I feel like I do better without breakfast. When I eat breakfast, I want to eat all day long. Does any one else feel this way?

Susie Y.
I used to skip breakfast nearly every day. Recently, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. I started eating breakfast because I was required to eat with each insulin dose. I made changes to my diet, aiming for less than 45 grams of carbohydrates for breakfast. This forced me to eat more yogurt and nuts. I also switched to cereal with few carbohydrates per serving (e.g., Cheerios).

In a month, I didn't need to inject insulin anymore. In about three months, I went from 228 pounds to 201 lbs. I feel less hungry and more energetic.

I would encourage you to consider changing what to eat for breakfast. Try to eat more protein and healthy fats than you may have. A healthier and lower carbohydrate breakfast may change your attitude about skipping the first meal of your day.

Eduardo Q.
Hey there! It's interesting you feel this way, which makes me wonder what you are eating. If you are eating a lot of carbs and sugars then your body is breaking that down, storing it and wanting more sugar. I suggest a well balanced breakfast. Currently I eat an egg scramble with 2-3 eggs mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach and a side of toast. I also pack snacks with me such as nuts and fruit tthroughout he day. Try a breakfast like this with veggies and a high amount of protien.
Ros Ria I.
So, for me, it feels like you should just control your diet and what you usually eat at breakfast. I don't have much to say about this argument, but i feel like I'm actually energized before going to school. But remember, don't overload! 😏
Andre U.
It starts your body for the day, gives it fuel and keeps from storing fat. It's healthy to eat throughout the day. Just pick healthy snacks. Breakfast is super important. I now can't start my day without brekkie
Tammy T.
As soon as I eat, it opens my appetite. However, I have found certain foods to work really well in delaying the next meal: bananas, nuts, eggs, bacon, and porridge for instance. And of course drinking lots of water! Good luck on your journey.
Soham T.
What worked better for me was actually eating all day long. According to my nutricionist it was way better for me to eat several small mewls a day instead of a few big ones. So you may think it's bad for you but it's actually good.
Mary E.
Yes, definitely. Once my metabolism starts it’s like I’m eating all day. One thing that’s really helped is drinking a big glass of water every time I feel super hungry, and I lunch bento-box style at work instead of eating a big breakfast and lunch.
Higina I.
I feel the same. I make tea with a little cream in the morning and call it breakfast. I dont get hungry until earliest 10:30, then I have a small snack.. usually in hungry about 11:30, and then i just have lunch. Also, If I make myself eat breakfast, I gain weight very quickly.
Sara E.
That’s not my experience. I feel like if I miss breakfast, I’m more likely to eat unhealthily when my reserves of energy run out. But I’m not you.
Maybe you could experiment to see what works? What if you track your diet, your feelings and your performance in tasks that matter to you over a few weeks, both with and without breakfast, and see if a pattern appears?
Ellen J.
I feel more energetic and less hungry actually. Maybe you should consider what you eat for breakfast, just a friendly advise 🙂
Kathy U.
Until you exercise every morning till the dopamine peak, the point is not how much you eat but what you put in your body. Have a healthy breakfast as suggested by the app, with 50% proteins, and during the day focus on healthy foods. Are you hungry? Eat a sweet apple, or an orange. Drink water. You will feel satisfied until lunch, and in the afternoon until dinner.
Minnie X.
Yes, me too! Honestly, you hear "breakfast is the most important meal of the day!" so often that you really assume there's truth to it, but it's based on some studies of dubious worth funded by cereal companies a few decades ago and… that's it. Look into intermittent fasting info if you're curious, it's got more scientific rigour than that old saying.

What's really important is that the first thing you eat is HEALTHY. Eating a sugary first meal interferes with your ability to tell that you're full for the rest of the day.

I put 'Eat a good breakfast' in the afternoon routine and set that to when I first eat. Works for me!

Krystyna X.
I’m not a nutritionist or doctor, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Eating cereal, smoothies, pastries, bagels, etc. for breakfast leaves many people hungry again within a few hours or less. Have you tried to eat less low-fiber starches and sugars in the morning? And instead having breakfast foods with lots of fiber, protein and even fat within reason. Those help many people feel fuller longer.

That said, I usually eat breakfast late enough that some might call it lunch. (I have to take medication in the morning that makes me queasy even if taken with food.) I have lost weight since I stopped forcing myself to eat breakfast, and am now at a healthy weight.

