What healthy microwavable meals do you recommend?

Kim Z.
Oatmeal can be microwaved, but doesn't fill me up for long. Better for a quick meal in the morning is hard-boiled eggs. Which you can cook for the week at one time, then just crack open and eat with some salt and pepper each morning. Two or three leaves me satisfied until lunch.
Clarisse A.
I'm trying to lose weight and eat healthier. To that end, I like healthy choice. If I am for 300-400 calories, I sometimes opt for Lean Cuisine.
Antonio O.
I have to use a microwave bc I am a truck driver. So I usually have organic oatmeal with nuts and fruit and coconut oil.
Bobbie Y.
Plain instant oatmeal. It doesn’t provide as many health benefits as preparing real oatmeal on the stove, but it’ll do in a pinch. Add raisins for a quick touch of flavor and sweetness.
Sabine O.
You can do scrambled eggs in the microwave, although you need to keep an eye on it as it suddenly expands and needs mixing a couple of times. Porridge is a regular breakfast choice for me. Mix it up with cinnamon, banana and raspberries (I use frozen ones). If you are working out add some egg whites to get a protein boost (you can’t taste them, honest!).
Friedl T.
Avoid the microwave. Most breakfast foods can be cooked as quickly with traditional methods. Unless you are warming up leftovers, an overlooked healthy breakfast, depending on your dinner!
Philip Z.
If you're doing breakfast, scrambled eggs are super easy to make in the microwave. Just microwave in short intervals and stir!
Francisco Q.
Oatmeal, but not instant oatmeal from packets because that has a ton of sugar. If you get old fashioned rolled oats you can either microwave them or cook them on the stovetop. Then add flavorings after!
Luzineide Q.
I like to use a little PAM in a bowl and then microwave two egg whites with some salt and pepper. Takes about 90 seconds but your time may vary. I’ll put this on some nice toast (I like Dave’s 21 grain bread)
Viola O.
Hi, I don’t have a microwave at home as I don’t like to have it in the house. I don’t believe they are an effective way to healthily heat food. However at work sometimes for lunch I will buy some pre chopped cabbage and other veggies and steam them in the microwave and serve with some gravy on the side. It’s an OK meal health wise and a little indulgence as I love (low fat) gravy. Peas brocolli and cabbage and leeks all work well. Alongside some carrots and parsnips for starch
Olivia U.
One of the good microwavable meals for breakfast are Quakers oats. It's a really delicious porridge that comes in all sorts of flavours. You can also buy the pot Quakers oats so when you are in a rush the morning all you need do is microwave the pot get a spoon out and your breakfast ready! You can always add some fresh fruit on top to make it even healthier.