What do you eat in the morning? I feel I always eat the same thing and breakfast should be the most important meal of the day…

Lina R.
I sometimes eat eggs , cheese triangle, olives and I always have breads in my breakfast, we don't alway have fruits so I rarely eat fruits at breakfast there's also Falafel which made manely from chickpeas and vegetables

Pascale F.
Eating the same thing every day as long as it’s nutritious and holds you over until lunch. I vary what I eat but today was vegan egg scramble on an English muffin with coleslaw

Alyssa Q.
I typically eat a banana and a protein bar. Recently I have also started eating egg bites that I have prepared for the week.

Alexander C.
I usually switch it up depending on how hungry I am. Most days I like scrambled eggs with veggies and cottage cheese along side a piece of peanut butter and toast. When I am not as a hungry I eat a protein bar and a piece of toast with banana. Oatmeal with fruit is also something I eat for breakfast.

Tia Z.
I typically eat lots of fruit. I even incorporate fruit into my other meals. For breakfast, I blend a delicious mix of fruits, with yogurt and all natural fruit juice. Then I make either a bowl of oatmeal or have some toast and eggs. I do try to make breakfast bakes too. Great way to get a hearty meal in!

Simdi N.
I Usually have Oatmeal with some eggs and bread.Or I’ll have bacon and eggs, or if I’m in a rush I’ll take some Greek yogurt and a banana with coffee on the way to work.I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other problems.

Dennis P.
Nothing wrong with having the same thing as long as the diet is overall balanced. I have granola, tea and a peace of fruit every weekday morning and it works well for me

Cecilie W.
I eat overnight oats for my breakfast. I buy frozen fruit, and porridge oats and the night before, I put 30g of oats in a jar with 120g of frozen fruit.
The fruit is different. Sometimes I have a mix of a few. Then, in the morning, I add fat free natural yoghurt. I really like the kerned thick stuff, but it's hard to find, so any yoghurt will do, really. 😀