You could try listening to your body, staying hydrated in the mornings, and committing to eating a healthy lunch. That strategy helps me feel good and meet my health goals.

Skipping breakfast is also compatible with 16:8 intermittent fasting regimes that require skipping either breakfast or lunch.

You are the expert on you! (You’ll be a more informed expert if you consult qualified sources.) So maybe don’t pressure yourself to do anything (like eat breakfast) that doesn’t feel good and prevents you from being healthy long-term.

Felix U.
Yes, I felt this way for a long time. If I ate breakfast I would be really hungry after an hour or two and would then eat all day. Finding the right breakfast for me eventually worked (oat bran and banana!)
Christina Y.
Try eating more protein, some healthy fat and fewer carbs. Also plenty of water. For example when I have two eggs, a slice of toast, a few olives and a bit of fresh veggies (a mini cucumber or a few cherry tomatoes) I'm often not hungary until two or three!
Vitalina C.
I feel like it helps when I do exercise before breakfast and then only eat a small amount and wait for lunch at work and eat a lot haha
Mathew U.
I think the key is to eat a really big breakfast. Lots of fat, protein, and complex carbs. That’s the only way to not be ravenous at 10am
Pio Q.
I felt the same way. Whenever I have breakfast, I am hungry in 30 minutes. Just have something more filling and drink lots of water
Deodira P.
I cant cope without breakfast, I find myself snacking throughout the day if I dont eat it and by 10am I have a slump in energy
Nathaniel X.
Make sure you have enough protein and healthy fat and keep drinking water all day. Maybe keep a bar of some kind with you and just try to make it to lunch. Maybe an early lunch.
Mathias P.
I can feel that way also. I notice the more healthy I eat and the more active I am, the more I want breakfast. I wake up hungry on those healthier days. It’s ok to go through a fast, so if you don’t eat from the night before and want a late breakfast, I think that’s ok. Just don’t go too long because research also shows that with out breakfast you’re more likely to want an energy fix in the afternoon (you’ll crave sugar or carbs).
Rasmus C.
Hey! I think your breakfast should be full of fibers and healthy sugars. For example mix granola, nuts, linseed, fruits of your choice and yogurt. The more rich it is the more it will keep you full. Cheers!
Justin Y.
I think this is actually a normal way for your body to react after giving it a regular breakfast each morning… it indicates a healthy metabolism. The challenge is of course not to stuff your face all day. Well, in reality, if you give yourself healthy, low-sugar snacks to munch on throughout the day, you will be be doing yourself a great service. Just keep the more unhealthy junk out of your immediate reach so you're not tempted to feed your face with garbage.
Marie N.
No I think that is not true. Because I think there are two kinds of breakfast. A normal one and a healthy one. I only recognise breakfast if it is a healthy one. Moreover if I eat anything else after breakfast before 11:00 it does not count either as a healthy breakfast. In that way you can make sure you will not eat the whole day.
Ekrem U.
Just try something simple like a handful of nuts or a banana. See if that is tolerable for you, especially after drinking some morning water.
Tracy Q.
Hmm sometimes, I feel this way as well because I have a sensitive stomach so when I eat too early in the day, I feel full, bloated and gassy. But when I eat after like 11..12 I feel well and I don’t feel too irritated.
Isabella U.
I often cannot fathom eating in the morning, but I find that a meal replacement or nutrition shake is perfectly easy, palatable, and protein packed.
David Z.
If I eat breakfast, I feel like all I do all day long is eat. I also can’t workout after eating, I have to wait to digest but by then it’s too late in the day and I missed my opportunity to exercise for that day.
I like to have a juice drink or just drink a lot of water. I do have a light breakfast like a yogurt after I exercise. I try to listen to the menu planning that is a part of my regime but I also listen to my body.
Sara W.
Try something light. I agree I don’t always feel like I need a breakfast but our body can use the energy from a small meal like one oatmeal pack or a banana or apple.
Hip Lito O.
Try changing what you are eating. Meals higher in protein help you feel fuller longer than meals with a lot of sugar. Also, incorporate a slower to enter your blood stream carb, like a whole grain bread.
Kasper B.
When you eat breakfast it gives you energy an help you with your tasks at hand when you don't eat you feel tired,sick,ect that was me I knew it wasn't good for me to not eat breakfast it's the most important meal of the day.Never skip breakfast u can take a cereal bar with you or some friut just as long as you eat something.
Clo Q.
You should experiment with intermittent fasting. You skip breakfast and there's a lot of advice out there. Personally, I don't fast because it leads to an afternoon crash after lunch. This is because lunch will be heavy since I'm so hungry 😂
Areusa S.
Make your breakfast have more protein it's take longer to be digested and don't forget to drink water before your meals
Minnie I.
Hi there. Your question is a good one. I think it is because of the choice of food. You can start with drinking a glass of warm water & eat food that contains rich protein like eggs, chicken breast etc. And I am not sure if you are on a diet, if yes you can have a look at this article:

