How soon do you eat your breakfast in the morning? I have no appetite when I wake up and find eating first thing a bit if a challenge.

Liva U.
I think I should do it sooner, but I usually eat two or three hours after I wake up. The reason is because I try to complete most of the other items on my Fabulous app such as my exercise, my meditation, my prayer, etc.
Franka I.
I don’t have any appetite as soon as I wake up, either.
I eat about an hour and a half after I wake up, as quick and as simple breakfast as I can just to keep me going.
Usually, I have my coffee and water first, short workout, shower and breakfast is usually the last thing I do before I leave for work.
Allen Q.
I just drink water when i wake up at 4am my full breakfast will be at 6am once im done with my morning routine of meditation and self care.
Sharon C.
well first i will lay in bed for a little, stretch, then make my way downstairs. i take my time making/preparing my breakfast if i’m not in a rush, and always make something i feel like and love so i wanna eat it. <3
Ali S.
I used to be like that too! I try eating less of a large dinner at night to make room for more hunger in the morning. Also I don’t eat breakfast until after I’ve showered and done my yoga
Emily E.
I don't have much of an appetite either and I don't have much of an attention span to make something complex right when I wake up, so the easier the better. Yogurt with granola is my go to. Easy to whip together and I reward myself by watching one episode of a cartoon as I eat it. Shawn the Sheep has two shorts per episode so I usually only watch one short. I never choose something engaging because then I'll just get sucked in (also it reminds me of when I used to wake up for early Saturday cartoons and eat cereal as I watched). But watching something while eat as a reward makes me more interested in eating. So choose an incentive to help you put that good habit into place.
Khaled N.
I eat it right after I drink water. My body needs it at that time cause I made it get used to it. If you make your body get used to having breakfast at a specific time, you’ll start having the appetite for it.
Angeliki G.
I make my morning coffee and breakfast together. As soon as I sip a little bit of coffe, my stomach asks for food to deal with the strength of the beverage. Also, I choose breakfast that goes well with coffee, so I want to eat it.
Debbie W.
I wake up, complete all my other "rituals", like making my bed, washing my face, meditate for a couple of minutes, maybe do a light exercice and then I get my breakfast.
Angeliki G.
I make my coffee and breakfast at the same time. As soon as I sip a little bit of coffee, my stomach asks for food to deal with the strong beverage. Also, I choose breakfast that goes well with coffee.
Mar Lia Q.
I eat it at 9 or 10ish. Sometimes you are going to have times where u don't want to eat but you got to remind yourself this is a process. Have u tried to mediate or did yoga before u eat breakfast or even a simple exercise. It'll give a better mindset in the mornings and maybe then then can start by eating a piece of fruit and slowly get into the habit of repeating yourself to then expand your diet.
Kahoot B.
I always have breakfast no matter what. I don’t feel hunger when i just wake up. I have breakfast in an hour after i wakeup. Sometimes after 10 min i wake up sometimes 40min, it depends on my mood