Is it better to excercise before or after breakfast?

Lola W.
I prefer exercise first. But have a glass of water before that. I read that it can help you lose some fat. But the question is do you exercise before or after the shower? 🙂
Eliane Q.
For me, after. I don’t have time to exercise in the mornings, so I do my workouts in the evenings. It’s the only time I can carve out for myself.
M Lissa Z.
It’s really important not to exercise on a totally empty stomach, as you’ll burn out of energy quickly – but that’s not the same as working out straight after a full breakfast. If you’re having something substantial like cereal or eggs, try to wait up to an hour before you go into your workout, to settle your stomach. It might be better to just have something small like peanut butter and apple, a banana, yogurt with a handful of granola in it, or whole grain toast to fuel your workout. The myth that you should exercise on an empty stomach to burn more fat doesn’t really stand up, I think you need some energy to keep going and to have a longer post-workout fat burn. You could also take a gel pack or energy bar with you to the gym or on your run.
The answer might depend on how much time you have in the morning to digest your breakfast!
Zo O.
I think it is better to exercise after breakfast. Not straightway after breakfast but like two hours after breakfast. It provides you with some fuel in your stomach vs like a hollow one. Or if you do choose to exercise before breakfast than it may be best to keep it short and sweet like 40 min max or just like 20 min of cardio.
Jacqueline C.
This depends on the type of exercise and your body. If I'm doing anything high intensity including HIIT or running then I need fuel before I head out. For yoga, strength and walking I prefer to eat after. Low blood sugar or pressure can make it harder to push through, but exercising on a full stomach also isn't fun. Eating part of your breakfast before and part after is an option. Try a boiled egg followed by avocado on toast, or a protein shake followed some sauteed vegetables. A mouthful of nuts or a spoon of peanut butter can often be enough to start off with.
Brandie Q.
Exercising before breakfast and extending your fast will probably give you a better weight-loss results but it could have a affect the pond energy and therefore stamina and exercise intensity
Emma U.
Yes, especially before breakfast. You will burn more fat due to exercise will deprive you sugar in blood and ready to burn fat.
Wanda Q.
I find doing a small excercise, like walking the dogs, before breakfast helps wake me up and then when I'm done I eat a good breakfast wait at least 30 minutes and just do some dancing or go for a walk with the dogs.
Marion S.
I dont normally exercise in the morning ,but im still working on my routine though. But mostly i meditate before sleeping and a short workout. But if you have time in the mourning i totally reccomend it, youll feel great. But definitely before breakfeast because a full stomach before a workout does not feel too great.
Julian Y.
I started to exercise before breakfast. It gives me time to build a appetite along with getting ready for the day. Besides, the protein heavy diet proves to be relief and important to rebuild the muscle.
Russell U.
I usually exercise first, but it depends on the exercise routine. I only do light exercise at the moment and I eat after. If I am doing an intense workout, I'll before and after, before so my body has fuel to sustain me and after to nourish my body post workout.
Lia Z.
It is personal preference really and dependant on your gaols, you can safely exercise in a fasted state and it makes no difference to your training. However if you are doing long endurance training you would want to eat before, obviously not directly.
Denazaide Q.
It depends what you want to achieve. Eating before exercise will give you more energy. Eating after may help you lose more weight.
Sharon S.
It would be better to exercise first thing in the morning (after drinking some H2O) to avoid missing exercising at a later time as something might come up.
Rick X.
I prefer to breakfast after exercise, because usually I open my email or chat with my partner when have breakfast. It's quite difficult to on-time as scheduled
Judy J.
I eat after working out. I find that if I get to the gym while half awake that’s the main battle – once I’ve finished my ride and started working out I want to be there.
Gunar F.
After- I eat a quick energizing breakfast, fruit, hardboiled egg… after workout I eat another piece of fruit, hard boiled egg… I am hungry and lunch and especially dinner but it’s working for me
Gavin W.
It's better to excercise before breakfast a simple 5 minute work out can be great,you should never excercise after breakfast if you are going to run in you're excercise session and eat before that you may throw up but if you wait a hour or so and do it it's alright then
Reginald Y.
Personally, I prefer to start with a light workout, eat my breakfast, and follow that up with another light workout.
Caroline W.
For me because I have school I go for a banana then workout then have breakfast 30 minutes after working out. If I eat breakfast first I would need to rest for over 30 minutes then workout. I read this somewhere. And it really also depend on the kind of workout you're doing.
Bernard X.
Before, obviously. You will feel very uncomfortable if you eat before exercising. And me personally can't eat that early, so it gives me some time to wake up.
Philip F.
After a light breakfast. Not immediately after, just rest a little first. I find that eating beforehand doesn't make me light-headed and quit too soon. Also, being hungry isn't good for your body!