eating at least four hours before bed. That way when I wake I'm ready to be hydrated and to be ready for a good breakfast to fuel my body for the day.

Noah Z.
Once you maintain this habit for a few days you won't have to worry about this. You will just be hungry. In the initial days, make sure you eat something you like, healthy, but a favorite food.

Rosalyn E.
At first I wasn’t really hungry in the morning but with few weeks having breakfast within an hour I wake up, now I get hungry automatically. My body created the habit of eating in the morning. Also once I feel hungry, that’s actually too late.

Patsy F.
If you drink copious amounts of beer the night before and soak it up with a hearty takeaway (ie Chinese or Indian) you'll find this will stretch your stomach lining, leaving you ravenous on waking and ready to face that full English breakfast

Ga L Z.
I try to have a good and healthy breakfast. I don't have the time for a long one, so I prepare stuff the day before. Also I take am Apple to work to ensure I have a healthy snack with me just in case I do get hungry

Hans Albert G.
I don’t know if I’ll always be hungry in the mornings, but like drinking water, eating breakfast takes a conscious effort.

Many health experts conclude that if you’re thirsty, then you’re already dehydrated. Does it make sense to also conclude that if you’re hungry, then your body isn’t properly fueled. I think the main objective is to avoid feeling hungry. The way to do so is by consciously eating nutritious meals/snacks at scheduled increments throughout the day, and drinking water.

Eating a morning meal is said to help you to sustain energy throughout the day, so whether or not you’re feeling hungry, make eating breakfast as routine as brushing your teeth and getting dressed.

Alice P.
It’s natural for people like us who don’t usually eat breakfast to build a resistance for hunger in the morning. From personal experience, I’d say start small. Start with a handful of almonds or cashews and slowly build up your breakfast. Even if you are not hungry, eat little. This will slowly but surely make you hungry in the long run. Do not miss your healthy breakfast at any cost. 🙂
All the best!

Julie J.
I’m not a morning person so being hungry in the morning is not a given for me. I do feel better overall when I get into the habit of eating in the morning. My advice for most things is to start small and build up from there. It’s also great to start with something you really enjoy, which for me is something like fresh fruit or avocado toast. Once you start eating in the morning (even if you’re not hungry) your metabolism starts to adjust and you will start to feel more hungry each morning as you keep building upon what you eat. You’ll thank yourself later for your consistent efforts.

Sander Z.
To be completely honest. Morning are mostly routine for me. Most mornings I’m not completely awake before I’m on the way to the office. Eating breakfast is just one of my morning routines that I really don’t give much thought. Get up, drink water, clean face and apply makeup, eat breakfast …

Ruben U.
The only way is training your body, making sure you eat at the same time or almost the same time everyday, creating a routine, eat immediately after you wake up or an hour after even if you are not hungry eat breakfast then have a snack 3 -4 hours later then lunch then a snack again and dinner, if you don't have time for snack make sure at least you are having lunch and dinner 4 hours within each other, but try to at least have one snack during the day. A small fruit or a cracker, or cucumber with cream cheese. Start your breakfast small like a milkshake or an avocado toast. Try doing this for a week to start off and you will see when you wake up in the morning your body will ask you for food immediately.

Donald J.
I am always trying not to eat too big of a last meal before I go to sleep. Also, if you haven’t ate breakfasts it might take a while for your body to adjust. It needs to adjust (I’ve been there, done that). Good luck!

Harvey J.
I have a habit of eating breakfast and I feel hungry. And I try to make last evening meal not too havy and about 2 hours before I fall asleep.

Aventino E.
I don’t. I don't have to feel hungry to eat. I do it anyway. Eating something that’s not sweets kicks my metabolism. After a couple of days, you will start to feel hungry in the morning. Just don't skip that breakfast when you don't feel like it. Your body gives wrong signals very often. You might yawn when you’re dehydrated. You might crave sweets when you are sleepy. Not feeling hungry does not mean you don't need food. The more healthy habits you perform, the more your body will give correct signals.

Willie J.
I need to wake up without the alarm clocks going off to be hungry, the trick is to go to bed almost hungry, but not so hungry I can’t sleep. Also, I drink a lot of water before bedtime, that way I don’t want to snooze in the morning since I have to go the bathroom. Anything I eat after dinner is really hot or salty stuff, it keeps the hunger away, and keep me drinking water.

Leo O.
Sometimes our bodies aren't used to eating right away in the morning. To help, try to plan a breakfast that you will really want to eat in the morning. Also, start with something small. As you make eating breakfast in the morning a habit, you'll be able to eat more and more in the morning with less difficulty.

Samanta Q.
I’m not usually hungry in the morning, but I eat anyway. It’s taken some getting use to but it’s ok if I don’t finish all of my food.

Di S.
Sometimes I won’t be hungry first thing, so I’ll drink my water, do my exercise but make sure I have a breakfast ready for straight afterwards – I’ll always have something prepped and it will be something I know I like

Herbert G.
I feel my stomach empty and can’t get away from the feeling if I only drink water. Also I feel I need food to get energy

Maria Y.
I eat at regular times . I have a filling dinner , and then the kitchen is closed , period . Water only until bedtime . I eat in the morning wether I’m feeling hungry or not , to fuel my body for the day and avoid poor choices when hunger Does arrive . Hope this helps you find what works for you !

Derrick E.
After drinking half litre of water, in next 30 minutes I feel acidity sensation in stomach then I start eating my breakfast.

Ximena Z.
I may not have the feeling of hunger but I know that my body needs a required amount of nourishment. Do be loyal to the body and not just the urges

Melissa E.
I love breakfast. I always eat at least a small bite.

And I eat less in the evening. That’s even more healthy and guarantees better sleep. I even skip dinner sometimes after having a bigger lunch for example or cake in the afternoon. Soups and salads work for me in the evening.

Bernice Z.
I don’t think it is necessary to eat first thing, especially if you feel a little nausea. I’m always hungry in the morning. It’s been so many hours since I ate.

Stanley J.
I eat earlier for my last meal, so I will be fasting during sleep and my body can digest my meal completely. I also keep my last meal light.

Nia E.
When I drink my water, it hydrates me and gives me a sense of feeling full. When I eat breakfast, I to eat foods that will keep me feeling full longer. I don't like eggs so what works for me is usually an orange and some oatmeal or sometimes grits. I'm still figuring out what works for me. You'll have to do the same!

Lucineide I.
I just eat when I actually am hungry. Figure I’m contributing to my intermittent fast if I eat later (not that I’m formally doing intermittent fasting right now!).

Paige U.
I have 3 meals routine with no snacks… last meal I eat it around 7ish max so I am hungry after I am done with everything eles on my morning rituals.

Candice E.
I try not to eat too late the night before do I stop eating around 8pm, this helps me to feel hungry when I wake up. I'm also using the 5:2 intermittent fasting approach I'm find this makes me hungrier in the mornings also

Florence O.
I’m always hungry in the morning, cause I have dinner between 7:30 and 8:30 every night, and have time to digest before going to bed. After so many hours of sleep, I wake up very hungry!

Logan U.
To me it was a matter of habit. I was never hungry in the morning, then I forced myself a bit into eating small breakfast, and day by day I got hungry