Why does eating breakfast come before exercise?

Louisa P.
Because your breaking ypur fast from sleeping. You need to put the nutrients and feed your body before you workout. It goves your body energy

Patrick J.
Morning is a period after a long fast. Breakfast is the first opportunity to kick start metabolism and make nutrients available for the body to use. Naturally you need to make a smart breakfast choice so that it'll complement your exercise in the best way possible.

Fen Sia Z.
Many people don't eat breakfast in the morning but breakfast is the most important meal in a day as it starts the day. Also, having breakfast allow us to become more energetic in the day and less tired.

Eliza E.
Because a great breakfast would give you the energy you need for the exercises later. After a full night of rest, the body needs an energy boast. And besides, a great breakfast would also set you off with a great mood.

Loane Q.
There isn’t a short answer to this, and in fact depending on the food you eat, it might be better not to eat breakfast just before exercise.
‘Fabulous’ is about developing good habits, so if you intend to keep going with exercise and to develop it, then it’s worth knowing more about eating and drinking to support exercise.
It is important to be hydrated when exercising: drink water before, and if exercising for longer than 30 minutes, drink during the exercise.
It is best not to exercise for three hours after a main meal, but it is good to have a lighter snack an hour before exercising, of food that is easy to digest. An element of protein at this time, and again after exercising, will help recovery. It is good practice to eat as soon as possible after exercise.
If you are training several times a day, also consider replacing electrolytes that you may lose.
Don’t forget to warm up before exercising, and also, if you are exercising in a new way, or after a lay-off of a week or more, then start gradually, to avoid straining muscles and tendons.
I am not any sort of expert, so do your research, and if you have any health concerns or are starting an exercise programme, consult your doctor / physician.

Coline T.
Eating breakfast gives you the physical and mental energy you need to get up and start moving. It’s a great pick-me-up, but don’t eat too much!

Zofia O.
Yes, you should always eat breakfast to get the nutrition you need before working out. As long as you eat a healthy meal every morning, then you should be able to gain muscle and lose weight fast. Make sure you drink a lot of water to fill yourself up in the small gaps that you feel pecking and always push yourself to exercise just that tiny bit harder every time you work out .

Lylou E.
I personally feel like I don’t have the energy to push through for one more set if I don’t have the food energy before I start my workout. I know a lot of people swear by exercise on an empty stomach, but I don’t find it works for me.

Marius C.
It is a good question. I always thought that I should do exercises before eating my breakfast because the people say that's not good to do exercises after eating. But maybe I am wrong and maybe eating breakfast first and wait for a moment can give us energy to do exercises, I don't know. I really want to know about this.

Emma Z.
After 8 hours of sleep, your stomach is practically empty. If you exercise without first putting some fuel in your body, that might have negative effects on your body. Plus you also lack the energy.

Peer U.
A hearty breakfast should leave you full of energy to be able to tackle a workout and benefit from that dual in terms of building muscle and endurance

Everett O.
Eating breakfast gives me fuel, both protein and carbs, to help me exercise. For me, my blood sugar would drop and I would become weak and unable to exercise, if I didn't eat breakfast first.

Th Odore C.
To be honest, I have no idea. I actually skip breakfast, do my workout, and then come back to eat breakfast when I'm hungry.

Gunther U.
Because you need energy for your exercise. It’s good to start the day with a great breakfast with proteins, so you have enough power for your workout.

Rick N.
Probably to replanish all the sugar you burned through during the night. Tho if you want to burn fat fast, there is no better way than to excercise on an empty stomach in the morning. It's not healthy, but it works?

Malou C.
It’s not really a fixed order (I exercise before breakfast); but the idea is to have an energising breakfast – not one of those “I’m going to food coma now” ones – and then use part of that energy to exercise.

Mileu Y.
I think the idea is that you get the energy first and then go and exercise. Exercise takes many forms, some are more intense than others (running, gym, cycling VS yoga), some are indoors while others take place outdoors.
I don't do intense exercise (max 10 minutes) and I do it indoors. So it suits me to have breakfast after exercising. Some days I go to work by bike, so I consider that as part of my dose of morning exercise, and I do that after breakfast (as I'm not going back home after cycling and I don't have a habit of having breakfast in the office). When I cycle to work after a good breakfast, I must say I do feel slightly uncomfortable to combine paddling with digesting! I don't really like cycling soon after a good breakfast.
So I do light exercising before breakfast and it's ok for me to do this on an empty stomach, but I wouldn't skip breakfast at all.
About those people who go running or to the gym early in the morning.. I believe they have breakfast after that or might have something really light to get the system started and then a hearty breakfast with proteins after heavy exercising.

