Do you ever struggle to keep up the breakfast habit over the weekend? How do yoy remember to eat?

Giorgia Q.
Breakfast is my favourite meal so I never skip it. But I suggest to find something to eat that you really enjoy so you'll never forget!
Isabella X.
I have a wonderful partner that makes sure I eat when he does as I usually make him breakfast anyway. I like caring for people so this suits my lifestyle.
Randy U.
I can't be productive if I don't get breakfast. I need it to be ready and awake.
If you get out of bed early in the morning, how can you eat nothing til noon?
Riley G.
I always set my alarm as if I were going to work or doing my normal daily routine, otherwise I always think I'm taking one step forwards then two steps back as soon as I get to the weekend. Obviously the afternoon and evening can change to keep your mind a break, but I try and get my morning routine as close to weekdays as possible.
Brad G.
Actually because I’m off from work during the weekend, it makes it a lot easier for me to remember the breakfast habit. Remember, you do not have to eat a huge breakfast. If you’re in a hurry, grab something nutritious like a granola bar, fruit, nuts or boil an egg!
Katrine G.
For me, I dont struggle, but if I were you I would put a little sticky note on whatever I'll use first in the morning (for example if the first thing you do in the morning is check your phone, put a sticky note on your phone. If the first thing you do in the morning is put on your clothes, put a sticky note on your phone) this will ensure that you remember. If you struggle to keep up the habit, write on the sticky note something motivational.
Marcus P.
Yes I do, this comes from the "getting up later in weekends" thing I think.
I do however follow through with it by putting a note somewhere I go to every morning when I get up! (Bathroom for example)
Muhsina X.
Not really. I just eat whenever I wake up. SO even if i am sleeping in on the weekend, I’ll eat after I get up. And that counts as breakfast. And about remembering to eat, it’s the app that reminded me in the beginning but with practice, it’s become a habit. My suggestion is don’t miss a day. Even if you are late, even if all you can master is one banana, eat. Make it into a habit.
Lea W.
For me, I do struggle to keep up the breakfast habit as I usually don't have breakfast as part of my intermittent fasting cycle. I will usually set a reminder to myself to ensure that I have breakfast on the day itself.
Fadime F.
No, because i have time on weekends and I do it more easily than the other days. I remember to eat because I have writen miself a note for morning rutine. I hope you have a great day.
Mildred Z.
Eating breakfast has always been something that had to happen for me. It’s the one meal I can never skip because of how important it is
Enola Z.
I eat breakfast every morning, actually. I enjoy my breakfast and I feel great all day long. I have this habit since 5th grade and I have no plans to stop it!
Herince N.
I try to start my mornings the same way both on weekdays and weekends – with some chill educational time. I prep breakfast and eat it while watching an art or a cooking video, or a short TED talk or a technical or science video, oor a part of an online lecture (20-30 mins max, nit more) That way I have a pleasant waking up ritual that I anticipate both on weekdays and weekend days and it reminds me to prep a breakfast and eat healthy. Ofcourse sometimes I oversleep and miss a "ritual", but on most days I manage to do it and it's a nice start of the day. Also, as Fabulous suggests – I try to have the breakfast materials ready and waiting the day before or even a few days in advance 🙂

And after all it's not important to do a perfect job, just to always try your best and make your "best" better every day. I believe you are doing it and will be awesome in the days to come!

Claude C.
I wake up late on weekend around 9-10.. so i have no struggle(maybe struggle to wake up early).. always watch your clock as you can aware what time is it and so you can remember to have your breakfast on time.
Burkhardt M.
Yes I do.. Am having a arguments in my head. Or sometimes I do eat healthy then by lunch time it's gone out of the window
Abby C.
nk, i always eat breakfast and its not hard to remember breakfast. breakfast is the good refreshment to start the day and feel good.
Sol Z.
I always struggle! It’s always about the habit of getting up early, your stomach soon or later will ask you for some fuel to work. Try it!
Glen T.
I still don't wakebup at the same time everyday, wich dificults everything. My biology clock is messee because od quarantine, so I don't really go to sleep early, and I always had imnsonia, so there's that. I'm gonna try to take a pill and tea early to sleep early and then wake up early, I want my day to start earlier, but without me being so tired that it doesn't matter.
Katarina N.
Of course I struggle, don't we all? 🙂 I found out what works best for me, and I hope this text will help you to find what works best for you!
If I make a healthy breakfast that is tasty, especially if I went the night before to bed a little bit hungry, I look forward to having breakfast!
Now about the tasty part, I have my favorite breakfast that is really yum, so as soon as I wake up i run to the kitchen, grab a glass of water, or squeeze some fresh lemons, and then I make an oatmeal with cinnamon, bananas, some nuts, honey and yogurt.
Try not to think of healthy breakfast as low calorie food, but rather as something really good for you , your metabolism and well being. Some days it will go naturally and easy and others you will struggle, because you just can't get that tasty bacon out of your mind! You should treat yourself from time to time, but remember to keep up with your former habit and always remember why you made it in first place. Each day that you eat a healthy breakfast is a victory, maybe giving you a push you need to have a healthy lunch…. next week maybe even a healthy dinner. Start small, be proud of every step you make and don't be too hard on yourself. Remember to give yourself a treat from time to time.
I really hope that you will find this helpful. If there is anything else that you would like to ask, I would be happy to help.
Good luck with your resolutions!
Justine F.
I tend to have more balanced breakfasts on the weekend since I have more time. Week days are harder to find full, quick breakfasts without losing too much time to get ready for work.
Mayte O.
I use to struggle with eating breakfast since I never was big on eating breakfast. At first I’d get very nauseous and it was difficult to eat but now I look forward to it. It’s become part of my morning drink water , eat breakfast, and then plan my day it’s so relaxing I love it !
Mallory Z.
I like to keep my breakfast fast to make; a few eggs and toast and a cup of tea can all be made in less than 10 min! And since it's so fast to make, I don't feel like I'm wasting my time waiting around for my food to be done. I also like toremind myself that there's no shame in eating breakfast at lunch time!
Kathryn O.
not gonna lie, sometimes i forget too! it’s good to have fruit available so you can eat it on-the-go or as a light breakfast when you sleep in. if you miss breakfast entirely, i would suggest a big glass of water and then eat whenever you feel hungry next!
Ashley Y.
I always remember to eat in the morning because on my wake up alarm, it says “eat breakfast” so I immediately get up and grab my food. Most of the time I make it the night before so I can eat and go.