Hope this piece of advice helps. Keep the good habit up! Cheers! 🙂

Robin P.
I had same felling however without a good breakfast I am more likely to eat a lot in the evening. So I prefer eating in the morning 🙂
Lia E.
Maybe it’s a matter of nutrients. I would suggest verifying how much protein you are having for breakfast. Also it is important to analyze when you get triggered to eat. Maybe it’s emotional eating more than an actual physical need
Romana F.
I started to noticed even if it was something small I ate for breakfast that I wasn’t in a bad mood so say and I wasn’t always feeling starved to death so say just over all I felt better
Juliana M.
Well… I’m definitely not a breakfast person. That’s for sure. But I hate to admit that breakfast is super important though. You can try to have a small breakfast like a yogurt or something. Then that way you can enjoy lunch without being too hungry or too full.
Tom E.
Yes. I usually intermittent fast and don't eat until 11 am or later. However, when I eat after waking, I tend to eat and snack all day.
Ediane I.
I used to feel the same way but I often found I would end up just eating more later in the day. I always eat breakfast now and feel it stops me from pigging out later in the day or wanting to anyway. I eat more regular meals and feel my metabolism has speedened up as a result.
Barbara Y.
I guess I wonder what you mean by all day long. You are supposed to eat “all day long”. Our brains cannot function optimally without food. Are you concerned you eat too much? When you do eat breakfast are you eating foods that are good energy sustainers, like proteins or even apples? If you eat food high in carbohydrates as is traditional in an American breakfast (cereal with milk or just toast or a pastry) than it totally makes sense you’d be hungry again in a few hours and want to eat again. If you continue this cycle of high carbs and no/low protein eating with crackers, sandwiches, a muffin, pizza, etc. than it totally makes sense why you’d have continued and frequent hunger. If you’re eating foods with higher protein and lower carbs and simply need to eat every 3 to 5 hours that is normal and okay. I wonder if speaking with a nutritionist may be helpful too.
Florian Z.
I am the same. I find that if I eat before 10 am I’m hungry all day. So I really honor my own body clock as I feel each of us is different in many ways including biologically. What is right for one may not be for another, and we have to discover what is right for us rather than try to fit into a one size fits all model. Hope this helps.


