Do you eat breakfast right away when you get up?

Marie Y.
Not immediately after waking up but first thing I do is to get up fresh offer some prayer them stretch my body to prepare for the 10 mint walk amd then do some exercise to strengthen my core and then relax my body . After that I get ready for the university and Eating my breakfast (my mom has prepared for me everytime) and left home. This is how I spent my morning

Cecilia W.
Not really. I grew the habit of drinking water right when I wake up. And I, personally, feel the need to go to the bathroom right after getting out of bed, too. Then I get my self ready for the day, and only then eat breakfast.
Being self-conscious showed me that I don't really feel hungry right away in the morning. But also that drinking some water helps my digestive system to wake up, and therefore getting my hungriness to start it's way up.

Alma P.
sometimes, if I’m in a rush, I eat breakfast right away or I don’t eat breakfast at all. If it’s the weekend or I don’t have much planned/it is a slower morning I take my time and make a breakfast that I love.