Natalie U.
I’m not an expert or anything, but I think it’s so that you have the energy to exercise and to not collapse or faint while you’re exercising.

Katie Y.
Personally, I like to do a bit of streching and maybe a quick workout in the mornings; but this doesn't mean that I do not drink something or eat a granola bar before I get moving. So basically you don't have to workout after eating if you don't want to. There are lots of studies which show the benefits of doing something like this. My advice for you is to look for information and overtime, create a routine that fits YOU and YOUR NEEDS. xoxo

Gerta T.
Because you need energy to spend during the exercise! Your muscles will need more ATP than regulat times. If you do not give yourself the fuel, you’re exercise will only exhaust you.

C Lia E.
Well, for me its not. If i am going to exercise after breakfast there has to be couple hours between. I feel much more lighter without breakfast. I use a glass of coffee instead. After my exercise and i make my breakfast ready just after.

Alyssa Y.
It will give you more energy and and a purpose. While you are cooking breakfast you can start making decisions about the workout you are going to have, the lighter the breakfast the more intense the workout, you are thinking about being kind with yourself at the same time acknowledging that exercise is going to be a challenge and once you are done it’s going to feel amazing. All this reflecting starts when you start breakfast, taking care of yourself therefore also leading to a positive decision making towards exercise.

Louis O.
I have actually wondered this myself. I think it's because they want you to eat breakfast immediately to start out the day with water and food so you have the energy and willpower to start the exercise. It does seem sort of odd at first, but it makes sense. Sometimes I'll take a little break before the exercise just so I can let the food settle.

Louanne G.
Because it's easy to be consistent about breakfast and gain the confidence of achieving goal… Than to take a tough one as exercising daily and fail to complete it … And be all like 'oh I cannot do it'

Daisy X.
When you eat your healthy, sustainable and nutritious breakfast right in the morning together with a glass (or two) of water you will collect A LOT of Power for the rest of the day. You will feel fit and ready for the next steps that will make your day great and which will make you succeed. Including your daily workout. Your body will thank you for that. Starting the morning directly with a workout can be too exhausting for your body and also not that healthy sometimes.

Simon P.
Well it does not, indeed. I personally get up very early and if i eat as soon as i get up then there will be too much time until lunch. So i drink some water and brew coffee when i wake up and then i exercise. I generally prefer to have my brekkie when i arrive at work

Roger W.
I suppose that for doing exercice you need energy and that energy is coming for the breakfast. You can drive with no fuel in the tank the same way you cannot sustain exercices without energy

Carlos G.
It would be great for your body to fulfill energy then do the exercise. Trust me, you don't want to do anything when your stomach keep yelling and feel starving.

Ma Va O.
I like to exercise later in the morning, so I prefer getting up and eating a good breakfast. Then I have a good amount of energy to exercise and continue my day.

Glen P.
It gives you energy throughout the day. A healthy breakfast can boost your day and make you feel amazing. Where if you exersice after it will be turning and make you more tempted

Leo P.
Get hydrated, fill fuel and then go about the day was the logic. But dancing or exercising was difficult after food. I didn't think the order was correct. So I switched it to have exercise first and food later. Was wondering if I was alone in thinking that way.

Naomi E.
I don’t eat breakfast before exercise. A banana maybe for energy, but that’s it, otherwise I feel too sluggish exercising.

Candice Q.
The energy source that the body prefers is not readily available after waking up. This is why we need to eat before working out.

L Onie T.
It's not mandatory to have breakfast before exercise but if you have light dinner previous night then you might need some energy before intense exercise.

Gabe E.
Putting fuel in your body in the morning is important to fuel all other activities. Just as you put gas in your car before you drive it, you put fuel in your body before you move it.

Gordon U.
Usually i dont eat before i excercise in the morning. But now, i realized that it is important to have something to fuel you in doing excercise.

Arenice Q.
According to the app, it gives you the energy you need. You can change the order of your tasks! I moved it around so I had water, exercises then ate.

Sheila W.
It help with getting your metabolism working. It has help contribute to energy. If you workout with eating your body craves food and you over eat.