Ana Lle Q.
I feel the opposite. Not skipping breakfast makes me feel energize the whole morning. Thanks Fabulous for the new habit. I don’t skip it anymore because it’s like my fuel to be productive and feel great every day.
Eline T.
Not me. When I do eat breakfast, I feel quite full and even a little energetic. By lunch, I am quite hungry. It sets the ideal body time in terms of energy.
Paul N.
Maybe reading about intermittent fasting can give you an insight. I go with how my body feels like. I don't eat, if I am not hungry or if I still feel quite full from a weekend full of festive dinners. For me it is more about "Do I have everything I need? Emotionally, physically, Spiritually, …?" and about being aware of my needs and wants, also food needs and wants.
Patrick N.
Nope, opposite. If I skip breakfast I start craving unhealthy food in the afternoon. Breakfast helps me stay satisfied all day mostly because it prevents me from getting too hungry
Clinton C.
Yes and no, lol, I share this sentiment to a degree and I think it’s more of a symptom of a healthy metabolism and allowing the body to request energy rather than denying it. For me, I can absolutely get through the entire day on one cup of coffee if that’s what I have first thing in the morning until having dinner but I think what happens is it fills me up and suppresses my hunger while I can run on caffeine and sugar energy alone for 6-8hrs. When I have a light breakfast like cereal with fruit before I touch any coffee and maybe a Breakfast Tea instead afterwards, it does bring up another wave of hunger around midday and early evening and if I eat somewhat light and listen to what my body wants and when I’m actually treating it better and respecting my natural biological needs of this physical skeleton casing. 🙂
Massimo F.
You might be having the wrong kind of breakfast. Try experimenting with different breakfasts. Big, small, salty, sweet, warm, cold,etc.
I usually eat oats with milk and some honey since it fills me up and I find it tasty, so I snack less during the day. A friend of mine eats an omelet with greens and bacon for breakfast, which has the same effect for him whilst it makes me eat more.
It's really about finding what suits you best.
Ad O Z.
Yes, but in a good way. Oftentimes I find that if I don’t eat breakfast, I’ll have one giant meal but then get overstuffed from it. If I do have breakfast, I’ll be hungry again at a “normal” time of the day but don’t gorge myself on one giant meal. Because I feel hungry, but satisfied eating less.
Ludovico I.
I am not good at eating breakfast every day. But, when I do, I feel energized and notice that my metabolism is awakened. When I don’t eat breakfast, I feel sluggish.
Egon Y.
Because the breakfast is the most important meal if did have a healthy breakfast you will find your self eating less than before but don’t stop eating the other meals because you don’t want to make your body getting fat , take three small healthy meals and tow light healthy snacks like black coffee or fresh fruit.
Lester B.
I don’t. But I eat breakfast since I was a kid so it’s like a habits. I can’t survive the day without put something in my stomach. Btw I’ve read a lot of articles where they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And think that you can eat almost everything in the morning because during the day you’re going to burn all the calories from that breakfast
Valentin T.
No, I don't. When i had breakfast it containly gave me effort to do all my work. I think it can bring a bit change to my personal.
Carlos Q.
Delaying breakfast until later and starting with water, then hot water with lemon in it could help. Also try just a high protein breakfast without carbs.
Julie Z.
Yes, do some experimenting and see what breakfast foods work best for you. Make sure it is a nutritious breakfast that will make you feel full for a long period of time. This will help you to get rid of those temptations to eat more food during the day.
Alison E.
Yes, I tend to get more hungry when I have breakfast, but I have noticed that when that happens my metabolism works better. I believe it’s a positive. What you can do to control it is keep some raisins or peanuts to munch on when you get hungry in between meals. And stay hydrated!😊
Alex I.
I am learning right now that there are neurochemicals generated by the body to indicate hunger and satiety. After we wake up, the body’s blood sugar is low. Eating a breakfast helps break the cycle. Eating a healthy breakfast with all the essential macro nutrients like proteins, fats and carbs will help the body attain a good blood sugar level. Eating healthy snacks / meals throughout the day ( 5 times) helps keep the blood sugar balanced. If it doesn’t get balanced, then it creates ups and downs in the body’s endocrine system. I personally think it is okay to eat 5 times a day, support our bodies instead of starving it now and paying the consequences later . After all , would we do that to someone we love ? So, why do it to ourselves ?
Ashley E.
Yes, I'm used to intermittent fasting and that is true. Food is a trigger for more food craving.
That being said, it's hard to exercise on an empty stomach…
Steve U.
You aren’t used to eating in the morning. When you do eat breakfast, you confuse your body. Just stick with it and you will adjust for the better!
Monja Y.
Yes! I have such mixed feelings about that requirement in the morning routine.
