Do you usually eat some other cereal instead of oats?

Tanika X.
Sometimes I will have a bowl of cereal but not that often because it’s not really healthy for you or at least the brands I’d eat
Lawrence S.
I normally eat oats or granola as cereal, however I don't eat cereal too often. Normally I have a slice of toast and fruit
Lauraly E.
Yes, I am for whole grains. I usually choose oats or a kashi cereal to ensure ai get a good balance since ai am diabetic.
Bobbie T.
Oats are a frequent breakfast, but I also eat whole wheat toast with peanut butter and applesauce, scrambled eggs, sometimes vegetable quiche or frittatas, waffles with raspberries etc. I make our bread and can add flax or sunflower seeds, etc. We also have hens for fresh eggs, a large raspberry patch and a garden. We fish for salmon, forage for wild blueberries and morel mushrooms. I know I’m lucky and newly retired so have more time than busy working moms with kids etc.

Here’s my oatmeal recipe:
4.5 lbs oat bran
2.5 cups coarsely chopped oat groats
1 1/4 cups chia seed

Boil 1/2 cup mixture with 2 cups water with salt to taste for 1 minute and set aside for 15 min.