Any ideas for high-protein breakfasts?

Hilda U.
Usually eggs can be a good source of protein as part of your breakfast. Maybe try scrambled eggs on wholewheat toast? Or maybe a poached egg with some smoked salmon. Even making yourself a quick fruit smoothie with some protein powder and ground nuts in it can fill you up and fill you with energy for the day.
Cecil J.
A balanced breakfast includes everything protein..carbs..good fats..etc hence one should have balanced breakfast rather than focusing only on protein intake..
Kylie N.
Oatmeal and fruit is great if you ask me, I love it because it’s quick and easy but also still satisfying. You can do a lot with oatmeal. I suggest that. But I also enjoy doing things with eggs. Eggs are great for protein as well! Don’t be afraid to try different things. I shake things up a lot because I get so bored of the same old thing.
Mikayla U.
Search Pinterest! I love eggs and peanut butter toast, but when I feel like some thing different I always do a quick pinterest search. It gives me such great ideas and makes me excited for breakfast!
Alison N.
I really love to eat hard boiled eggs in the morning with some fruit. I’m always in a rush so it is easy to grab and eat quickly and I feel very satisfied afterward. Another thing I like to eat is avocado on wheat bread, with some nonfat Greek yogurt. I sweeten the Greek yogurt with some agave and mix with raspberries when I’m feeling fancy.
Karina S.
I enjoy a hard-boiled egg, some type of high protein meat or nuts and high protein yogurt. Sometimes I will also add a small amount of fruit or cheese and the protein aids in slowing the release of sugar to prevent a crash. Although I have a hard time eating breakfast I find even a little of each goes a long way!
Debra P.
I love eggs; cracked into a pan (no milk, no butter), cooked for a minute then stirred to resemble chunky omelettey scrambled eggs. A grind of pepper, handful of spinach and sprinkling of left over meats or a generous nest of microgreens finishes them off perfectly for me.
Tha S Y.
Some kind of meat would probably be a good option, but I don't eat meat. My brother and I often put oil, cooked rice, vegetarian faux meat, nuts, and whatever vegetables we have in a frying pan. Stir fries are good with soy sauce, rice vinegar or lemon juice, and brown sugar. We also make smoothies with protein powder, almond milk, frozen fruit, and peanut butter. Today I just had a protein bar. I don't like to follow recipes because I spend half an hour trying to find each and every ingredient with each exact measurement. Instead, I made myself a list of general meal ideas. For example, I can make a breakfast bowl with any nuts, fruits, and grains, or I can make a soup with any beans, vegetables, and broth. If you're short on time, maybe try veggies with bean dip or hummus, peanut butter with fruit, some nuts or seeds, or even toast – grains have protein too. – Autumn 🙂
Claudia C.
I think the best choice for a high protein breakfast is fried/boiled/scrambled eggs. They are amazing for your brain and have a lot of protein. You can accompany them with some meat, bread or even a salad! Sure, you can't eat them everyday. So another great choice that I'm planning to pick is toast bread with maybe avocado paste (there are a lot of delicious recipes online) or maybe with cream cheese and salmon. Hope that was helpful!
Marolo A.
Probably a traditional breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast and some fresh vegetables like tomatoes. Eggs and bacon alone give you the protein and the rest just cover the needed other nutrients. I think.
Bonnie S.
Blend 2 cups spinach, 2 cups kale, 2 eggs, any seasonings in a blender on high till smooth. Poor into pan and cook like a pancake. We call them green eggs. Sooooo good even my kids love them!
Katrine N.
I like to eat a couple eggs every morning and change up what I eat them with. Some mornings I like to add other green veggies, other days I like salsa or hot sauce with a little cheese, and some mornings I like just a couple hard boiled eggs.
Mirjam G.
Eggs and yogurt are great options! If you go the yogurt route, buy unsweetened and add berries or blend it in a smoothie to avoid added sugar.
Erin O.
Eggs! Always eggs! Greek yogurt with berries and a little granola provides a good balance of high protein with carbs for energy. If you're vegan, non-dairy yogurt with fruit or a tofu scramble with veggies is great.
Rachel U.
My favorite high protein breakfast is egg cups. I use a low sodium bacon or turkey bacon strip, circle a greased muffin tins, put in some spinach and other veggies of choice, and pour some pre-whisked eggs on top. After that I pour some seasonings, salt, and pepper on top and bake it in the oven until the egg is cooked. After they cool they are the perfect high protein breakfast!
Irmengard R.
Scrambled eggs cooked with some butter, wholebread toast, cream cheese, oat smoothy: one frozen banana, one apple, soy milk (or any milk) and oats. Blend everything. I eat this on a regular basis, it's delicious a and healthy. You can add wheyprotein to the shake if you want, but I think the eggs and everything has enough protein.
Olivia F.
I've heard eggs are a great source; but I don't like them, so I eat bacon and protein shakes. Also lentils and rice. I wish I could come up with something better. <3
Charlotte T.
I enjoy a protein shake in the morning. I either blend protein powder with almond milk and greens. or I drink the premier protein liquid warmed up. Tastes like a cup of hot chocolate. CG
Ghadeir Z.
High-protein breakfast helps us to not feel hunger for long time
It can be eggs or nuts or even bananas and apples
It gives us energy all the day and helps to be more concentrated