I tried it for a while but I feel like I feel much better if I wait a few hours after I'm up.
Danielle O.
I used to feel this way until I started drinking a protein rich smoothie every morning! It’s changed my breakfast routine and keeps me full!
Emily C.
Maybe? But I use breakfast as an opportunity for mindfulness training: waking up, the first thing my brain wants to do is mindlessly ruminate/plan my day. I take back control by focusing intensely on every single bite of oatmeal I eat. It keeps me satiated the whole day, my health enjoys the fiber infusion, and my mind enjoys the intense workout of focusing on what some would argue is the most boring food in the world. It is then with a clear mind and happy stomach that I proceed to plan my day.
Marek Y.
Your breakfast is too high in simple carbs. Focus more lean proteins (grilled chicken), healthy fats (avocado, nuts), or complex carbs if you must (vegetables). Avoid cereal, muffins, and sugary breakfast bars.
El Onore Q.
Yes! When I started eating breakfast my body wasn’t used to it. If you have tried for less than three weeks I would say, keep trying to see if it works. Try to change what types of food you eat, maybe you need more/less protein/carbs/fat. If you have tried for a while, please don’t force it, you tried but it didn’t work for you. The habits in fabulous is great for most people and for the average, but research on breakfast have not confirmed that everyone needs it in the morning, we don’t know if it works really.
Perfeito C.
No, for me, breakfast is the most important meal during a day, it help start a energized morning and I won't feel starved during morning work
Dennis Y.
I don’t feel like this because I know how breakfast is important for our body and our health. And I think I must find healthy recipes and I must avoid harmful foods
Cidalino Q.
Hi eat something different for breakfast if it’s porridge try oats soaked overnight in yoghurt and next morning add to it eg raisins and cinnamon have a large portion if you feel the need however I never manage it all its quite dense and filling with the bonus of being nutritious and low cal
Edna C.
Can’t say that I do. I’ve definitely become a breakfast person Because it stops me from snacking mid morning. There are days that I do have a snack but I’m not tempted to grab something sugary or high in carbs.
Selma Y.
Don't eat breakfast, then. Eat when your hungry, just portion properly and watch your calories.
Everyone is a little different. I have to eat breakfast. I eat a lot early in the day and can get away without eating dinner.
Add a different habit that will energize you and set you into your best state to begin your day strong.
Katrine F.
I think when it come to breakfast it depends what you eat. There are certain foods that if you eat them in the morning they can keep you full longer. That and drinking plenty of liquids.
Alice E.
I absolutely understand this feeling, this app is meamt to implement habbits into your life starting from easiest to hardest. Breakfast is one of the easiest habbits to implememt, in my opinion, just like drinking a glass of water in the morning. With that being said it is up to you to choose which habbit suits your lifestyle the best. If you don't like breakfast, I'd suggest at least have a peice of fruit every morning or encouraging yourself to have a very nourishing lunch. I hope this helps 😊
Simone Q.
I used to feel the same way but when I tried to change I found that I was struggling and getting exhausted very quickly. My mood also gets better and I do much better at work and in my relations as well.
Hans Q.
Absolutely. I realized that it's because I wasnt eating enough for breakfast. If you think of each meal being around 500 calories (with dinner being more if you haven't snacked all day), do you think your breakfast matches that? I was eating an egg, a piece of toast, and a cup of coffee every morning. That's maybe 200 calories at best. No wonder my body wanted more food after! Now, I eat 2 eggs, cream of wheat with fruit, a serving of veggies, and coffee. I'm right around that 500 mark and I'm not hungry until it's time for lunch! No more snacking!
Lucas G.
I used to. It’s actually healthier to eat more in the morning and day vs. more at night, and it takes some practice and awareness to dwindle down eating in the evening. But I’ve gotten more used to it over the years and it’s quite nice. More energy and alertness in the morning. Sleep better at night.
Willie Z.
On occasion if I don't think about eating in the morning, I will do fine all day long not eating. On days like this, yes if I force myself to eat I will just want to snack all day long. Some body types need to fast until the afternoon. I'd do a bit of research to see if it would work for you.
Nely Q.
I was like that, years ago. But, I change my eating habits. At first, it was really hard to eat in meal times without snacks. Supported by the condition at the time, for about 4 months, little by little I can handle it. Now, I can only eat just a regular portion every meals. 2 or 3 times a day without snacks. Even if I eat snack, I count it as main course because I feel stuff already. Although this invalid in PMS time, I can eat 5 times a day. I try to eat fruits if I have, but if I don't have any fruits usually I eat instant noodle or main course. But, when the monthly period comes, my appetite gone. I just eat to fill my stomach. Even when I got cramps, I don't eat all day long! I just drink water. This can happen for 1-2 days.

