What would be the perfect Monday to Friday breakfast?

Cameron B.
Make ahead egg 🥚 casserole! Spinach red peppers, mushrooms (or any veggie favorite on the bottom), 12 whipped eggs (6 breakfasts), meat of choice chopped on top (I prefer lean ham slices chopped, but shrimp , ground turkey, chicken all work). Bake 350 deg 30 – 40 min until firm (on Sunday night)- then ready for the week! Just heat and go! My son sprinkles cheese on top before he microwaves it each morning, as he needs more calories!
Jerry E.
So, my go-to is to do a bit of simple prep on the weekend to last me the whole week: overnight oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh fruit lightly sauteed with cinnamon to put on the oatmeal (apples and bananas are my favorite). It's easy to assemble, it stays fresh for the week, and i can easily divide it into individual tupperwares so I can just grab it out of the fridge in the morning.
Normano Q.
Overnight oatmeal is easy to prepare ahead and fast to grab. Baked oatmeal is suitable as well. U can prepare a batch, bake and keep it refrigerated. In the morning, u can heat it or eat it cold.
Phoebe C.
Handful of Overnight soaked Almonds, walnuts and raisins. A fruit like apple or banana.
This works for people who are not very hungry in the morning.
Weekdays are often very hectic and there is almost no little time to enjoy the breakfast, this is perfect to eat on the go.
Katherine J.
I rarely eat the same thing every day. Monday, I generally eat eggs. I have a microwave omelet maker. Tuesday, I have hot cereal with fruit and nuts. Wednesday, I have some kind of whole grain bread with a fruit (like banana or berries) and seeds. Thursday, breakfast burrito, and Friday, whole grain cold cereal.
Milena S.
Oatmeal with fresh fruit, such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, etc. added to it. For more protein, add nuts or chia seeds to it. It’s quick to cook and filling
Clifton F.
Eggs and fruit will be your best friends. Sometimes I’ll just boil an egg and have a banana or fry and egg and put it in some toast. You could make porridge on the Sunday night and have that with some scrambled eggs the following week. As for fruits, I wouldn’t suggest just eating fruit for breakfast. Top it off with some Greek yoghurt and you got yourself a protein and slow sugar breakfast. Today I’m having fried egg on toast and a small bowl of raspberry Greek yoghurt. I hope this helps and I hope you the best in your Fabulous journey 🙂
Luciene Q.
I love my coffee and need a breakfast that can be on the go but know a good breakfast has substance so I opt for “fortified” coffee. I do a version of bullet proof coffee that is hot coffee, coconut oil, plant based milk and plant based protein powder in a blender for 30 seconds which creates a nice froth like a hot latte. Cold option is 12-16oz plant based milk, plant based protein powder, peanut butter powder and instant coffee shaken in a blender bottle with ice. This way I get my coffee fix but also get a great combo of protein, fats and carbs.
Frank J.
Something with protein like eggs or smoked salmon, vegetables like greens or avocado with a carb line bagel, English muffin or tortilla.
Priska B.
I prefer fruit and a handful of nuts as it's quick an easy. Otherwise yogurt or porridge with a tablespoon of nut butter is also nice and gives you some texture when protein shakes are unappealing.
Marie Z.
2 whole eggs, 1 egg white mixed together and cooked through, paired with 1 serving of old fashioned oatmeal topped that has been topped with fresh strawberries. Plus coffee with sugar free creamer. It's simple, delicious, and it gives me energy (but no energy spikes- or subsequent crashes).
Sisenando Q.
I like egg muffins: whip eggs with any type of toppings (salt and pepper, cheese, veggies, chopped meats) and bake them in a muffin tin. Just be sure to oil the pan so they don't stick. Then you have a dozen ready to eat, hot or cold. Add salsa for a little extra kick.😁👍
Africano A.
Chia pudding made with coconut milk and frozen berries. Mixed with hemp hearts, mixed seeds, almonds and sugar free muesli.