What are great breakfast choices you make that start your day well but without high calories when you are trying to lose weight?

Michelle R.
I think coco crunch with low calories of milk..ahmmm I'm o milk lover eh so gat as ng Kala aw with tuyo orFRIED FISH WITH TOMATOES YEAH FANTASTOC THATS MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE ALL THE TIME!!
Meghan J.
For breakfast, any type of sugar or sweetness should be avoided if you particularly crave sugar, fruits included.

We have to forget about traditional breakfast and turn ourself towards veggies. There's absolutely nothing wrong having a salad toped with some white chicken with a bit of oil and balsamic vinegar.

Or else, more traditionally an omelet (with only egg whites is a big plus) packed with veggies (spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, mushroom, bell peppers and onions does a great mix) without cheese and a slice of bread (no white bread!) is an awesome breakfast!

Lisa R.
I find it better to start the day with a bigger breakfast and decrease it as the day goes on. I feel satisfied with something warm. Egg scramble with veggies or steel cut oatmeal with fruit are my must haves. You can make the oatmeal ahead of time and roast the veggies earlier to add to the eggs if quick is what you’re looking for.
Cao G.
In my opinion, it is crucial to have a breakfast with 2 slices of bread with salad, a handful of chicken breast and a cup of milk. With that, you can ensure your stomach is filled without consuming too much calories.
Rachel T.
So far Jimmy Dean breakfast delights have been a go-to. It is made up of eggs, spinach, cheese, and sausage. Then I grab some fruit a little later. When I run out I will turn to boiled eggs, nuts, and fruit to start the day. I am also thinking about adding protein shakes back to my breakfast list.
Sam Z.
Eggs. They are full of protein that will give you energy throughout the day. They are used a lot in the KETO diet so they work if your trying to lose weight. You can eat them with avocado or salsa to spice it up, or mix in some bacon. Bacon actually had a lot of good fat that won’t make you gain weight but give you energy. I also eat special K protein cereal before I workout in the morning if I don’t have time to cook eggs and it still gives me the satisfaction of eating a good breakfast. Low cal and simple.
Lo C I.
Well, I'm not trying to lose weight just be healthy. I did pancakes with oatmeal and banana and a cup of coffee with rice milk
Hannchen F.
I eat cooked rice rather than breads because rice keep me energized until the lunch break but has lower calories than wheat.
Mathias C.
I don't need to lose weight, but I do like to be mindful when choosing my meals. I start my day with a low carb, high protein breakfast. Usually it's a smoothie with greens, protein and a small amount of fruit. When I want something warm, I will make a small amount of oatmeal and load it up with grassfed butter, nut butter, chopped nuts and a little bit of fruit. This keeps me from having a carb crash in the afternoon and keeps me full for the first few hours of my day.
Jonathan A.
I like to have scrambled eggs in the morning. But, within those scrambled eggs, I like to incorporate cheese, meats like ham, tomatoes, a bit of pepper flakes, and a dash of milk. It's definitely better then eggs that are just plain. With it, I like to add a side of fruit, like strawberries or a banana. Hope that helps 😊
Pius Q.
I really like to freeze bananas and put them in my smoothies for the mornings with some protien powder and greens. You can break them into 3rds and store in the freezer.
Artur Y.
Morning! I have some overnight oats with soya milk and yogurt – I find this really sets me up for the day! I add some banana and strawberries into this and grab a handful of almonds nuts to snack on mid morning if I am still hungry. On a Friday, I’ll add a slight bit of Nutella into it too! Only a teaspoon for sweetness and to treat myself for the week.
Perla M.
If you are trying to loose weight you could start your day off with some boiled eggs with vegetables and a cup of tea. But if it's too hard for you at the beginning just make a cup of tea with a toast, white cheese, and of course vegetables. But yet again it's just my taste you possibly don't like any of those but yeah.
Milka S.
My great breakfast entails a fruit eg. Apple, Orange or Portugal and bottle of water each morning to help open up my appetite for a nutritious breakfast. During the week I would make a peanut punch a half hour or 45 minutes after my morning fruit. It usually has almond milk, almonds, bananas, flaxseed, oats, raisins, seamoss and peanut butter. If I don't drink punch then I will have toast with egg or sausage or both with a cup of juice.