Because of this, I can't skip breakfast. Skipping it will make me not eager to be productive. Yes for wake up early. Yes for drink water. Yes for eating healthy breakfast.

Andrea F.
I do too! But I alternate weeks with not eating breakfast and then weeks with eating breakfast . Sometimes it's on purpose sometimes it's because life gets in the way. But the weeks that I do eat breakfast I make an effort to have smaller meals.
Raymond O.
I feel like that sometimes, or I’ll have a boost of either energy or motivation to get things done, but the moment I eat something I’m tired and down for the count
Susan U.
I agree that sometimes having no breakfast can make you feel better. But the truth is, it depends on what you have for breakfast. If you have a good protein filled breakfast, you are more likely to be full and satisfied for the rest of the morning. If you have a lot of fruits or sugary breakfasts, you will most likely crash and continue to be hungry. Also, eating breakfast everyday is just like any other habit. It might throw your body off at first if you’re used
Charles J.
No. I think eating breakfast was a big change in my life. No if I don’t eat something in the morning i’m very hungry around 11:00. I feel low on energy. Maybe you are eating to much in the morning? Try a banana and the glass of water
Pearl Y.
Eating all day long is ok! Your body needs fuel. Try tracking your macros and see if you're feeding yourself the right food
Barbara Y.
Yeah … I eat breakfast, but I wait until noon or after noon usually … (Because whenever you "break fast" is technically breakfast, lol) … Making breakfast (or even drinking water) a first thing priority doesn't seem to work well for me at all. Just seems to slow me down further. So the program's emphasis on breakfast is sometimes annoying.
Isolete N.
What kind of breakfast you mean? Try to just have fresh fruits+olives, and cold drinks (Orange juice or green tea or etc) instead of bread, butter, honey, dark tea, coffee or traditional breakfast in general!
Derrick O.
Yes, I actually do and it happens the worst today. I was starving by mid afternoon. But I think that is the whole point of breakfast, we are waking of the digestive system and our body are meant to get constant fuel. We should be eating small portion every 2-3 hrs. Now I am planning to bring healthy light snack that I can eat between meals. Also, I am making sure there is not confusion between being hungry with been dehydrated.
Raphael O.
I think there are a lot of variables that go into this.. are you eating breakfast within a certain timeframe after you wake up? What are you eating for breakfast? And throughout the day, when you’re hungry, what do you find yourself eating/drinking? Are you drinking water frequently? Are you getting snack food or healthier options like fruit and a protein shake, etc.. I think personally it’s better when I eat a good breakfast, because if I don’t, I find that I am automatically more drawn to the least healthy foods allll day long. It’s kind of like the theory about making your bed first thing in the morning – supposedly it makes your day more productive and more motivated. When you eat a healthy breakfast, you’re motivating your body to start with the right fuel and to continue that trend all day long.
Amber Y.
It really depends on what you eat I think. I used to feel like that when I used to eat cereals and milk for bfast. Now I try to eat eggs when possible, and if I need something more quick I usually eat Skyr with fruit and oatmeal. This usually fills me for the morning, and if I need a snack I eat some almonds mid morning.
Donald Z.
Yes I do! After I ate my breakfast I just want to stay in and watch tv all day! It’s make me lazy, but also I eat my breakfast in my living room. So it might be the cause of my laziness. I just have to stop eating my breakfast in the living room! It’s helps me be productive if I do something before breakfast like cleaning my room, exercise or plan my day. I hope that you’ll find your way to get rid of your problem.
Kira Y.
I don’t feel exactly the same way. For me it’s more like: if I eat a normal breakfast, then I usually pay more attention to my hunger and get something to eat before my stomach starts screaming.
I think that if you just want food food food then you might want to take a look at WHAT you eat for breakfast. As the app sad, there are certain foods that give you a sugar rush, but it won’t be long before it’s gone and you start thinking about eating more sugar.
Albert Z.
I’d hate to break it to you but that kind of sounds like an eating disorder of some sort maybe you should talk to a doctor about that
Teodemiro Q.
Having a breakfast is not mandatory but having a schedule is key. See the benefits of intermittent fasting for more information. By the way, I have breakfast every day but that makes sense for my lifestyle.
Yolanda U.
Certainly not. If you take in sufficient, quantity and quality, it is unlikely for you to not feel satisfied for long enough.
Mattie Z.
YES 100% i feel exactly the same! but ever since i started eating a healthy breakfast every morning bc of this app i feel a lot less tired during the day so i will keep going and see if my body adjusts.
Leon F.
