Do you meal plan for the week?

Lisa A.
I absolutely do! I plan the lunches and dinners for the week so I can keep my meals varied and do some prep ahead. I do not possess the capacity to walk into my kitchen and spontaneously put a meal together. 🤣
Kylene P.
Yes, otherwise I will forget to buy food and then I will forget to eat during the week. I also save a ton of money by meal planning. My groceries for a whole week were only $45.
Cassandre N.
Somewhat! We order Hello Fresh and plan which meals we would like and when. However we are flexible and usually things pop up! But it's nice to always have food ready- the meals tend to last awhile!
J Rn F.
No. I work late and live with my mother in law and she cooks for the 11 people that already live there and when I do cook there isn't enough space to put extra so its gone that day or fast food.
Kimberly Q.
I used to meal plan. I kinda want to get back into it but I need to figure out a plan that works for everyone, which isn't always easy. I'm moving in that direction tho, with small steps, like having a lunch plan for the week and an array of quick breakfast choices available.