What are the easiest type of foods for breakfast you can make besides eggs, cereal, or bread?

Meira F.
French toast isn't that hard, put four eggs in a pie pan, add a cup of milk or coffee creamer, if you added milk add a teaspoon or so of vanilla. Take the bread that you're using and put it in the egg, creamer mixture press it in and then flip it and press it in more so both sides are soaked. Put a half cup of vegetable oil in the pan keep the pan on medium heat, put the bread down in the pan, careful of the oil, and sprinkle cinnamon on top. Flip when the side is toasted, and repeat the process untill your egg, creamer mix is used up. If you run out of vegetable oil in the pan put another half cup in.
Balogun M.
Noodles are the easiest food to make for breakfast. They give energy for half day and digest easily. They don't make you feel lazy for the day.
Kayla X.
I recommend making overnight oats the night before. Add some fruit and granola to make it your own unique taste. Another is a yogurt, a fruit, and oatmeal.
Danny Z.
I’m usually and eggs man myself but if I was to think of something then a smoothie or some natural yogurt with fruit, green tea is great too for a good metabolism
Leonid X.
I usually like to slap some peanut butter or cottage cheese on two rice cakes and add some fruit on the side or right on top.
If you have time, you could also make your breakfast the day before. For example; prepare and wash a bowl of fruits, or make some muffins.
Roger C.
Poha, sevai ,fruit salad potato vegetable, chilla basically these except fruit nd veggies all of the dishes are Indian dishes so don't shocked u can make them by not adding too much spices
Bobbi W.
I like to have oatmeal with a little bit of chocolate chips and cinnamon sprinkled over the top with a nice green smoothie on the side
Elisa T.
I like toasts (like crackers, not bread) with fresh chees and ham. A yoghurt with fruit or nuts is also very fast and easy
Hafidha S.
Well I like to add tomatoes and cucumbers ( you can make a salad with it or eat it in slides) some cheese is good too, smoked turkey,
Lauriano Q.
chia pudding you make ahead and refrigerate overnight, or overnight oats, smoothies, and if you have time the night before you can also make some cakes