Yes. I’m always hungry after eating a bigger breakfast even if it’s balanced and full of protein. I’ve never really understood the overemphasis on breakfast. I stick with just a hard boiled egg and a piece of fruit. It’s quick fuel that doesn’t make me want to eat more 30 minutes later.
Soline C.
Not for me. Generally I feel like I’m not starving at lunch when I eat something in the morning. So I don’t end up getting the full-on starchy lunch.
Darren Z.
Breakfast is the most important meal in the day.. I don't feel the same way like y do.. But I eat breakfast at work.. It depends on how much time I have to eat a. D when..
Naja C.
Yes and no. I’ve got to eat breakfast at some point but I tend to have it later in the morning, not when I first get up, and that way I can usually get to lunch time without snacking.
H Lo Se T.
I like that, I get appetite’s aswell when I get the food I love & I am craving for (allway’s wan’t it to be what is the necessary dietary intake not like McDonald’s) (Though more like a spaghetti in tomato sauce for breakfast with cashew spread toast & tomato ketchup/sauce, this is my craving type for me instead of the oat’s in the morning’s). Though when in an exercise fasting program it’s important to stick to the regime of the program & it can be quite addictive because of the result’s. I think everybody is like that generally, depend’s how determined you are to be going after you’re “goal body shape”.
Diane O.
Breakfast gives us energy to perform our duties throughout the day. You might feel like you're okey without anything inside your tummy till afternoon but it will soon manifest in your body. Build a habit of eating 1 serving of fruit in the morning if you feel not hungry yet, and you'll be good in the next few hours before lunch.
Juliette E.
I really notice that if I eat well first, even if breakfast is later in the day, that I have greater clarrity of mind, and more control emotionally. How I am eating noticibly effects my emotional stability.
Ella E.
I like a light breakfast, such as yogurt with fruit or veggie egg muffins. I find that if I eat later in the morning, I eat less throughout the day. If I eat too early, I’m hungry often. I also choose to eat breakfast, because I drink a decent amount of coffee, which can be harsh on the stomach. So, for me, breakfast each day is a must.
Norman P.
Yes, but it's only due to the fact you are turning on your metabolism. When it's awake and running, you process the food better and therefore your body requires more. I wouldn't worry about it, just don't eat huge portions.
Gene E.
Yes sometimes but I try to make sure I have healthy proteins vs cereal. I actually do veggie wraps with beans, spinach, carrots, beets, chia seeds, sweet potato, red peppers, pico de Gallo & zucchini. If you spiralize the veggies it’s so easy to chop them up for the wrap. Use a healthy sauce to bring it all together in a bowl. Wrap up like a burrito. I make mine days ahead so I always
Catherine U.
That’s very interest. I can see what you mean. I do feel more active before eating. If I don’t eat breakfast though I get mean around 12
Francis S.
I always do better when I have a breakfast, the breakfast has to be smaller the earlier I wake up though or I just feel sick.
Gail T.
For me if I don’t eat breakfast, I end up binging the rest of the day. I find it a lot easier to control my eating right after I wake up and as the day goes on, my restraint lessens!
Filippa C.
I think it’s a question about time and one day it’s just habit and you can’t imagine a morning without breakfast – that’s how it happened to me.
Thiago Z.
At times I definitely feel this way. But for me it's more about if I start eating it's hard to stop.y best suggestion would be to wait until you're hungry, regardless of time, then eat. If it helps you then track your energy. Also, drink water between meals to help with cravings.
Adam B.
I have to eat in the morning. If I don’t it will set me up for failure. Around mid morning I will get so hungry. Then I will just grab anything that is quick and easy (this means fast food). By me starting to plan for and prepair a healthy breakfast it stops me from eating bad things by mid morning.
Jonathan N.
I understand what you mean. If skipping breakfast is regular basis, your body become getting used to it and you don't feel hunger.
But I think having energy is better than being used to hunger. So you should eat great breakfast.( sorry for my poor English )
Vincenzo F.
I always want to eat lol. But it’s true the moment you open the flood gates you suddenly want more more more. This morning , I stuck to super high energy food; scrambled eggs and an awesome smoothie. The quality made all the difference. It kept me sustained until late afternoon. That being said if I didn’t eat anything this morning and stuck to eat the exact same thing for lunch, it would make no difference to my body. Your body doesn’t care when you break the fast just how you break it. Cheers
Ella N.
I think it’s all about listening to your body, maybe it is not ready to eat like a big breakfast but in a long run breakfasts really help so maybe try eating a tiny bit at the beginning and then make it bigger. I had a similar problem and after establishing a new routine with a breakfast I feel a lot better but your body needs to be ready. Good luck
Batista Q.
no i'm not..
i have my own "hungry hour" :
– in the morning about 6.30 to 7.00 am
– around afternoon about 11.00 am to 13.30 pm
– in the evening around 18.30 to 19.30

that's my 3 times eat and meals per day..
beside that,,i still can eat,,but my body is not hungry at all

Alex P.
Because it activate your digestive system, if you don't eat too much but often you make your stomach work and consume more. I personally prefer to start my day with almost liquid or juicy fruit and maybe take another small breakfast with fruits or nuts.
Elia Y.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy to get your day started. As long as you are eating healthy food it's fine to eat all day long.
Felix O.
Not in my case. I like eating eggs and drinking coffee. Then, on my way to college I eat an apple. When I don't eat breakfast I work slower and feel not as happy as if I would have started my day with food.
Vidal Q.
When I eat breakfast I don't want to eat until lunch and feel a lot of energy until that time. Having good breakfast for me is amazing way to feel energetic during a day
Isabella C.
I used to feel the same as well but with time and constant habit my body has changed and accepted the fact that I need to eat healthy every day to keep going
Marshall U.
I found that happens when I eat processed or simple carbs for breakfast. I switched to a high protein high fat ( healthy fats) and high fiber (fresh greens and fresh fruit) and that has made all the difference. It took some getting used to but now thats a breakfast I crave. I have more energy and its hours before I am hungry again and its not a sugar drop "starving" kind of hungry , its a gradual "I need to refuel and eat lunch in half hour" kind of hungry.
Tim T.
Yes. Breakfast is the most important mes of the day. It kickstarts your metabolism which is the exact reason why feel hungry all day. Your body starts burning calories more efficiently. So don’t skip breakfast 👌🏼
El Onore E.
I guess I feel better when I eat breakfast because it feels done and out of my way and I can move on to think about something else. If not, I actually stay hungry and all I can think about is food and I feel more “weak.” Maybe if you snack late at night that could be contributing to it?

Or maybe it depends on what you eat for breakfast? Like if it’s a filling/healthy breakfast or a sugary/carb type breakfast..? Some people find that eating mid morning instead of right away can help or eating a smaller portioned breakfast..?

Lucineide C.
Yes, i feel the same. But that only means that your metabolism is working better. You should try to eat healty snacks inbetween meals.
Barcino Z.
I think I generally do better with breakfast, however I might have my first meal later in the day if I’m intermittent fasting. The latest I’ll eat is 11am/12pm. The main thing whether I eat earlier or later, is to do so mindfully. That way I’m not just eating on autopilot and I can choose a tasty and nutritious meal, that will help fuel me and not end in a sugar crash.
Magnus B.
I felt the same way! But reading the letter about eating breakfast helped motivate me a lot. Finding the right breakfast food for you may also take a while. I found that eggs gave me a morning boost without kickstarting a day of stuffing myself. White bread on the other hand would have the opposite effect.
I’d say: read the letter(s) about breakfast again, trust the science, and find out what works for you. I’m sorry it sounds so generic – but (for me at least) it really did work. Good luck!
Oscar N.
I do Not espacially feel this way But actually Im Not So keen of a complex breakfast. A big cup of water with lemon gives me the punch i need to start the great day! 🙂
Diana P.
Yes, it will take your body a little time to adjust. I wake up and immediately drink 8 oz of water, that helps me a lot!
Wallace W.
I’ve felt that way when I eat too large of a breakfast, but I don’t when I eat a breakfast high in protein, like eggs and sausage without sugar or carbs
Hans Hermann M.
yes, and this is a good thing! as a registered dietitian, one of the biggest mistakes I see my patients and clients making is avoiding food. your metabolism is turned on when you eat breakfast and so are your hunger/satiation cues. you’re hungry because you NEED energy! the key is going to be satisfying that hunger with healthier choices. myplate.gov is a great resource to achieving balanced eating
Howard Z.
I used to feel that way too sometine ago but no longer have such experience. O have also heard this argument frequently from others.
I guess there are 2 options:
1. it may feel that way in the beginning but will adjust later on after getting used to eating breakfast. My personal guess and experience.
2. More importantly a good breakfast is not meant as a HEAVY breakfast. Eat light but nourishing.
Susie P.
Yes i feel that too!!! And thats defiantly because our metablolism works with having a breakfast in the morning. Im thinking of trying an intermittent fasting schedule at least its scientifically based.
Marine Y.
For me its the same, that’s why previously I was not eating breakfast in daily bases as I need to prepare extra small meal/snack before the lunch time.
Sophie T.
Appetite and hunger is important! It shows that your metabolism is hard at work giving your body nutrients and vitality. For me I always perform better with food. If you're finding it inconvenient, I recommend protein shakes / meal replacements if you don't particularly feel like eating. Have fruit and nuts on hand when you're hungry. In the end, hunger is preferable to the fatigue, irritability and poor health that comes from not eating enough wholesome food.
Charles J.
For me it is the oposite, when i dont eat in the morning proper breakfast then in the afternoon i need to eat sweets etc